title: Memory Lane
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Duo/Trowa, mentions of Heero
rating: G
warnings: flower crushing
summary: Duo and Trowa reflect on life and death.
notes: for Laura, her ficlet on demand. *snuggles*

Duo looked so cute in his new sweater. It looked like he might be swallowed whole by it, it just engulfed him. Trowa thought that Duo looked a bit pale, or maybe too thin.

He always looked too something to Trowa these days.

He came up behind Duo, putting his arms around him and presenting the sunflower to him. He couldn't see if Duo was smiling or not, but he could feel Duo settling into his arms, and it brought heat and warmth to him.

"A flower?" There was amusement in Duo's voice, but his fingers came up to hold the flower, lingering over the brush of their fingers against each other. "You've been showering me with gifts lately."

It wasn't accusatory or teasing. Trowa hated it when he couldn't quite get a handle on Duo's moods. It made him feel like, at any moment, Duo might just slip through his fingers. "I... This is a hard time, I know."

Duo sighed, such a small noise, it made Trowa tremble. "It's been a year."

Trowa shrugged, his chest rubbing against Duo's back through his turtleneck and Duo's sweater.

Duo turned, pushing back a little. "Trowa. It's been a year, and nearly six since I'd seen him." He brushed the short petals against Trowa's cheek playfully.

Trowa liked this mood. It was the one he understood. "I know, but that doesn't mean you don't miss him. Sometimes... I suppose I feel... like an inadequate substitute." Trowa shrugged, and grabbed a quick kiss to dull the impact.

Duo rolled his eyes, and took Trowa's face with his free hand to lengthen the kiss. "You goof. He was the one who decided to take off after the war for five years to 'find himself.' He's the one who decided to go on some dumbass mission in some crappy, badly assembled experimental spacecraft to the ends of the universe, where the faulty joist connector could cause the whole damn thing to blow. All of that was on him. You wanna know the choice that I made?"

Trowa waited, holding his breath, but feeling foolish and nervous. His palms were sweating. He hated that.

Duo leaned up, and just touched his lips to Trowa's. There was a smile curling his lips, his eyes closed, and he looked like a sexy angel.

Trowa couldn't help sweeping him up into his arms, even though they crushed the sunflower into Duo's new sweater. There were times when Trowa just felt so damned blessed, being able to touch Duo like this, being a part of Duo's life like this... He just couldn't help himself.

Duo put his arms around Trowa's neck, and pulled himself up tightly against Trowa's body. He sighed, and Trowa could feel it against his skin. "I love you so damned much, you idiot."

Trowa smirked. "Ditto."

The sweater would have a streak of yellow from the flower, but that didn't seem important to either of them.