title: Kiss of Fang
fandom: Dragon Knights
characters/pairings: Kharl/Kaistern
rating: G
warnings: bloodplay/vampirism
summary: Kharl decides to make friends with someone of common interest. (Bloody Kisses Ficlet)
notes: for theresesaga, her Bloody Kisses Ficlet. note of warning, i have no first hand knowledge of the series... and this isn't very good. sorry!

A tongue smoothing over lips. Bitter taste, metallic, it turned his stomach. A gentle laugh.

"We have a lot in common, you know."

It was a little like when he had gotten the Blue Dragon Crystal, actually. Like he was opening his eyes for the first time. Like he was seeing color for the first time.

"I know you want to protect Rath."

Hands sliding over skin, his skin, but it wasn't like he remembered it being... and why did he have to remember? Didn't he know what it felt like to be touched? But really, he didn't.

"You really are quite lovely."

Mouth to mouth, and more than taste exploding over senses, more than touch. More than anything. Like breathing under water. Ravenous hunger ate at him, and he could not control his arms, could not control his hands, so ravenous...

"I want you again."

Submission offered in exchange for sensation, a good exchange.

He likes this new body he had transformed into; it suits him.