title: Incidentals: Over
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Garth/Dick, Garth/Donna
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Garth writes it down.
notes: for rithy, and chi, because i suck. meep. and this is an incredibly poor way to make up for it...

You do not need to ever see this, but I suppose it is good to say it anyway. Donna said it was. I suppose she is right. She usually is.

I do not need to tell you that I am happy for you. We have been friends for too long for that to be a question. I admit that at first, I was taken aback. I thought of him as being the young boy he used to be when he was in uniform. I could not imagine why or how you would take up with him.

But I see it, now. It is so clear; it is almost like fate. Like when I see you with your daughter. Donna tells me that I am very mature for being so resigned about it, but how else can I be? It was my choice to leave. My choice to let you go.

My choice to run away.

I will tell you now that I felt like I had no choice. I felt like you were slipping away from me. I would have rather had a clean cut than a slow, painful death of everything that we are and were. We are still friends now, good friends, and I feel like this is the result of our break.

Was I wrong? Did we have a chance? Looking back, I would say no. Looking back, I would say you found the one you needed. Looking back, I would say I did the right thing.

But looking back, I can also say that I did what I did out of fear, and nothing else.

Because looking back, I know that I loved you. Loved you so much, that I could not bear the thought of losing you...

So I left you.

And does that make me a coward? A fool?

A "loser"?


But I am writing this down, because I want you to know.

I am over you. It does not hurt anymore to see you smile. It does not hurt anymore to hear you laugh, and to know that you are not laughing for me. Or with me. That your kisses are for someone else. That someone else can wake up to your sleepy blue eyes, and feel the strength of your hugs when he is tired, and shower with you in the evening, before you go out...

It does not hurt anymore.

It does not hurt much.

Donna tells me that I have reached a point where all that I need is closure, hence the letter. You would probably think that you are the one that needed closure. That you were wronged. That you were the one that was left alone.

And you were.

And then you fell in love.

So. I need closure, you see, because...

I still miss the noises you made while you slept. I still miss the feel of your hair between my fingers. I still miss the taste of you.

But I am over you.


I believe that I would like to follow your example, and fall in love with someone else. She is. Well. You know that she is amazing. I would not have thought that she would ever have come to feel for me what I once thought she felt for you, or for Roy. And I cannot replace the loves that she has lost, as she cannot replace mine.

But I think that I am finding myself drawn to her, and I want to be able to give her everything that I can. So, I am relinquishing the part of me that is yours.

And I am relinquishing the lingering feeling of bitterness that there was never really any part of you that was mine.

Thank you for the time we shared. Thank you for trying to make me a part of your life. Thank you for your friendship, first and foremost.

I am over you, now.

Perhaps I will keep telling myself that, until I no longer need to tell myself that.