title: Just Sex
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Ollie
rating: Teen/Mature
warnings: sex
summary: Dick uses Ollie for stress relief - answer to the Anti Hearts and Flowers (aka Raw Sex) Challenge.
notes: Challenge Rules/Guidelines:
1) No tenderness, no romance, just passionately raw monkey sex and lots of it.
For Extra Points :
A) Your couple is indulging a kink or fantasy role playing. or
B) The pairing of choice is unusual. or
C) A/U
this takes place in the recent JLA storyline where the JLA was missing, and Nightwing was heading up a new JLA. you don't need to know anything about it other than that... the JLA is missing, including Batman, and Nightwing is in charge of the back up group.
i didn't really intend this, but i guess this is mostly angsty, but more in a bitter, angry kind of way. for those who are angst-sensitive...

The moment came, finally, where there was nothing but the sweet friction. The edge of the table ramming into his hipbone, the cold formica, the fingers digging into his flesh all dissolved away, leaving nothing but the sweet friction.

Dick leaned further down, away from the muscular torso above him, to avoid the sticky breath on his back. If he pushed up on his toes, just a little, the hot burning feeling in his ass was just right, so right, igniting his spinal column kind of right, his vision blurring kind of right...

He pulled on the cuffs holding his arms in front of him. He wanted the freedom, he needed the restraint... His teeth gnawed into the silk scarf tied perfectly tight, wound three times around his head. He wanted to scream loudly enough to bring the whole Watchtower down, but he needed the silence...

He could block out the sounds of the man pounding furiously into him if he focused hard enough on his breathing.

The end came unexpectedly. Ollie never touched him, not on his cock, so he wasn't expecting the fiery tide to crash so hard so fast. For a moment, he just rested his forehead against the table, and let the aftershock gradually slip away.

It was a disappointment to feel the tension release as the cuffs were unlocked. When the gag was removed, he almost whimpered with disappointment.

He stayed draped across the table while Ollie cleaned himself up and dressed. He didn't bother to stand up until Ollie threw the wet washcloth at his face.

Slowly, Dick raised himself up, roughly rubbing the washcloth over his chest, abdomen, and between his legs. The used condom was on the ground, looking deflated and dejected. He picked up his pants wearily. Idly, he wondered if he could just teleport home naked without anyone noticing. Then, he remembered that Oracle monitored the teleporter, and started to pull his pants on.

Ollie was already all dressed, and was trying to fix his hair. "I just want you to know, I'm not gay."

Dick restrained himself from asking Ollie to just leave. "Stop. You're breaking my heart. Look, if you have to be anywhere, you can just leave. I won't care."

Ollie smiled. "I don't want to be brash, I'm just saying, don't get your hopes up. This was just sex, you know?"

"I know. I was there." Dick rolled his eyes as he pulled on his sweater. He really should be in costume, but it didn't matter that much. Jason was on duty tonight, and he already knew, so he just had to get home.

"It was good, though." Ollie looked Dick up and down. "You've got a tight little hole there."

"Please. You'll turn my head." He needed to find his shoes. Once he got his shoes, he could leave.

"Aw, I know why you're tense. You miss your Bat." Ollie grinned from ear to ear, leaning back against the wall, smug.

Dick found his shoes.

"I know this is a horrible time, all the fear and uncertainty... Don't worry, Dickie. Your friends are here for you, you know." He chuckled as he slapped Dick's ass.

Dick narrowed his eyes. "You know..." He looked Ollie over critically. "Roy is bigger, and he had more stamina when he was fifteen."

Ollie watched Dick walk away silently, keeping his temper in check for now.

He wanted another chance at that ass, later.