title: Incidentals: Aloha
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Tim
rating: Teen/Mature
warnings: sex
summary: Dick and Tim usher in the New Year in their usual style
notes: none

"Am I late? Did I make it?"

Tim pulled back the sheets a bit, and set aside his book. "No, but you will be if you don't get into bed pronto. Without the stinky kevlar, preferably."

Dick grinned for a second before ripping off his mask, and then shredding the clothes off his body as he bounced around the room, finally landing on the bed. "How's that?"

Tim shook his head, too aroused to laugh. "You know, for an old man, you really strip fast!"

Dick groaned, pulled aside the sheets roughly so he could lay flat against his husband's skin. "Old man, again, am I? Well, I have to strip fast to keep up with the jet-setting doctor-types."

Laughing, Tim pulled Dick's face down for wet, sloppy, rough kisses. He hated to admit it, but he was starting to worry about Dick. Even Superman slowed down as time went by, but not these damned batboys... "Was it bad?"

Dick shook his head, his humor gone as he intertwined himself with Tim. "Nah. Just the usual crap."

Tim started to massage the lube over Dick's anus. "Ah. Ok. Good. Ready for the New Year?"

Dick rolled his eyes. "Yes. Yes. And yes, that's... oh, that's good... Yeah, this is one year I'm glad to see the back end of."

He ran one hand through Dick's thick hair. God, this was just the best way to start a new year... "Really? You... you're superstitious? Dick, I'm... mm, yeah, I'm... shocked. I never... never would have guessed..."

Dick ran his tongue up Tim's neck. "Not... superstitious. Just... tired of this year."

Tim's fingers seemed unable to stop moving, like he was weaving a spell over Dick's flesh. "Well... it's just a... a... more, more... yeah... oh, yes... it's just a... a date, really..."

"I know," Dick panted, "but... this year... All the fighting with Angel... and when she ran away... God, I thought... mmm, huh... thought she'd never speak to me again for a while. And Terry's injury. And your injury. Gah! Oh! Mm... I'm just ready for something new."

Tim watched the clock from the corner of his eye as he thrusted up into Dick's body, meeting Dick stroke for stroke. "Well... almost... almost... almost... more, faster, harder, wait, wait, now, now, now, yes!!!"

Dick groaned low in his chest and his belly, so that it hummed into Tim's central nervous system.

Tim rolled over, pushing Dick to his side. He showered his husband's face with soft kisses. "Happy New Year. In Hawaii."

Grinning, but with his eyes still closed, Dick whispered back, "Happy New Year in Hawaii, ves'tacha."

Running his palms over Dick's sweaty back, he kissed Dick's forehead, and the thick curls of hair that were stuck across Dick's brow. "And may all your troubles melt away, and new joys spring forth in their place."

There was blessed quiet for a moment, save the die-hard revelers loudly making their way home. "That was nice," Dick sighed sleepily. "You gonna get a job at Hallmark this year?"

Tim woke up enough to find all of Dick's ticklish spots, and then had to slip through the wet spot to avoid Dick's hands, questing for retaliation. "Goof. You got any resolutions?"

"I resolve..." Dick declared, crawling on his hands and knees to Tim, "to never cross both you and Angel at the same time again. I resolve, to try to reign in my fatherly tendencies as my chikni goes off to fight crime. I resolve," he placed a kiss on Tim's shoulder, "to be a better husband to you, so you don't have to work quite so hard. I resolve," he placed a kiss on Tim's collarbone, "to be a better partner for Babs, so that she could trust me more. I resolve," a kiss on Tim's neck, just below the jugular, "to not let work eat up so much of my life. I resolve," a kiss on Tim's jawbone, right below his ear, "to pay more attention to the people I love. I resolve," a kiss to the corner of Tim's mouth, "to see in every day with as much resolve as I see in this one."

Tim opened his mouth to Dick instantly, and it was long, perfect moments before either was able to speak again.


Tim blinked, feeling overwhelmed. He ran his hands through Dick's hair, ignoring the mess on his fingers and the mess he was leaving behind. For a moment, he was choked with emotion, realizing, once again, that he washere with Dick and this wasn't going away, not ever. His stomach was heaving as he tried to catch up and get his breath back. "I resolve... to buy more lube."

Dick laughed, and so Tim started to laugh, and then they were pressed up against each other, and it didn't matter if they stunk, or that the sheets were filthy, or that they were both exhausted.

They were together.