title: Just Try
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Babs/Dinah
rating: G
warnings: bloodplay/vampirism
summary: Dinah offers to fill in.
notes: for Chi, her ficlet for the Bloody Kisses Giveaway. le sigh. my female characters never cooperate with me... when i first read chi's choice, i had visions of dinah in sexy lingerie, posing herself for babs, maybe even cutting a little to entice her... but my stoopid brain kept getting hung up on babs in the chair. i don't know why that was a hangup for me, but it was. so then my brain offered this, which is more... well, it's trying to be funny. but i wanted sexy lingerie, dammit, and all i got was a peak at her bra. *pouts*

"So, you're saying you've never had female blood?"

"Well." Babs sighed. "It's not that there's anything wrong with it. I've just never really... never really done it."

"But blood is blood, right?" Dinah pressed.

"I guess," Babs grumbled. "But it's more than just the blood..."

"You need the blood to survive, right?"

"True. But there's this whole process. I don't know. The mechanics of it just... make me uncomfortable."

"Well, ok, that's valid. But you aren't seeing Dick anymore, right? So your source of blood is gone. And it's just blood, right?"

Babs sighed. "There's the whole taking of the blood... It's very... very sensual. It's hard to describe. It would just be weird with another girl."

"But we're friends," Dinah offered cheerfully. "And, ok, not expecting you to make a lifelong commitment to drinking female blood, but if you've never even tried, how do you know it would be so weird? Maybe it's just a mental hangup."

Babs was sure there was a defense to that argument. Sure of it. She just couldn't think of it. "It's not the sort of thing that you need to experiment with. I mean, I just know."

Dinah put her hands on the sides of Barbara's chair. She leaned down to look Barbara right in the eye. "You're my best friend, right?"


"And you've pulled my ass out of the fire more times than I can count."


"And it's not that big of a deal! I mean, ok, there are differences, sure, obviously, but let's look at this logically. You need blood. I'm willing. There are differences, but the same basic principles apply. You bite me. I bleed. You drink. You go back to being the superintelligent megawoman you are, I get a cookie and a glass of juice and an excuse to spend the night on my ass. Where's the worry?"

Babs tried to look away. "I don't know, Dinah, I mean, I'm tempted, and can I say honestly that I've never thought about it? No. But..."

Dinah shook her head, and opened her shirt, revealing the lacy trim of her bra. She angled her head up so that Babs had maximum access to her neck. "Here, let me take the thinking part away. Here I am, totally ready, totally willing, and totally accessible. You just need to get past this one little thing... isn't it worth it?"

Babs licked her lips. It was true that she was nearly at the end of her rope. She had been neglecting herself without Dick around to remind her to be conscientious. And Dinah's neck looked pretty good...

Dinah grinned, seeing the white of Babs' fangs showing, and she leaned down, putting her neck right next to Babs' lips.

Ok, Babs thought. We're doing this.

She put her hand on Dinah's neck, to steady her, and her other hand on Dinah's waist. This wasn't so strange. This wasn't so unlike what she was used to, just Dinah's skin was smoother and softer, and her waist was narrower. Babs put her lips against Dinah's skin. So far, so good. She pressed her teeth into Dinah's neck, closing her eyes as she pulled her teeth out, anticipating the rush of heat.

Dinah gasped a little, but she didn't say 'ouch!' like Dick always did.

The blood poured down, just like before. The taste was a bit different, but that was to be expected. It was a bit spicier, maybe. A bit hotter.

She suckled until the blood began to coagulate, and the wound started to form. She licked at Dinah's neck like a kitten, letting the special immune factors in her saliva help to clean and close the wound.

Dinah groaned, and fell back on her heels. She grinned up at Babs goofily. "Wow." She gingerly touched her neck. "Wow. I was not expecting that!"

Babs blushed. "Yeah. I tried to tell you."

"Well, it was good for me, honey. How about you?"

Babs licked her lips delicately. There was the same tingle running through her as always. The same flush of vivacity. The same spark. But it was different... "Actually... pretty good." She grinned down at Dinah. "I'm actually surprised I haven't tried this before."

Dinah snorted. "You're not the only one, babe. We'll definitely be doing this again. That boy was crazy to let you go."