title: Incidentals: Next
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Tim
rating: Teen
warnings: suggested sexual content
summary: For Darklady's "not having sex" challenge.
notes: an answer to dl's challenge (i think!) who is so cool for getting people going! yea!

Tim let his whole body press against Dick's, breathing in deeply the smell that he been trying to remember all week long. Between medical school, and Dick's schedule, it was getting harder and harder to see each other.

Sadly, that seemed to be the only thing getting harder for Tim.

Dick was in his Nightwing pants, his pants only. Tim's fingers clutched at the sweaty, silky hair between his fingers. He loved this hair, and this body he rubbed against, and the dark, thick, shiny pants, and most of all, he loved the man in the pants.

Loved him so much, with all that he had in him.

"Dick?" Tim groaned as Dick sucked hard on his jugular. "This isn't working..."

"Let me try this angle..."

"Babe, I'm sorry. I really am. But this isn't working."

"What isn't working?" Dick's eyes were that deep ocean blue filled with black that made Tim's blood boil.

Tim took Dick's hand and sent in down to his crotch. "This isn't working. I'm sorry, love, but I've been awake for the past 67 hours and have been working for 39 of those hours and studying for 27 of those hours and driving in traffic for 6 of those hours and I don't know how many hours that adds up to, but..."

"Shh..." Dick had to restrain himself from giggling. "You're too tired. That's all right. Do you have to work tomorrow?"

Tim tried to think, then gave up and shook his head gently.

Dick kissed his forehead. "Get ready for bed. Stay with me tonight, and in the morning, we'll have the day together."

Tim grinned, totally happy despite his exhaustion. "Sounds perfect!"

Climbing under the covers, Tim never felt so content. Until he felt Dick, naked to the waist, slip in behind him.



Dick pulled his lover's body close to him. "You know, I was thinking about the problem of us never seeing each other. And I was thinking, if we spent more time together, we could solve the problem."

Tim giggled, feeling giddy from lack of sleep and a cuddling Grayson. "So, you've come to the brilliant conclusion that we could see more of each other if we spent more time together? Wow. No wonder you got promoted to Sergeant!"

"Not like that, twit!" Dick playfully nipped Tim's ear, making him giggle more. "I meant.. if we lived together, we would see more of each other. We would be coming home to the same place. You know. If we lived together."

Tim suddenly got very serious.

"But... I'm in school in Gotham and you are in the 'haven..."

"Someplace in between? Like, north side of the 'haven or south Gotham, or Tricorner..."

Tim sighed, knowing he was close to tears. For years, years, it had been beyond him to dream that he could ever be in these arms. Now, they were going to get a place together... "Not Tricorner. Sounds... fantastic. God, so great..."

Dick hugged Tim close, breathing heavily into Tim's ear.

Tim checked to see if this was getting through the exhaustion and getting the blood south. Disappointed, he turned a little to see Dick's face. Moved by the warmth and love in Dick's eyes, he grinned. "Dad won't be happy about it."

"Is that a problem?"

"No. But I won't be able to afford as much for my half of the rent or mortgage without his help."

Dick kissed him. "Not a problem. I know this great tall, dark, handsome millionaire who will do anything. For a blowjob."

"Ew!!! Don't even joke about that!" Tim laughed and rolled away.

"He will. Goof, I'm talking about me!"

"Oh! Well, you did say tall..."

Dick rolled his eyes and retaliated by tickling Tim mercilessly until he was just a cuddly ball of goo in Dick's arms.

They just looked at each other, until Tim's eyes started to droop. Kissing for one last time, Tim put his head on Dick's chest to go to sleep.


"Yeah, Ves'tacha?"

"You are rubbing."

"Sorry. Can't help it."

"Wait 'til I can join ya, babe..."





"You're still doing it."


"*sigh* Just clean up after. I hate waking up sticky and frustrated."