title: Incidentals: Lights Out
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Tim, Bruce
rating: Teen/Mature
warnings: bondage, sex
summary: It's a quiet night when the lights go out... at least for a while...
notes: obviously, inspired by recent events... as, i'm sure, are a million other like fics. ^_~ also, dedicated to genX, who is hopefully cleaning up in Vegas. whee!!

Even without electricity, a city hummed. The streets were dotted with lights from cars and flashlights, and the people milling around made for an organic buzz. The skyline was dotted with windows reflecting the lights from candles, lanterns, and flashlights.

Nightwing had hit the streets early. Every cop on the force was supposed to be on the streets, helping people and directing what traffic there was, but he had called Amy on her cell and feigned that he was stuck in Gotham. She knew that his boyfriend lived there, so she just told him to sit tight.

Thankfully, Tim had spent the afternoon with him in the 'haven, so he was safe in Dick's apartment.

Dick had been sure that there would be looting and violence like crazy, but people were being calm and courteous. Even in the 'haven. It was as if everyone had been replaced with well-mannered pod people.

He wasn't about to complain, but he was now regretting calling off work with Amy. He really should be on the streets with his brother - and sister - cops. Only, if he turned up now, there would be no way he could explain how he got from Gotham to Bludhaven.

He snuck into his apartment carefully. The alley was quite a bit darker than normal, so he had less trouble remaining inconspicuous, but the apartment was completely dark. Thankfully, he didn't have air conditioning in his apartment, so it wouldn't look strange to any of his colleagues who might be wandering by that the windows were open. If they had to stay in the apartment, in the dark, with the windows closed, they wouldn't last long, that was for sure.

He was looking forward to peeling off his costume. It had been designed to vent and breathe, but it was still scorching under the Kevlar, and he felt like his flesh was cooking and burning.

He moved through the pitch-black apartment without difficulty, barely even aware of the darkness. He was used to coming in at odd hours and not hitting the lights. He went straight to the bedroom, searching for clues of Tim. It wasn't that hard to find him at all.

Tim was stretched out on the bed with a thick medical book in front of him, a tiny book light illuminating the page. The weak light was ghoulishly reflected off the page, shadowing Tim's face. His eyes tracked Dick's movements exactly, although they were hidden from Dick's view by the shadows of his cheekbones.

"Is it bad out there?"

"No," Dick sighed, "it's actually really quiet. Damn, I should have gone in with my badge. Now I can't be of any help."

Tim set the book aside, but he didn't switch off the light, so a small pool of light swam above the text. "So you are in for the night."

"Yeah," Dick peeled off his gloves, tossing them into the closet quickly. "And I'm roasting. I just wish I could think of what to do tonight. I can't be seen on the streets since I called in, Nightwing doesn't have anything to do... We get a free night off, and there's no electricity. What the hell are we supposed to do?"

Tim sighed quietly, almost too quietly for Dick to hear. "You can't go out and save the world, and we're stuck in here with no lights, and you want to know what we should do?"

"Yeah, it sucks, doesn't it? I hope the power comes back on soon... Have you heard anything? Has Babs contacted you at all?"

Tim rolled his eyes, which Dick most definitely could not see or hear. "You need something to do?"


"Strip. Now."

Dick blinked. Tim stood up and turned off the book light, setting the book down.


Dick swallowed hard, and flung his clothes off quickly. He knew exactly where Tim was in relation to the bed, and his own body. He felt a new heat flare through his flesh, and his spine went cold. He started to get aroused right away, which made peeling off the pants even harder. He had to bend at the waist to separate the Kevlar from his skin, and he was aware of Tim's attention on his displayed ass, even in the dark.

"Face down on the bed."

Dick moved immediately, not questioning Tim in the slightest. He didn't stop to think about how quickly he jumped to his lover's command. It was a given that he would. In fact, he tried not to think at all, even when Tim bent down to pick something up from the floor where Dick had been standing.

He was so totally in the moment, he didn't even think about anticipating what was coming next.

"Hands above your head."

Dick shivered as he complied. Tim slipped the cuffs between the bars of the headboard, and fastened Dick in place. They didn't play games like this often. Tim was rarely confident enough, and Dick was never one to push for things sexually that might make Tim uncomfortable. He was now completely hard, and he ground his hips into the mattress for some sensation.

"Stop that." The sharp slap to the ass sounded even more distinct in the dark. "You'll move when I tell you to. Now, lift your hips."

Dick obeyed, and a pillow was slipped under his hips. He groaned, and pushed his forehead into the mattress... For a moment, Tim's hand had brushed casually over his balls.

"Very good. Patience, now."

There was the sound of Tim removing his clothes and folding them, carefully laying them on the chair by the bathroom. He was moving with painful slowness and deliberate care. Dick kept his eyes shut tight, and focused all his attention on listening to his lover.

"Good. You take to instruction beautifully. Now, spread your legs."

Dick heard the drawer on the bedside table sliding open, and he went spread-eagle as quickly as he could. He bit his lip, listening as Tim got onto the bed, walking on his knees to the middle, directly behind Dick.


Dick was not patient, but there were hands on him now. Hands running up and down his back, squeezing his neck and working the muscles of his shoulders. The hands moved down his flanks, and Dick strained against the handcuffs, his whole body taut with tension and desire.


Dick grunted in response, and dared to buck back against Tim, the sweet relief and torture of Tim's hard, wet cock against his ass providing more than enough justification for his indiscretion. Tim chuckled, a low, dangerous sound, and then he proceeded to whack Dick's ass ten times, alternating which cheek he hit perfectly. Dick's back arched, and he groaned and dug his fingernails into the flesh of his palms as tried to restrain his pleasure.

"You like that, don't you? You love it. You are so easy... Aren't you? Say yes."

Dick groaned and cleared his throat. He responded with a guttural "Yes," turning his head so that his cheek rested on the hot, cotton sheets. He could almost hear Tim grin in response.

"Oh, yes you are... Shall we test it? Shall I put my fingers in your body? Do you want it? Say 'fuck me,' say it loud..."

Dick was breathing so hard he could barely speak. "Fuck me!" Tim laughed and pushed slick fingers into his ass quickly, hardly giving Dick a chance to adjust. It didn't matter after only a few quick thrusts, and then Dick was pushing back against Tim's hand. Tim put a hand on Dick's waist, holding him in position as he spread out the fingers in Dick's ass and pushed them up and down.

"Hold still, baby, hold still. Let me take control."

Dick could not speak, could not breathe, it felt like, he could only force his muscles to relax and let Tim have his way with him. Dick pushed his face against the sheets as Tim pushed his erection into Dick's body, and the sound and the sensation of it blinded Dick.

They fell asleep with Dick's hands still cuffed to the headboard, Tim laying full out over Dick, his face resting on the back of Dick's neck, their sweat their only covering.

Dick rubbed his wrists self-consciously. Electricity was only sporadically back on and it was still hot as hell, but things were improving. They expected everyone to be back in power by the afternoon, or early evening at the latest. The police were still out in full force, directing traffic and helping people who were having trouble.

Traffic seemingly had not let up in the slightest, and so Dick found himself at the corner of Lawrence and Damen, directing traffic and being a police presence.

He couldn't say that he was surprised when the sleek black limo pulled up to the curb. In fact, he had expected Bruce to show up a few hours ago. Traffic on the bridge must still be terrible.

Bruce let Alfred open the door for him, and then he stood patiently on the sidewalk. Dick rolled his eyes, and motioned for Gannon, his partner in traffic-doldrums, to cover for him.

"Traffic?" Dick couldn't stop himself from rubbing his wrists. They itched like crazy in the heat.

Bruce chuckled in his really annoying, playboy manner. "Of course. I was wondering how you were... Everything ok last night?" Bruce's manner was foppish, but his eyes were piercing.

Dick shrugged, his own eyes speaking volumes. "Dark and hot."

Bruce nodded. "Things were pretty calm, all things considered..."

Dick smiled. "Yup! Who knows, maybe we're even getting civilized?" He tried to force himself to stop rubbing. He knew that was only making it worse. But it felt so good to rub...

Bruce gave him a look. "Is there something wrong with your wrists?" Before Dick could deny it, Bruce took one of Dick's hands, and picked it up, pushing down the sleeve to expose the ring of red, irritated skin. His eyes went wide and he dropped Dick's hand, as if he had lost the strength to hold it.

Clearing his throat, Dick spoke quickly and quietly. "It was just a game. I'm fine. We were just playing."

Bruce understood, far better than he had wanted to. He retreated to the car without another word. Dick and Alfred shared a quick nod, and then Dick watched them pull away.

Still, all he could feel was the heat of the sun and the sated ache in his bones.

He went back to directing traffic, looking forward to another quiet night in the dark.