title: Jaded Trade
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Duo/Solo/Hilde, Duo/Heero, Duo/random people, Quatre, Zechs
rating: Mature
warnings: sex, prostitution, RAPE, GRAPHIC VIOLENCE, drinking, language
summary: Sex for sale, lives on the line, and friendship leading to more...
notes: many, many thanks to my aisoku for help with the title.
much of the sex in this story is related to prostitution, and there is straight up rape. if sexual violence and non-consensual situations bother/trigger you, this probably isn't the story for you.
also, there's quite a bit of rather graphic and disturbing violence, particularly near the end. be warned.
many thanks to everyone who read this while it was being written and encouraged me to continue, and everyone who is reading this now!!

It was a rare cloudless day. They'd survived the summer heat in Rio by staying in the water or in the air conditioning, but now that fall was settling in, they were really starting to like it. Heero wasn't sure how long they were going to stay here, but it was comfortable and relaxed and Duo was happy. And their Carnival-induced hangovers were starting to wear off, too.

Heero was carrying back two butter-soaked corn on the cobs for an afternoon snack. He walked around the back of the simple cabana, knowing that Duo would want to be out in the sunshine. They had settled in a small rental property amidst the locals, which Duo loved. Heero had marveled at how quickly Duo had picked up the Portuguese in even this short amount of time.

The locals loved Duo, partially because they believed that he was touched by God. He didn't bother hiding his hands or feet, and since he was shirtless for a good portion of the summer, they believed that he carried the mark of God's love. Duo would make jokes about how God had picked him to be His personal heavy bag, but they didn't get it.

Heero wasn't surprised to see their neighbor clearing away some of their shrubbery. She was an older lady who lived alone, and had adopted them the moment they had landed in her neighborhood. She insisted that they call her Vidonia, though she refused to call them anything but senhor, and she was always looking at them with knowing warmth. Heero found her mildly disconcerting, and would have relocated them, but Duo seemed to like her attention.

"Senhor, you bring a treat for your namorado. It is good, sim, he is too skinny." She smiled broadly at Heero, nodding vigorously.

Heero nodded once, tightly.

"Such a considerate lover! Senhor is lucky to have you."

Heero couldn't help grimacing. "I'm just lucky he lets me near him." He didn't like making conversation like this; her consideration obligated him too much to be upfront.

"Oh, you think, you do? You lack faith, senhor. Faith. He loves you very much. Like you love him." She smiled again at him, and he felt his throat constrict a bit.

He wanted to be loved by Duo, but she had no idea what he had lost because of Heero. "What makes you so sure?"

"I see how you love him, senhor." She sighed happily. "I see how you watch him. But you know, senhor, when you are not watching him, he is watching you." She laughed as if she were telling secrets, and shuffled back to her yard with the refuse she had collected.

Heero shook his head, unsure of what to think of it, and went to the wide hammock that filled their backyard. Duo was dozing lightly, his cute little nose wrinkling as Heero got closer. His lips curled upward. "Mm, you brought me something sweet?"

"Here," Heero reached out while gently lowering himself into the hammock.

Duo caught his hand and lifted his up, without opening his eyes, to lick the melted butter off of his wrist. He opened his eyes and smiled at Heero. "Mm. My favorite."

Heero took each of Duo's hands in turn, kissing their scarred palms, and leaned down to kiss the cross on Duo's chest. "My favorite."

Duo sighed happily, and opened his arms for Heero to come rest with him.

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