title: Mistake
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Saeki
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Saeki reacts.
notes: i'm assuming that this has been done in fandom, but as i've only read something like 12 fics so far, i just went with it...

He couldn't believe it. That didn't just happen! That klepto old gee - er, sensei had not just pointed to the damn freshman!

It was a mistake. A mistake. Sensei had meant to point at him... would have pointed at him if Kentaro hadn't gotten in the way. He was supposed to be captain. He was sure of it!

Sensei wouldn't take it back. He would never admit to an error, no matter how accidental. But it was supposed to be him...

Saeki suddenly realized that the buzzing wasn't just in his head. Everyone was chattering, and there were some angry tones to those murmurs.

It was cruel. Totally unfair. But Saeki was used to that by now. He cleared his throat and spoke up.

He wasn't even really sure what he said, exactly, but it must have been the right thing, because everyone quieted down, and Kentaro was staring up at him with shining, admiring eyes.

Saeki smiled, totally defeated.

It didn't really matter anyway. They weren't the sort of team that required discipline. They started out on the playground, running around like monkeys, until the lure of the whizzing tennis ball drew them over to the courts. They still played on that playground from time to time.

Sensei was wise, if arbitrary, and lacking in basic respect for property rights. Kentaro was the future of the team, and wasn't that what really mattered? The boy was raw talent brought to life. Even if it was a mistake, it was also a stroke of genius. Give Kentaro the confidence boost, put him in the spotlight, and hone that talent and make him into something special - not just a champion, but a leader.

It was genius.

Saeki was still smiling as they milled around the locker room, congratulating Kentaro. It was just that he had wanted to be captain so badly. But he was still the clear leader of the team... Obviously, since he'd been the one to get everyone's attention again after Kentaro's promotion. That wouldn't change, no matter who they called captain.

And even if Fuji did call him captain, he probably wouldn't say it the same way he did for Tezuka.