title: Incidentals: Picture Perfect
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Tim
rating: G
warnings: halloween costumes
summary: Tim finds something in Dick's things.
notes: for chi's first line challenge. with a tip of my hat to DL. our thoughts were, apparently, circling around the same general idea, but she got to it first, so please, accept with all due respect to the master. ^_^

"Dick, what the hell are you wearing?"

John Grayson stared at his son, bedecked in red, white, and yellow. Dick's gleaming blue plastic boots came to a point just under his knees. He wore vinyl blue underoos with big white stars, and a red halter with a yellow eagle soaring up his chest. Crowning this lovely image was a tiara tucked into his thick black curls.

Curls, as in actual curls, as in his son had had his hair curled, curls.

"Isn't it great, Daddy? I'm Wonder Woman!" The boy proudly put his fists on his hips, in Wonder Woman's classic pose.

John thought he might die.

Before he could say another word, Mary intervened, her eyes glaring pokers right into her husband's forehead. "Doesn't he look great? This is the only costume Dick wanted. We were really lucky there was one left."

John knew better than to take on his wife, so he leaned down to look into his son's eyes. His son's eyes, shaded with blue eye shadow. "Son, wouldn't you rather have a Superman costume, or a Green Lantern?"

"No way, Dad," Dick scoffed. "Wonder Woman could totally kick their asses."

"Ah," John relented under his son's powerful wisdom. "But, ah, isn't there a cape? You should wear a cape, and cover up, because it's cold out."

Dick crossed his arms over his chest. "Capes are for wussies."

Mary swallowed her guffaws as gracefully as she could. "C'mon, Dickie, it's time to go..."

"Wait!" John grabbed her hand desperately. "Where are you two going?"

Mary shrugged. "The local church sent around some fliers for their Halloween party. It looked good, so a couple of us are taking the kids there."

"A church?? You're taking him to a church?" John's jaw dropped off.

Mary winked, looking as wicked as her sexy witch outfit implied. "Yeah. They could use some circus-style shaking up."

John couldn't help but be amused. "Well, sure..." His eyes drifted down to his cross-dressing son. "But..."

"Don't worry," Mary assured. She reached out for Dick's hand. "We'll be fine. After all, I've got a super hero on my side, right?"

"Yup!" Dick exclaimed. "Don't worry, mom! I'll take care of you!! No one can stand against the lasso of truth!"

Mary grinned over her shoulder at her bemused husband.

"What are you doing? We don't have time for trips down memory lane!" Dick thwacked Tim gently on the head with a newspaper.

Tim held up the photograph he had been mesmerized by, grinning. "Mind explaining this?"

Dick leaned over Tim's shoulder, getting a good look at himself dressed as Wonder Woman. He smirked. "Well, what does it look like? That's me winning Best Hero costume at the Lurch Junction Episcopal Church All Hallows Eve Fest. They had awesome cake there."

Tim held back laughing out loud for now. "You went as Wonder Woman?"

Dick shrugged, smiling. "So? It was before I was old enough to really... appreciate Superman's superior qualities. And she kicks ass."

Tim felt is was all right at this juncture to laugh right in Dick's face. "You really are such a woman under all that gruff maleness, aren't you, bottom boy?"

Dick slid in right behind Tim, slipping his hand around Tim's waist. "You doubt my masculinity?" His hand slid down to cup Tim's balls, not so gently, and he tongued Tim's neck wetly. "Need me to prove it to you?" He ground his hips into Tim's ass, griping tightly with his hand as he did.

Tim felt sparks burning him up and down his spine, singing his flesh. "Ah!" He melted against Dick. "We... we don't have... time... movers... coming..."

Suddenly, Dick was gone. "You're right, we don't have time. Later, I guess."

Tim wasn't sure what was going on. He knew that he was lacking something that he vitally needed. He knew that Dick was taking something from him that he had no right to take. "Hey!"

Dick smirked at him, snatching the picture out of Tim's fingers. Time had faded and distorted the color, but he still looked damn cute. "Never pick fights with someone who has access to the lasso of truth."