title: Kitten Love
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Momo/Ryoma-ish, Karupin, Momo's sisters
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Momo is filled with strange, unfamiliar desires...
notes: unrepentant fluff, for blue and flawless, to celebrate the end of her no-good birthday. *snugs*

Momo tightened his arms around his precious bundle, taking a moment to look down into his bright blue eyes. The small cat mewled piteously, squirming a bit as he tried to gain purchase. The cat was cute, with his dark brown face and tan body. Momo ignored the conversational chatter that was drifting around him. He poked the cat's little nose, choking down a giggle when he backed up and protested cutely.

He was a cute cat, this... Karupin? He must be a very good cat, because, after all, Ryoma clearly loved him. That was a damn shocking thing, really. Momo had never seen such emotion on Ryoma's face... He had been stunning.

Momo blinked. He thought Ryoma was stunning? Momo paused as Fuji waved goodbye. He supposed there was nothing particularly wrong with finding Ryoma attractive... At least, not in theory. After all, it wasn't like he was ever going to do anything... Not like Ryoma would ever want to do anything...

Karupin protested as Momo tightened his arms around the compact cat. Momo grinned down at him. He must be quite a cat indeed to make Ryoma so emotional.

Momo hoped he would get to see Ryoma being much more emotional.

Momo sighed, leaning back against the wall. He wished he hadn't promised to spend Sunday taking his sisters to the mall. But he really had needed to practice late... Ryoma had invited him over for a quick match.

His sisters were squealing about something or another, but Momo had had enough of listening to them. He rolled his eyes and wandered, not so far that he couldn't still see them, but far enough that the cutting bite of their shrieks were dulled.

He fingered the display of keychains in front of him. He hated shopping. He hated spending the day with his sisters. He wanted to go play tennis. Maybe when he was done, he could call Ryoma. It might not be too late.

Momo blinked. He picked up a small keychain with a fluffy tan head and a brown face. It even had fluffy pointed ears.

He smiled. It was ridiculous to be buying Ryoma presents for no reason... but maybe he could give it to him after the next match. He pictured Ryoma's face. He would have to call him Echizen, and say it was for doing so well. Ryoma would not want to seem too excited, so his face would go blank, but his eyes would widen, and brighten. And he would say "Momochan-sempai" with that awed tone of voice.

He took the keychain up the counter to buy it. Maybe the day wasn't a total waste, after all.