title: Incidentals: Silent Night
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Tim
rating: Teen
warnings: suggested sexual content
summary: Christmas traditions.
notes: none

The lights on the tree were glittering, and from the proper perspective, were reminiscent of candy gum drops, if candy gum drops were inclined to twinkling.

Tim lay with his head just under the tree, appreciating the proper perspective.

He had never been much of a Christmas person, really. His parents had often taken the winter holidays to go on one of their many excursions, and when they weren't away, they rarely made any sort of fuss over Christmas. It was, to their disinterested, worldly view, far too commercial to be participated in. And, having no strong religious leanings, they were able to resist the pressure to celebrate the holiday as anything more than a typical family holiday.

Bruce always had Christmas. That was the first time in Tim's life that he really encountered a Christmas tradition. And that meant that Dick was raised to celebrate Christmas, which he did to the hilt, probably simply to annoy Bruce with his holiday cheer.

This night, on the eve of Christmas, he was under Dick's Christmas tree in the 'haven, having finished wrapping the last present only minutes earlier, content knowing that Angel was asleep in her bedroom, and Dick had just returned from his patrol of the 'haven as Nightwing. He hadn't seen his lover yet, but he knew the sound of Dick coming home.

His lover. His lover! He and Dick were lovers!!

The thought still made him a little giddy.

When Dick slid onto the ground next to Tim, putting an arm over his belly and kissing his neck in just the right place, Tim felt like he really understood the true meaning of Christmas.

Well, probably not. Maybe the true meaning of the winter solstice, but whatever, he was happy.

"Remind me never to put off wrapping presents until Christmas Eve again."

Dick's smile tickled Tim's jugular. "Hm. That probably means that I should also remind you to start shopping before December 23rd. It's pretty hard to wrap presents you havenít bought yet."

"I bet it isn't impossible though..."

Grinning, Dick pulled up to kiss Tim thoroughly, until his lips felt swollen and tender. Caressing lips, they breathed the same air together, acutely aware of proximity, the universe shrinking to contain their bodies and the molecules of air touching them only.

Kissing was natural. The way Dick's hand slid up his shirt was natural. The glass ornaments clinking in warning as the tree shook above them was natural, all things considered.

Breaking apart, Dick traced the features of Tim's face with his thumb, laying his lips on the highlights as he traversed the terrain. "What time do we have to pick up Babs?"

"Nine. Sharp, she said. So, hm. I guess we need to remember to bring knives or something..."

"Hm. She just thinks we'll get distracted and be late."

"At this point, mm, there doesnít seem to be much point in going to bed, ah. We'd have to be up again so soon..."

"I can think of two points for going to bed, actually..."

"Isn't it nice of me to set you up like that?"

"I thought so."

"Alfred said that dinner was at two. How was the, mm, patrol?"

"Boring. So, we have four hours until we have to leave." Dick pressed his body down onto that of his young med student, rolling his hips so that he could hear that patented gasp. "Plenty of time. So much to do, really. I want so badly to be in you..."

Tim had the presence of mind to raise his eyebrows. It wasn't something that his lover asked for often. Dick was so naturally inclined to enjoy bottoming more, and Tim was so hesitant in the position, it made the roles rather clear-cut. Not that Tim didn't enjoy every second of having Dick's rather impressive length pressed inside of him...

"Oh? And what brought that on?"

Dick responded by kissing Tim so hard, that for a moment, Tim could swear he feel Dick's tonsils in his mouth. "I've been thinking about this all night long..."

"Ooh, long night, then..."


Tim's hands went up and down the back they loved so much. "You've been so... lighthearted. And now this." Tim's blue eyes looked up with wonder at his beloved, the lights of the tree above them sparkling their sapphire depths and creating a kaleidoscope within their pupils. "Are you always like this at Christmas time? Because if so, I think I can make an argument for Christmas being every day of the year..."

Dick breathed deeply from the skin at the base of Tim's throat, causing yet another beautiful rush of air to pass into the younger man. "It's been nine years. Nine years since I had someone to share Christmas with." Dick's voice was soft, with the slight inflection of wonder usually associated with late night childhood recollections. "The last Christmas with Joey, that was the last time that I had someone. The last time that I wasn't lonely at Christmas."

Dick moved up so that he could stare into Tim's eyes. His face was obscured by the backlighting, his face in shadow, so that Tim could only see the impression of joy that was shaping his features.

"I love you."

Three words, so softly spoken that they nearly knocked Tim unconscious.

It wasn't fair, of course. Tim had declared his love before they had even started dating, before Dick had even realized that the boy that Tim was had matured into a beautiful young man.

Before they had even kissed for the first time, Tim had pledged his love.

And still it felt like Dick had just taken the world and shifted it with a twist of his wrist.

"I love you, too." Tim spoke quickly, before the emotion made speech embarrassing.

Dick pulled Tim up to a sitting position, Tim's legs wrapped around Dick's waist. Kissing him, Dick stood up and started for the bedroom.

Tim hugged Dick as tight as he could without cutting off Dick's circulation and airways. "Ha, trying to impress me with your strength. But you forget, I knew Superboy."

Dick squeezed Tim's waist quickly. "Ah, but I knew Superman."

Tim jerked. "You don't mean that..."

"You don't really want to discuss how well we know the Kryptonian clan right now, do you?"

Tim thought for five milliseconds. "No."

Dick had them horizontal and naked within seconds of that.

Trying hard not to think, but feeling his control being ripped away, he pulled himself together with one terrifying thought. "Angel."

"Hm?" Dick didn't seem very interested in speaking right then.

"Angel. In the house. We can't..."

"She's asleep."

"We'll wake her."

"No, she's out like a light."

"She's four, and it's Christmas Eve. We'll wake her."

Dick stopped for a moment, which hurt both of them. Grinning wickedly, he leaned over to reach under the bed, rummaging around for a few minutes until he came back up holding one of his gauntlets. Opening one compartment, he pulled out two standard issue Batgags. "Guess that means we get kinky."

Tim arched his neck back, opening his mouth a little, trying to repress his grin.

When they were both audibly restrained, they resumed. They were denied certain oral pleasures, but when one sense is knocked out, the others become stronger to compensate. Their hands filled and stretched and explored, the tips of their fingers becoming more sensitive than either could ever remember being, as they memorized the exact texture of sensation of each square millimeter of flesh touched.

When they began rocking with the rhythm of their pulse, they kept their flesh as tightly connected as possibly, each contorting to maximize.

Silently, they pounded into one another, screaming soundlessly their pleasure.

When the last electric shocks of orgasm had trembled away, they were left clinging to one another, coated in each other's sweat and semen.

They pulled their gags off, needing the taste of the other man's tongue to communicate what they no longer had the words for.

Christmas dawned unnoticed.

They did make it to Babs at nine, sharp, without knives, but they spent the rest of the day exhausted in each other's embrace.

If they hadn't been so tired, one or the other of them might have felt guilty enough for being so decadently in love in Bruce's house, right in front of Bruce's eyes, but they were beyond caring. Presents were torn apart, most of them by Angel, who happily delivered the gifts to their intended receiver only after divesting them of their ornate coverings. Bruce stood back, watching over his swollen clan. A tradition that had only come to fruition in the days when it was only Alfred, Dick, and him now encompassed Babs, her father, Tim, Jean Paul, Helena, Cassandra, Terry, and, of course, Angel.

It must have been the day, perhaps because he had been to church for the first time in a year that morning, perhaps because the way Helena teased Jean Paul was so amusingly evil, perhaps it was the way the jubilant four year old was nearly doing cartwheels as she bounced about the room.

Whatever it was, seeing Dick so happily wrapped around Tim actually made Bruce happy, for the first time.

Perhaps it was because the last time he could remember Dick enjoying Christmas this much, he had called in from New York to report on how he was doing with Joey and the other Titans.

Whatever it was, it made Alfred send up a small prayer of thanksgiving as he passed around punch and eggnog, content to see all his boys so happy.