title: Incidentals: A Little Help from a Friend
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Tim, J'onn
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Tim is exhausted, and in need of some help.
notes: chi deserved some spam, so i wrote this for her. ^_^

Tim sighed. He stared at the supply cabinet, not seeing anything. What was he looking for? 2 x 4s? Gauze? Antibiotics?

Which supply cabinet was this, anyway?

"Excuse me, Doctor?" The nurse smiled brightly, her eyes sympathetic. "Is this the tubing you needed for the patient in room 3?"

Tim stared down blankly at the package of tubing. Ah yes. The tubing. "Thank you, Nurse...?"

She smiled warmly. She smiled a lot. "Carol. I just started volunteering here tonight. The work you do here is incredible."

Tim thought about it. He thought some more. He realized he couldn't think. "Thank you."

He didn't know she was trotting behind him until after her swift hands slipped in under his to correct his errors. He looked her over more carefully as he worked up the next patient. Her dirty blonde hair was efficiently tied back, she wore no makeup, and she worked with a clipped, cheerful efficiency that was almost robotic.

The third patient they worked on together was a belligerent drug addict. He wasn't sure when he noticed it, but he knew it for sure the second Carol got the boy in restraints without a single blow landing.

He didn't say anything at first. Frankly, he was grateful. He'd been working for three days straight. He could barely see straight, much less administer morphine correctly.

He finally sat down heavily at six am, gently pushing the stack of files away as if he could hide from them. Carol was right at his elbow with a cup of steaming hot chocolate with a dollop of fresh cream floating on top. Tim had no idea in hell where J'onn had gotten fresh cream in the clinic, or even in this neighborhood, or, hell, even in the city, but he wasn't questioning it. Not right away.

He didn't say anything until he had finished licking the cream off the top, and taken a nice, big sip of chocolate.

"J'onn?" Tim slipped the first file off the stack. "What are you doing here?"

'Carol' didn't even blink. 'She' did wink, though. "When did you figure it out?"

Tim sighed. "This isn't some... bet or something, is it?"

"No," J'onn replied honestly. "Batman mentioned that you were working extra shifts to cover for Leslie's unexpected retirement, and I thought perhaps I could help."

Tim blinked. He then set down the mug of hot chocolate carefully, so as not to spill. "Batman... Batman was... was..."

J'onn smiled gently. "He was worried about you. Is that so hard to believe?"

It was. "Was he... afraid that... I wouldn't be available for Dick, or...?"

J'onn shrugged. "That's not what I felt, but I don't intrude into people's thoughts."

J'onn strutted out to do rounds, leaving Tim staring blankly at the open door.

Bruce was worried about him. Perhaps it was time to schedule another check-up. Maybe Bruce had hit his head or something...

Tim shook his head and stood up. He was going to take the day off. 'Carol' could deal with things, and if he was needed, 'she' could page him. He clearly needed sleep.