title: Monster
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Wu Fei/Duo
rating: G/Teen
warnings: mild bloodplay
summary: Wu Fei fights a monster.
notes: for the saucy n1k1ta, for her Bloody Kisses Ficlet Giveaway. *mwah* hope it's to your liking... also, it's AU, real worldish, historical setting, no idea what time period tho...

For six nights straight, Chang Wu Fei hunted the beast. He had pledged his wandering sword to the villagers, swearing that he would rid them of the Kuang-shi that was plaguing their people. For six days, they had paid him with all that they had, which was little more than a place to rest his head and a bowl of rice every day.

It was more than he had on his own.

At least no other villagers had died. He had that to be proud of; he had much more to add to his list of shame. He prayed to Nataku, afraid to call on his dead wife's spirit, or on the souls of his ancestors.

He almost hoped he died in this fight.

The villagers had all told him of the Kuang-shi's arrival. A beggar-thief had wandered into their village, an orphan from a far-off land. He had died the night of a terrible storm, and his body had not been discovered for days. The demon must have possessed him before the villagers found the body, because the attacks started the next night. Some of the villagers felt guilty that they had not given the boy a proper burial. Some felt guilty that they had not given him shelter the night of the storm. Some regretted not locking the little thief up the moment he stepped foot into their village.

Wu Fei was tired, and he was sore, and he was tired of wandering dark rice patties and the borders of the forest looking for something that might not even exist. Surely the mayor's daughter might just have contracted an illness; it was shortly after the icy storm that she became ill. The dead livestock were not that suspicious. And two elderly men might just have died from the weight of their long years.

Still, he had made a pledge, and even though the Dragon Clan had been reduced to one disgraced warrior, he was one warrior who would honor his word, until the day that he died.

The eucalypts trees swayed in the wind rhythmically, the gently sound of the leaves and branches bumping into each other and bouncing off each other was soothing and surreal. Stepping into the enclave of their reach was like entering another world.

Wu Fei would have chided himself for such flights of fancy, but there was something in the air he couldn't identify, and it caused him to loosen his grip on his sword's hilt.


A noise from above, but he couldn't look up fast enough to really see. It had looked like a figure jumping high into the air, but the moon was curtained, and he could not see clearly.

He tightened his grip on his hilt. He was getting sloppy and weak. He was letting the night and the air and the food in his belly conspire against him. He would chase out fantasy and search for the truth. It was probably some animal he saw leaping above him. It could not have been the monster, even if there were such things. They did not become so powerful so quickly, according to the legends.

Cutting his way viciously through the thick, leafy undergrowth, he listened carefully to all that was going on around him, separating the sounds of the wind and the trees from whatever else might be out there.

"That's an awfully good blade to waste it on gardening."

Wu Fei jumped, turning around and slashing with his sword, but there was nothing there.

A deep chuckle came from behind him. "My, you are a jumpy thing, aren't you! How nice!"

Wu Fei growled, leading with his sword as he lunged in the direction of the voice.

The voice was laughing at him now, from above. He looked up.

The monster was not as Wu Fei had expected. He had pale, smooth skin, like the palest of ivory, and thick, brown hair gathered in a loose braid that swung down below him as he crouched between the eucalypts branched. His body was slim and tight, and he wore a long gown of black silk, with a long row of embroidered buttons running down the middle. He was barefoot, and grinning like a child just gifted with a new, shiny toy.

His eyes were... indescribable. They were like the night, like passion, like sex... The glowed from within, and set Wu Fei's blood on fire.

The warrior dropped his blade.

The monster's grin turned feral, and in the time it took for Wu Fei to blink, he was behind him, clutching his neck in one hand. "Silly warrior... how can you defend the village if you can't hold onto your weapon?" He licked Wu Fei's neck, just barely touching his long, sharp teeth to the skin. "You have to be able to hold onto your weapon... Keep it steady and strong... Or else you can't endure long enough to reach the climax of the battle..."

His armor was shredded off of him, and he was tossed to the ground. The monster took him by the wrists, and grinned down at him.

Wu Fei wondered if he should be resisting.

"So you are what those selfish villagers have tossed at me? Pathetic. Though, I do admit, you are a fine specimen..." He shredded away the cloth that covered Wu Fei's chest, and ran his claws over Wu Fei's skin, drawing out thin lines of beading blood. "I suppose I could satisfy myself with you. Will you protect your village? Hold onto your honor?" He bent down to lick away the blood that was gathering on Wu Fei's chest, sending chills down Wu Fei's skin and setting his nerves on fire. "Or will you give it all away, all at once?"

He swooped down, biting down on the space where Wu Fei's neck and shoulders met. It hurt, a stinging, burning feeling, but it was a good pain, a pain that made his flesh tingle. The knee between his legs wasn't hurting at all.

He felt light-headed, almost disappointed as the monster stepped away, licking the blood off of his lips. He grinned down at Wu Fei. "You'll be back, little warrior. I'll see you again tomorrow night..."

Wu Fei lay in the grass and the dirt, staring up at the eucalypts and the dark smears of sky.

He had a date for tomorrow night.