title: Let it Snow
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Roy, Titans, Bruce, Ollie
rating: Teen/Mature
warnings: teen sex
summary: Roy makes sure that this Christmas Eve is one that Dick will remember.
notes: here's my answer to my own challenge, a dick/roy, because one day i will write a dick/roy fic!! This story takes place when Dick is still Robin, after Roy's drug rehab, when the original five Titans are together. I'm making the timing up. ^_~ But I'm placing them at ~18, in case anyone wanted to know.

It happened three times. The first time was when they were setting up the party, and Dick was carrying some chips out to the rec room while Roy was taking away the empty boxes that had contained the decorations. Bumping into each other in the doorway, it was the old waltz to see who would get passed how, when Donna started to giggle. At Dick's quizzical glare, she pointed up.

Scowling, he slid past Roy.

The second time was during the party, when Roy and Dick were just talking. Dick certainly hadn't been paying attention to where they were standing. Wally burst out laughing, interrupting Roy's description of his rehab group. When Dick glared at him, he started to croon 'Dickie and Roy, sittin' in a tree... k-i-s-s-i-n-...'

Dick sputtered, looked up, and then kissed Roy on the cheek so fast, he might have been doing a Wally impression.

The third time was when they were alone. Donna had left the party first, albeit vaguely reluctantly. They had started to clean up the Tower when Diana showed up. She and Donna were flying back to Paradise Island for a week's vacation. Since none of the four boys could bear the thought of keeping Wonder Woman waiting, they all shooed Donna out, even as she was protesting that she would help them clean.

None of them knew exactly where Paradise Island was, though Garth had an idea, but they did know that it was going to be a good long flight. It was better that the girls got started as early as possible.

Next, Garth left. He had fully intended to stay and help, but when he started to feel a little woozy, the remaining three boys shepherded him quickly to the ocean access port. He had a long swim back to Atlantis and Tula, and none of them wanted Tula coming back to them angry because Garth made himself sick at their party.

Wally wanted to stay and help, but when he decided that he could do a quick pass to clean everything up, he made a bigger mess than before, sending all the decorations flying in the whirlwind he created. Beating his usual quick retreat, he called over his shoulder that his uncle was expecting him, and he had a date, and...

That left Dick and Roy alone to clean up, which was fine with them. Ever since Roy's rehab, all the old bickering and competition between them that had always interfered with their friendship had evaporated, and in its stead was a casual camaraderie that both Roy and Dick were grateful for.

They had picked up all the furniture that Wally's exit had knocked over, taken care of the dirty dishes by putting them where they belonged in the sink, and had pretty well cleared out all the decorations. Dick was leaning against the doorjamb, just taking a moment not to move. Roy came up to stand across from him, that smile tweaking his lips that always spelled disaster.

"What?" Dick eyed him cautiously, tense and ready for action just in case Roy was planning something...

Roy just pointed up, his eyes twinkling like the cat that had a good nap after making a repast from the canary.

Dick groaned. Swiping the mistletoe down from its perch over the door, he growled, "Why do we even have mistletoe? It was just the five of us..."

"I put it up." Roy shrugged noncommittally, standing straight up as he seemed to inch closer to Dick.

Dick stared at him blankly for a full twenty-six seconds. "Why? Were you trying to get back with Donna or something?"

"Or something." Roy put one hand over Dick's shoulder, just getting himself used to standing so close to the other boy's body.

Dick continued to look confused. "Well, there's no one else around, so..."

"Dick." Roy didn't even bother to shake his head in frustration. He just put one hand on Dick's neck, below his jaw, and when Dick didn't move, he put his other hand behind Dick's ear. Leaning in so slowly, he nearly drove himself crazy, he finally got close enough to see Dick's eyes flutter shut.

At first, their mouths were just pressed together, and it could hardly be called a kiss at all, but with only a small amount of persistence on Roy's part, their lips were intertwined, and then their tongues were taking swipes, and then it felt like the heat had been turned up to boiling as their bodies pressed together tightly, Dick's hands reaching out to tangle in Roy's shirt, and they could feel each other underneath the layers of denim and cotton...

It wasn't a surprise to either of them that Dick broke the kiss apart. His eyes were adorably wild and confused, his hair a little mussed from Roy's hands, his lips just a tiny bit plump.

He tried to move away, to get some air, but Roy stopped him, wrapping his arms around Dick's waist to keep him close. "Dick, don't walk away. C'mon, man, you didn't leave me when I was puking my guts out in front of you, don't leave me now."

"Is... is that what this is? Gr-gratitude? Because you don't..." Dick could feel himself losing the battle. His heart was pumping so hard he could feel his pulse in his ears. Surely Roy could feel it, too.

"Was it gratitude that kept you at my side through all that hell? I thought we were past the point where we second guessed each other." Roy couldn't help it, his hand slid down Dick's ass, kneading the hard muscle, tracking a course to the crack where his legs met his ass, where he could really get a good grip, and thrust Dick's groin closer to his own...

"I... I... Oh! But, we can't... We.... Bruce is expecting me, we have to clean..." Dick was torn between the desire to break free from Roy's grasp and to fling himself into the embrace. He ended up undulating in Roy's arms as he tried to find some calm, his head spinning as he couldn't meet Roy's eyes...

"Bruce expects a lot from you. Shouldn't you do something for yourself for a change?" Roy let his voice slip down seductively, his libido hitting maximum overdrive as he found himself rubbing against Dick's body nearly unconsciously, his hand still between Dick's cheeks, gripping and kneading and pulling Dick closer and closer...

Dick didn't mean to, but he started to suck on Roy's earlobe. He had meant to say something, about responsibility, or getting home before dawn, or something about thermodynamics. When he did speak, he was only able to groan, "Roy..."

"Dick." Roy was painfully hard, and in desperate need to get out of his jeans, and get Dick out of his jeans, and then... "We're friends, aren't we? Close friends. The kind who walk through hell for each other, right? Why can't we also be the kind of friends who screw each other into mindless puddles of satisfied goo?"

It sounded logical enough. Dick had never denied to himself that he was attracted to Roy. There was no need to. He always assumed that it would be a one-sided thing. But this was good, too, even better, really...

They were on the couch, now, and that was good, too, because they were nearly naked, and horizontal, and it was so easy to reach out and touch, to thrust up just a little and watch amusedly as Roy fought with their boxers and socks while trying to touch, and he felt a little dizzy and maybe weird, but it was a good kind of dizzy, the kind you get when you've jumped out of an airplane, and the world seems small under you, but getting bigger by the second...

Roy seemed to know what he was doing, or at least what he wanted. He was moving on top of Dick so much that he was a little afraid that Roy might fall off. He didn't want Roy to hit his head on the coffee table. So he pulled Roy closer, keeping his arms around him. Roy's smile was all he needed to know he had done the right thing.

It occurred to him at some point after Roy had started to jerk both of them off together that maybe he was getting in over his head.

"You've done this before?" It wasn't so much a question as a statement of his own nerves. After all, he'd never lost his virginity before.

Roy smiled down at him again, and damn! It was such a beautiful and open expression! "Don't worry. I'll try to go slow."

It didn't matter, though, because Dick wanted it fast. He got impatient when Roy had to search for the lube and condoms, going through all his pockets like a madman. He got impatient when Roy's slick fingers started to scissor inside of him, knowing that more would be so much better. He got really impatient when Roy started to enter him, moving so slowly that Dick had the oddest visual of being fucked by a turtle. With one decisive motion, he pushed his ass against Roy's groin until Roy was fully sheathed inside of him.

Roy's shocked "Oh!" was an added bonus.

It seemed to go so fast, and so slow at the same time, as if they were outside of time and space, and there was only the one feeling, the one need, and they were perfectly together...

But then they were cold and coated in sweat, sticky white semen decorating Dick's chest, side by side on the couch catching their breath.

Dick's fingers slipped through Roy's red hair weakly. He started to think.

Thinking was never good.

"Roy..." Dick stared at the boy next to him as if he didn't know how they got there. "What... what have we done?"

Roy knew the Batman's protégé better than he got credit for. Putting his hand on Dick's cheek in what he hoped was a comforting gesture, he smiled and winking. "We've only just gotten started, Robbie."

Dick shrank back, nearly falling off the couch. He pushed up with one hand, pulling away. "I'm not joking, Roy... I mean, I don't want to imply... but, we were supposed to be cleaning, and... oh my god, I was supposed to come straight home, Bruce..."

"Dick, don't do this..." Roy tried to stop him, but Dick was already up and frantically looking for his boxers.

"Roy, I'm sorry, but I can't... I mean, we did, but, I can't get... I don't know, it's complicated, you know that, I mean," Dick pulled his pants on, hopping around on one foot, "we have so many responsibilities, and we take so many risks, we can't let personal attachments..."

Roy jumped up, unconcerned with his nudity. "Damn it, Dick! You're talking like Bruce now! Look, I like you. You like me. We're friends. What's so bad about that?"

Dick refused to look at him. "I'm sorry. I know that we... I do feel... I just don't think that..." Dick started to walk away, carrying his shoe and his shirt.

Roy growled and chased after him, desperate. "Dick, c'mon, what are you getting so upset about? It's not a big deal..."

"Not a big deal!" Dick spun on his heel, facing Roy, his eyes blazing. "We just... we... that was a big deal, Roy! At least it was for me! I don't know how often you get laid, but..."

"Hey!" Roy wished he had at least grabbed his shorts. "Don't fuckin' finish that sentence! I thought you knew me better than that!" At least that took the fire out of Dick's expression. Roy took a deep breath. "Look, it was a big deal, ok? But... that doesn't mean you should freak out and run away from me! Damn it, Dick... I thought we were closer than this. I thought... you know, you... would want to."

Dick seemed to deflate a little, his arms falling to his sides. Twice he started to speak, and nothing came out. Finally, he looked Roy right in the eye and smiled sadly. "Just because I want to do something doesn't mean I should do it." He turned and started up the stairs.

Roy just stared after him, watching him disappear up the stairs. He felt dirty and used, but it wasn't Dick's fault. He should have known better, he should have moved slower. But the past year had been the worst of his life, and he was sure that without Dick, he wouldn't have survived. He had spent too long letting all his feelings fester, afraid of what Dick would think if he knew. But after so much time, he had finally convinced himself that it would be ok, and then he screwed it up.

Smacking himself on the forehead with the heel of his palm, Roy cursed himself. All this time, and it was all ruined just because he couldn't keep it in his pants...


Roy's head jerked up, and a second later he was rushing up the stairs. It took a lot to get a reaction like that from Dick. "What's wrong? How many are there? What's the thre...?"

Dick stood in front of the window, still shirtless, one hand just touching the glass. Reflected in the dark glass, Roy could see Dick's mouth was in a little 'o', and his eyes were wide with wonder. His shoe and shirt lay discarded on the floor, forgotten.

In a small, child-like voice, Dick answered, "It's snowing."

Roy went to stand next to Dick at the window. As usual, the leader of the Titans was a master of understatement. Fat flakes were falling so densely, they couldn't even see the city across the harbor. Roy turned and smiled at Dick, and was rewarded with a smile in return.

It seemed like the whole world was just them at the window, and the snow, but that illusion was quickly shattered by the klaxon of the hotline phone. Dick didn't even pause to look at Roy before he dashed off to get the line, but he didn't pick it up immediately. The tag coming through identified it as originating in the batcave, so he quickly switched to audio only, and then picked it up.


"Dick! You're still at the Tower. Good."


"The roads have been closed. Don't try to come home tonight. Are you there alone?"

Dick turned to look at Roy. "No, Roy's still here, too."

Bruce grumbled something under his breath, and then responded. "Good, well, I'll contact Ollie and let him know that you'll be staying there. I'm sorry, boys, but the snow isn't going to be stopping any time soon. In fact, they're predicting blizzard conditions all through the night. So, I'll drive up and get you tomorrow morning, Dick, but stay put tonight."

"O-Okay, Bruce, no problem." Dick tried to figure out how to react, but Roy's hand on his back was too distracting.

"I'm sorry, chum. It looks like Christmas morning is going to be a wash." Bruce really did sound contrite. Dick knew that Bruce was hoping to make this Christmas special. Dick was getting older, and looking at colleges, and he and Bruce were drifting apart.

As bad as he felt for his quality time with Bruce going down the drain, Roy was now tracing circles over his back, his fingers dipping down his pants, and he just wanted to get off the phone... "It's ok, Bruce, we'll still have a great Christmas. See you tomorrow!"

"See you tomorrow, chum."

Dick turned to Roy after disconnecting, putting his hands on Roy's bare hips. "There's a blizzard coming."

Roy nodded, stepping closer to Dick slowly. "Yeah. Can't go anywhere tonight. We'll have to stay here together."

Dick nodded, a dumbstruck expression on his face. "Do you... I mean, this sounds silly but, could this be... like, a sign, or a message, or something?" There was a note of hope in Dick's voice that made Roy's heart pound in his chest.

Grinning from ear to ear, Roy slipped his arms around Dick loosely. "It's like god's way of saying, if you're running low on lube, there's plenty of butter in the fridge..."

Dick laughed out loud, his head tipping back just a little.

Unbearably turned on by the sound, Roy pulled Dick's face down for a deep kiss. "You should laugh more often," he huskily decided, speaking right into Dick's ear.

Dick's arms tightened around Roy's waist. "Let's go up to the observation room... We can watch the snow fall..." He leaned in to kiss under Roy's ear sloppily. "While I fuck you rotten."

Roy guffawed, offering no complaints.

He was certainly complaining in the morning when Dick threw him off the table they fell asleep on at 8 am. They cleaned up the whole Tower, scrubbing away the remains of the party and their night together.

It would have been awful, except for the stolen kisses Roy got, and the way Dick would blush and duck his head down afterwards. In fact, by the time Bruce pulled up to the service entrance in an SUV that appeared to be the result of the unholy marriage of a truck and a tank, Roy was feeling so good, he was even humming Christmas songs.

"I hope you boys didn't have too bad a time," Bruce opened, trying to appear jovial. "It's a good thing that neither of you got caught in the blizzard, though."

Dick was too busy clearing his throat to answer, so Roy spoke up instead. "We were fine, Mr. Wayne."

"Good." Bruce's eyes pierced into Roy, causing him to fidget. "It's good to see you so healthy, Roy. You look very good." There was a note of pride in Bruce's voice that made Roy shrink.

"Th-thank you, sir."

Bruce nodded, then shepherded the boys into the SUV. He was pretty sure the snow meant that no one could be watching them, but he wanted to get going as soon as possible. He wanted to be back in Gotham long before sunset.

They left Roy off in front of Ollie's brownstone. Bruce actually shook his hand and wished him a merry Christmas. Dick and Roy awkwardly said goodbye, their eyes never parting until Roy had to turn to enter the building.

It was a long drive back, since most of the roads to Gotham hadn't been plowed yet. Bruce had to take it slow, and for a man used to driving the batmobile, that wasn't easy.

Still, he and Dick had been together for at least an hour, and they hadn't had a disagreement yet, so it was looking like a good start to Christmas after all.

"At least we'll have a white Christmas," Bruce offered after negotiating a particularly difficult series of curves. "I hope your Christmas Eve wasn't too bad."

Dick turned his face to hide his slight blush. "No, actually... Roy and I had a... really great time."

Bruce weighed Dick's words carefully. A million possible explanations sped through his brain as he considered Dick's obvious happiness, and how relaxed he was.

The most likely one...

Well. At least Roy had really been working to clean up his act. There could be worse things, Bruce decided.

"Here," Bruce pulled something out of his coat pocket and handed it to Dick. "At least we can have some Christmas music."

Dick eyed the cd before shoving it in the slot in the dash. Orchestral music swelled, and then the smooth sounds of Bing Crosby's singing piped through.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
but the fire is so delightful...