title: the Line
fandom: Fruits Basket
characters/pairings: Ayame/Shigure/Hatori
rating: Teen
warnings: slight beastiality
summary: Waking up the right way, or...?
notes: Ficlet on Demand! for nemesisnomiko. takes place when hatori, shigure, and ayame were in high school.

He was swimming in a deep, clear pool. It was beautiful, and refreshing, but there were long roots from the water lilies everywhere, like a net, and he couldn't avoid getting caught in their perfumed strands.

Hatori opened his eyes. There was something not right about that image. When he dreamed of being a seahorse, it was always in the open sea.

The reason became clear enough as soon as he tried to move. Once again, he was waking up with a mouthful of Ayame's hair.

And there was giggling. Hatori was rarely in the mood for giggling, but first thing in the morning was definitely not the time.

He spat out Ayame's hair, ignoring Ayame's laughing protest, and looked over the shoulder of his cousin.

Hatori sighed. "Shigure, why did you transform?"

Ayame and Shigure were still giggling, the dog's snuffled snorts sounding oddly threatening. "It was Aya's fault, Hari!"

Ayame shrugged, looking over his shoulder into Hatori's eyes. "I was trying to be quiet, so we wouldn't wake you, and then poof!"

Hatori rolled his eyes. "Well, go back to being human, then."

Shigure sighed, whining, "I'm not trying to be a dog, you know!"

"He really has deplorable self-control," Ayame confided to Hatori, rolling his shoulder over Hatori's chest.

"Well. Why don't you try letting go of his balls?" Hatori reasoned.

The other two started to laugh uncontrollably.

Hatori pretended not to be amused. "On second thought, why don't I twist your balls. Then you can transform, too, and keep Gure company."

Ayame just batted his pretty lashes. "Then I would bite you, and bring out the baby dragon."

Hatori blushed, and looked away. He could never win these possessed forms contests.

Ayame released Gure, and turned to face Hari. "Aw, Hari, don't be mad at me. That's no way to start my day."

"Oh, no?" Hari raised an eyebrow at Aya. "And how would you like to start your day?" Aya blushed, coquettishly hiding his face behind his shoulder.

Hatori felt inspired.

He pushed Aya down onto his back, and pressed his mouth against Ayame's forcefully. Their bodies pressed against each other, each joint and limb aligned for maximum advantage. Ayame felt his head spin as Hatori manfully manipulated his every nerve ending.

Just as abruptly as he had started it, Hatori pulled away, getting out of bed. Ayame whimpered, watching as Hatori picked his robes off the floor. "Hari?"

"It's time to get up, before your parents find us all piled in here."

It sounded logical, but Ayame detected a flaw.

Pointing to his crotch, he whined, "But we only got started!"

Hatori grinned. "Take a cold shower." He threw on his clothes, and went into the bathroom.

"Meanie!" Ayame called after him, not really willing to get up.

Shigure helpfully began to lap at Ayame's erection. Ayame groaned, and sat up, pulling the sheets over his waist.

"Damn it, Gure, now we've crossed the line. Don't do that when you're a dog..."

Shigure grinned, a gesture well hidden in his alternate form. He loved sleeping over at Ayame's.