title: Incidentals: Proposal (You Got Engaged?!)
fandom: DC Comcis
characters/pairings: Dick/Tim, Jack Drake, Angel
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: The worst and best day of Tim's life.
notes: this fic was inspired by some feedback by Rea who wondered who proposed to whom. i didn't know, and of course, that got my busy brain gestating... so thanks to Rea!!
the subtitle to this fic is an in joke. a very, very in joke. in fact, no one will get it. but it amuses the heck outta me. *shrug* just thought i'd share that... ^_^

Dick leaned back in his chair, wishing he could get out of the damned monkey suit. Still, Tim looked good in his...

Smiling, he watched his lover out on the dance floor with Toni. Tim had taken off his jacket, and was wiggling his cute little ass on the dance floor, trying to keep up with the frantic, and probably drunk, girl who had draped her arms around his neck.

They were sorta cute together, really.

"Nice wedding, hm?" Babs was next to him, now, letting Angel sleep peacefully in her lap.

Dick reached out to pet the soft black hair on his daughter's head. "Yeah. Donna looked really amazing... And Garth seems really happy."

"Mm." Barbara looked over to where the happy couple was talking to Arthur, the older man furiously pounding on the table, to the amusement of his companions, the embarrassment of his adopted son, and the slight discomfort of his new daughter in law. "They really do seem great together. I had no idea they were even dating." She looked at Dick, slightly suspiciously, thinking that Dick had kept her, the Oracle!, out of the loop.

Dick shrugged, smiling. "Neither did I! I think they were nervous, thinking that I would be upset or something silly like that. So they dated in secret for months. I only found out from Superman, if you can believe it. Diana told him, and then he was in the 'Haven, so..."

"Nice wedding, though. Don't you think?" She watched the couples on the dance floor, nearly laughing out loud as Roy tried to dazzle some Amazonian women with his charm, and got rejected flat out.

"Yeah," Dick looked at her, speculative. He knew she had something up her sleeve...

"The flowers were nice, tasteful. And the music was a nice blend of Atlantean and Amazonian, don't you think?"

"They did a really nice job," he watched her carefully. Something was up...

"The ceremony was lovely. I like that Diana officiated, didn't you?"

"What's up, Babs? It was a lovely wedding. What's with the third degree?"

"When are you going to make an honest man out of that sweet young thing out there?" She jutted her chin in the direction on Tim.

Dick laughed, shaking his head and looking away from the mother of his daughter. "Ah, I get it. You want to plan a wedding! So, you've decided to adopt mine!"

"I've already selected the flowers, the hall, and caterer. I just need to set the date, and we can really get rolling." She teased him with twinkling green eyes.

He leaned back, watching Tim thoughtfully. "Don't think that I haven't thought about it. I have. I just..."

"Yeah?" She poked him for good measure.

"I just, I'm not sure how to... how to do it, you know?" He turned to her, his blue eyes bright and shining.

She wanted to take him in her arms. Badly.

"Oh, Dickie... It doesn't matter how! Just throw him over your shoulder, fling him on the bed, and say, Wanna get hitched?" She worked hard to suppress her giggles.

He tilted his head, thinking. "Well, I like the first two parts of the plan..."

She didn't bother suppressing the giggles now.

"The thing is, Babs... I want... I want it to be... perfect. I want to know that he feels... he feels... perfect."

"Oh, Dickie... that's really sweet, and wonderful, but... That's just an excuse. You're scared. You are afraid that he'll say no... Oh my God! You are afraid that he'll say no! You stupid fool!"

Dick turned bright red, and looked away... "It's not... I'm not... No! I mean, we've discussed it, sorta, but never really seriously, and I... I don't... I don't know how he feels about the idea of... His dad is kinda, not supportive, you know. And sometimes, I feel like, he doesn't really, you know, want to be, well, open. I just... just don't know how he would feel about the idea of gay marriage." He shrugged.

Babs watched him carefully. "There's a way to figure that out you know. We would need to insert a tiny microchip under the skin on the back of his head. I can record his neural output for a period of two weeks, compare the data to scans from Scandinavian research, and put together a profile that will allow us to ascertain, with 95% accuracy, his position on a wide variety of political and social questions, including gay marriage. Or, you could talk to him about it. Whichever seems easier to you."

"How soon can we get the microchip?"

They were still laughing when Tim traipsed over and landed in Dick's lap. "Great party, huh?"

Dick pulled Tim's face down and kissed him. "I've been enjoying the view."

"Have you danced with the happy couple yet?" Tim traced Dick's hairline with his fingertips.

"Well, we had a threesome in the vestibule before the ceremony. It was a little odd, since Donna is kinda like a sister, and I don't like girls, but they told me it was a Atlantean/Amazonian tradition."

Tim leaned back, looking offended. "Why didn't you tell me? I could have videotaped it!"

"You two are a bad influence." Babs shook her head.

Tim laughed. "But Angel's asleep!"

"I meant on me! It's hard enough to resist the urge to videotape and sell friends having sex..."

Dick sighed, shaking his head. "That's it, I'm sweeping the house for bugs again..."

Tim looked over his list one last time. Grocery store, dry cleaners, pick up Angel, go to post office, make dinner... He had an overnight shift in the ER tonight, and Dick was working during the day. He had overslept already, so he was running late. Plus, he had overturned the garbage when he was trying to speed his way out of the kitchen, meaning that he had to waste precious time picking up the trash before leaving.

He just needed to find his car keys...

Ten minutes later, he was throwing open the front door, keys in hand, ready to barrel down the front walk to the car. Except there was someone in his way.

"Dad!" Tim nearly fell on his ass, he was so shocked.

"Hey, Timbo." His dad looked embarrassed to be standing there. "How... how's it going?"

"Um..." Tim tried to figure out why his dad was on their front walk. He hadn't spoken to his dad in nearly three months. The last time he saw him was six months ago, when his dad took him to lunch, trying to convince him not to buy a house in north Bludhaven with his boyfriend. The last time his dad had anything good to say to him was when he finished med school. "Good. Busy. Actually, I was just going out to run some errands..."

"Oh!" Jack Drake looked abashed. "I'm... I'm sorry... I wanted to talk, I should have called, I guess..."

His dad just looked so lost, like a little kid whose best friend just told him that he was moving. "Um... Well, we could make an appointment..."

Tim's father's face snapped up, shock washing over him. "Oh! Um, well, ok, but maybe... maybe I could come with you? If you don't mind? I don't know, I could just tag along..."

Tim stood there. Just stood there, staring at the man who had on countless occasions ignored him, forgot about him, or, his new personal favorite, told him that he was a disgrace for the way he was living his life. "I... guess that's ok."

And so Tim found himself in his car, with his dad, driving to the grocery store, trying to make conversation.

It wasn't easy.

Jack asked Tim about his work. Asked him when he was going to start looking into a private practice. Ignored him when he said that he was going to work at Leslie Thompkin's clinic.

Tim asked Jack about Dana, and he squirmed around before deflecting the question.

Tim raised an eyebrow.

They got to the store, and Tim made a beeline for the carts. He needed to get this done as fast as possible, since he was late.

Jack acted like going to the store was the same as going to an amusement park, sauntering down the aisles, and picking up random products and making jokes. He stopped to have a ten minute conversation in fruits and vegetables with an old lady, complete with pulling Tim to his side and talking about his 'doctor' son.

By the time they were ready to leave the store, Tim was fuming. It had taken twice as long as it should have, Jack had insulted Tim's food selections, asking him if being a doctor necessarily meant becoming a rabbit, and managed to insult Dick twice somehow.

Getting the bags into the trunk, Tim decided that there wasn't enough time to go to the dry cleaners before picking up Angel.

"Dad... Look, I've got to go pick up Angel from school. Do you want me to drop you off at the house so you can get your car."

Jack looked up at him, startled. He had been having a great time with his son. Why was Tim so aggravated? "Who's Angel?"

Tim ground his teeth. "Dick's daughter, Angel. I've got to get her from school. Do you want...?"

"Ha! Is he using you as a nanny now? That's convenient for him, get some girl pregnant and then use his gay lover as a nanny..."

Tim squeezed the steering wheel until he was sure it would break in his hands, driving towards home again. "I've told you this before. Many times. Dick donated sperm for his friend, Barbara Gordon. I knew that before I got involved with him. So, when we get home..."

"Oh, right, I forgot... No, I can go with you. If that's all right. I wanted to spend time with you, so the trip doesn't bother me."

Rather than admit that the trip would bother him, Tim headed for the nearest expressway. Angel's school was in Gotham.

"Where is her school, anyway?"

"Gotham, not far from the expressway."

"Nice," Jack sputtered with a laugh.


"Well... You have to work tonight, right? And you are out driving over hell's half acre doing his errands. A nice arrangement he's got."

"Dad..." Tim sped up. They were running late. He could explain that they shared the errands, that he had yesterday off and chose to put everything off until today because he wanted to sleep in, that Dick had been chasing the Scarecrow most of the last week during the night, which meant that the last few days he had been trying to shake off the effects of the scare powder he'd come in contact with, that Dick's partner was on vacation, meaning that he was pretty much the only decent cop of rank higher than peon on the force. He could explain even a part of that, but it wouldn't matter. Tim knew his dad had made up his mind about Dick when he first introduced him as his boyfriend. "Look, forgive me for being blunt but... What are doing here? I didn't think spending time with me was ever a high priority for you."

Jack turned to his son, hurt. "Tim... You are a priority. I'm sorry that you don't know that."

"Seriously, dad, I haven't seen you in months and you just show up and want to hang out... What gives? And how is Dana? You dodged that before, you aren't getting divorced, are you?"

Jack sucked in a breath. He didn't know his son was so perceptive. "Well... not yet. We're in counseling. Our counselor thinks that part of my problem is that I keep people distant... Anyway, we started talking about you, and my relationship with you, and Dana pointed out that it had been a while since I had any contact, so the counselor thought it would be a good idea for me to start mending fences and forging bridges or some such psycho babble claptrap."

"So I'm a therapy assignment. That makes sense," Tim muttered.

Jack looked at him askew. "I'm sorry? I didn't hear you."

"Never mind. I, uh, hope you guys work it out."

"Thanks. Me too."

There was silence for a minute, until Jack started in again about Tim running Dick's errands, and didn't he have to work tonight, and shouldn't the man look after his own daughter, why was he dragging you into it...

Tim imagined all the different ways he could render his father unconscious to pass the time.

He finally pulled up to the school, in the line up with all the other parents. He got out of the car as fast as he could and walked up to where the parents waited for the kids to come out. Since he was running late, he didn't have to wait long.

"Tiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmy!!!" Angel burst out of school like a bat out of hell, which Tim had actually seen on three separate occasions.

"Angel!" He caught her as she leaped into his arms and swung her around five times until he got dizzy. She wrapped her little body around him, hugging him tightly.

"Look! I got an A on my test! Mommy said if I studied I could do it, and I did!" Her bright blues eyes were shining with joy and pride. It made his chest hurt, looking into those eyes, her father's eyes.

"Good for you, sweetie!" He kissed her forehead, making a popping noise as he pulled away. "I knew you could do it!"

"I wanna put this on my daddy's refrigerator. With a magnet. Do you think he'd like that?"

"I know he would. You know your daddy is always proud of you..."

"Who's that man?" Angel pointed at his father, her head tilted so her pretty black hair spilled over her shoulder.

"That's my father, Angel. He's come to spend the day with me. Dad, this is Angel."

Jack shuffled and fidgeted. The only child he had ever, in his adult life, had any real contact with was Tim. And he had grown up so fast... Reaching his hand out to take Angel's fingers, he said, "Pleased to meet you, Angel."

She smiled, brightly, then turned to Tim. "If he's your daddy, then he's my grandpa, right?"

Jack turned bright red, and Tim laughed, puffing up with pride. "Well... sort of. Not really, though, cuz you and I aren't really related."

"Silly Timmy. Of course we are! Hi Grandpa!" She turned her dazzling smile onto Jack.

Tim managed to hold in his laughter.

When Angel was buckled into the back seat and everyone was in the car again, Tim headed for the 'haven.

"Are we gonna get ice cream?" Angel swung her little legs, lightly bumping the back of Jack's seat.

"We don't need ice cream, sweetie, we have some at home."

"Pleeeeeease, Timmy? I got an A on my test!"

"Oh, well, since you got an A..." Tim was smiling brightly.

He ignored his father, red faced and looking confused, next to him.

They went to Tim's favorite ice cream place in Tricorner, Tim and Jack argued over who would pay, Jack made a snarky comment on how Tim would need his help if he wanted to work at a free clinic and be supported by a cop, and they all piled back in the car.

Even Angel couldn't completely brighten the atmosphere with Jack there.

Even if Jack did turn red every time she called him Grandpa, which was a lot.

"Grandpa, do you want to see the picture I drew?"

"Grandpa, what do you do for a living?... How do you save people's lives doing that?"

"Grandpa, how come I've never met you before?"

Each question turned Jack's face red, got him to sputter for a minute, and then answer.

His answer to her last question made Tim grind his teeth again.

"Because I'm not your Grandpa, Angel."

"Of course you are, you're Timmy's dad."

"But Tim isn't your dad, Angel."

Tim gritted his teeth, and gripped the steering wheel tightly. And nearly swerved into traffic. He knew he wasn't her father. She knew that. Why did he have to point it out?

"Of course he's not my daddy, he's Timmy." Angel scoffed, sounding as if Jack must be very simple not to understand.

"Grandpa, where do you live?"

Tim somehow managed to drive them to the dry cleaners (who got Dick's uniform clean, but put a hole in his cashmere sweater, which Jack naturally had to comment on) and to the post office (where Jack loudly complained about everything until even Angel got tired of talking to him) without killing his father.

It was a challenge.

When they got home, Angel immediately went to start doing her homework in front of the tv.

"He shouldn't let her do that, you know. He should regulate her better."

Tim wanted to scream, as he put the groceries away, and set out the dinner fixings. "She does well in school, her study habits aren't a problem. And it was her mother that said it was ok for her to watch tv while studying."

"Does she stay here with you often?"

"As often as her mother will let her..."

"Isn't that inconvenient with your work?"

Tim gritted his teeth. He was going to need to see the dentist tomorrow. "Of course not. I love taking care of her. She's like..." He didn't want to say 'like a daughter to me.' Even if it were true. "A breath of fresh air on a rainy day."

Jack shook his head. "How much did you pay for this place, anyway? Your townhouse in Tricorner was much nicer."

Tim ignored him as he got the pasta boiling.

"Did you pay for this place? And why did you move to Bludhaven, anyway? A flatfoot can live anywhere... He should be in the GCPD, I've heard things about the Bludhaven police..."

"Dad! Dick is not without resources. Actually, he has a lot more money than you do! And he isn't a flatfoot, he's very dedicated..."

"If he's so well-off, why is he working as a cop? Is he slumming or something?"

Tim sloshed the sauce in the pan, setting the scallops to poach. "No. He believes in justice. He wants to dedicate himself to serving and protecting..."

Jack snorted. "He's a dreamer. Great. Look, when you decide to leave him..."


"Did I tell you that I ran into your ex last week? What was her name... Stephanie? If I remember correctly, she was sort of a trouble maker when she was young, but she's really grown up well, Tim, and she's a lawyer. Wait, I got her phone number for you..."

"You..." Tim was seeing red. "You got her phone number for me?? I'm living with someone, dad! I've been with Dick for years now! Why can't you accept it?"

"Why can't I accept that my son is throwing his life away for some pretty boy cop? I don't know. I just know that until you started to hang out with him, you were perfectly normal."

Tim wanted to laugh out loud. Actually, his father was exactly right, he just didn't know it. Until he met Dick Grayson when he was 13, he was perfectly normal. No, wait, when he met Dick the first time, in the circus, he had been perfectly normal. That was when his lover had changed his life irrevocably. It also made him so mad and so dejected to know that his dad didn't really know him at all. "Dad... Why are you even here? Are you going to go into therapy next and say you spent quality time with your son, so check that off the list of tasks? What was the point of this little exercise, when you won't even try to relate to me?"

"I don't have any trouble relating to you, Tim! I just have never been able to understand why you have chosen to be with this... this man. You were on track, you were focused... and then one day, you came home and said you were in love with... with... some guy, and it's like... you've totally forgotten about yourself, and devoted your life to him!"

"I have! I love Dick, dad, and if I've devoted my life to him, it's because I want to! I know you won't believe me, but he's done the same for me."

"I don't believe you. I think he's just twisted you around his little finger, and got you jumping through hoops, and I wish you could see it! He has you changing your career path, running errands for him, raising his child! He's got you living your life for him, and what changes has he made for you? Has he moved to Gotham to be with you? Has he gotten a safer job with more reasonable hours, maybe a 401K plan, for you? Anything?"

"Dad, Dick is my life, and I'm his. He's the man I'm going to marry, so if you have a problem with him, or the life we've chosen to live together, than you have a problem with me, and maybe we should just accept that these little therapeutic exercises are futile." Tim's voice was all hard-edged steel and deadly promise. Bruce would have been proud of him.

Jack just sagged back against the counter, his eyes wide and shocked. He couldn't think of anything to say to his son's ultimatum, or his declaration. When had everything gotten so far away from him?

That's when the sauce started to boil up in messy, red bubbles, and the water for the pasta sloshed over the edge of the pot.

Angel slid away from the kitchen, unnoticed by either man. She wanted to try and get some candy, or maybe a cookie before dinner. Timmy was really good at letting her get away with stuff like that.

But now she needed to think.

"Honey! I'm ho~ome!" Dick chuckled. He loved that joke. "Heya Timmy, how was your day?" Walking into the kitchen, "You won't believe who I ran into today..." He stopped short when he saw Jack Drake sitting at the table, his chin on his knuckles.

Tim was setting dinner in its various bowls for serving.

"Oh! Hi, Mr. Drake. I didn't know you were coming for dinner tonight..." He frantically looked to Tim, hoping to find some explanation.

Tim looked mad.

"Hi, Dick. I'm not staying for dinner... Actually, I have to get back to Gotham, Dana will be expecting me... It was... good to spend the day with you, Tim." Jack stood and turned to his son.

Tim narrowed his eyes slightly. "Sure. Nice to see you." Then he turned back to dinner.

"Daddy!!!! I got an A on my test! Look, I put it on the refrigerator with a magnet!!" Angel launched herself at her father, jumping off from both feet as she neared him. He gamely caught her when she was at waist-height, and twisted the momentum to spin her around and flipped her over his head.

Once a circus brat, always a circus brat.

Angel squealed with delight, finally landing in her father's arms, giggling madly.

"I got an A on my test and Timmy picked me up and got me ice cream and Grandpa came with us and I almost finished my homework..."

"Grandpa?" Dick interrupted her with a quick kiss to the forehead.

"Yeah! Timmy's daddy! Can I play video games tonight?" She batted her big blues at him, coyly.

He laughed. Grandpa. That was perfect, too perfect in too many ways... "We'll see, baby doll. You go and get washed up for dinner, ok?"

"Ok!!" And she was off and running.

"That's quite a bundle of energy you have there." Jack stared, dazed, after Angel.

"She's the light of my life," Dick spoke with unbridled affection.

"Do you get to spend enough time with her?" Jack's voice was a bit too shrewd for Dick's liking.

"Well, since I don't get to spend 24 hours a day with her, 365 days a year, then no." He crossed his arms over his chest and matched Jack's gaze.

"Dad, don't you have to meet Dana...?" Tim reminded almost kindly.

"Oh, yeah, well, good to see you Tim, and Dick..." Jack floundered.

"Um, well, it's good to see you, too, Mr. Drake." Dick scratched the back of his head. His lover's father was not someone that he was likely to win over with a smile or a joke. He had already learned that too many times. So, that left him with Alfred's manners, and nothing else. "I'm sorry that you can't stay longer. Maybe you and Mrs. Drake could come for dinner some time?"

Jack turned to look at the man who had taken his son from him. Dick Grayson was tall, his thick black hair messily pushed back from his eyes. His suit was plain and worn-looking, as appropriate for a detective. He was so... undeserving.

"That sounds nice. We'll... be in touch. Good luck."

Dick showed him out, puzzling over what he needed luck with.

Coming back into the kitchen, he decided to guess that Jack was referring to his son. "So, I guess I don't need to ask how your day was, huh?"

Tim turned to put an arm around Dick's waist, kissing him lightly. "No, you don't."

Dick kissed him, squeezing. "Anything I can do to help?"

Tim shrugged. "I just have to set the table. Get changed, and I'll be ready."

Dick knew that Tim knew that wasn't what he meant, so he went back to their room to change with only another soft kiss to let Tim know he loved him.

He hadn't noticed that Angel had followed him in there, so he had his jacket and tie off, and his shirt unbuttoned, before he saw her, standing pensively, her arms behind her back.

"Angel-baby. What's wrong?" He sat on the bed, holding his arms out so that she would come sit on his lap.

She adjusted herself to her liking, and looked up at her father. Bursting out, "I want to be the flower girl! Can I be the flower girl? Please?"

"Flower girl?" Dick looked confused.

"When you and Timmy get married. You should have told me that you were getting married, but that's ok. I want to be the flower girl. Please?"

'Dammit, Babs, if you've been talking about this in front of her...' Dick thought to himself. "What makes you think that Timmy and I are getting married, baby?" He tried not to sound all interrogate-y.

"I heard Timmy tell Grandpa. He said you were the man he was gonna marry. Please, I should be the flower girl." She gave him her best sad eyes.

Dick's mind went into a nosedive. "Oh, sweetie... What other little girl do you think we'd have for the flower girl? I mean, we know a lot of sweet little girls, but you are definitely the prettiest! Of course you would be the flower girl. And don't get mad at me for not telling you... We haven't told anyone yet." 'Even each other,' he thought to himself.

With a kiss, he set her down.

"Now, go and let daddy get dressed. And don't say anything to Timmy about being flower girl. I want to tell him, ok?"

"Ok, daddy!!" And off she went.

Dick stared at the wall, lost in thought.

Tim finished setting the table, and sat down. He started doling out the food, wondering if he would be able to get any sleep before he had to go do his rotation. Being a resident sucked, but it had to be done. Working nights was the worst, especially when his schedule bounced around, but he had relied on his fellow residents too many times not to be helpful when Perez came to him, asking to switch with him. Going to the counter to get the asparagus from the vegetable steamer, he rolled his neck around, trying to loosen out his muscles.

Strong fingers and thumb dug into his shoulders and neck, rolling his flesh around and melting his tension.

"Aahoohee. That's nice, really nice." He leaned back to brush his body against Dick's.

"Mm. I'm glad. I'm sorry that your day was so... stressful. Let me... de-stress you." Dick was purring in his ear.

"Ooh, ok, if you insist..."

Tim was turned around to have Dick's mouth open his, their kiss burning away all unpleasant thoughts and filling him with pleasant thoughts. Rubbing his face against Dick's neck, he breathed in deeply the scent of the man that he loved so passionately.

Opening his eyes, he had to take a step back. And a deep breath. And he had to grip the counter behind him to keep from getting too weak to stand.

Dick was wearing the leather pants that Tim loved, the really tight ones that fit low enough to just barely reveal a few tantalizing hairs at the waistband. On the top, he had that black silk shirt that looked as if it were poured over his body, with only a few of the buttons done up. He was barefoot, and his hair was slightly wet and mussed.

Tim shook with the need to ravage his lover until their blood superheated and burned the flesh off their bones.

Dick grinned.

"So, Tim, have we set the date yet?"

Tim swallowed. Then he swallowed again. Then he swallowed again. Then he processed the words from Dick's mouth. Then he thought about Dick's mouth. Then he swallowed again.


Dick bowed his head, almost blushing. "For the wedding. Were you going to tell me, or was it going to be a surprise wedding? Because those rarely turn out the way one would expect..."


Dick leaned down to nip gently at Tim's neck. "Angel told me... That you told your dad... That we were getting married. I was pretty sure that I would have remembered being asked, but that's ok. Do we have a date in mind, yet, or are we going to just wing it?"

Tim leaned into his lover, and then panic set in. "Oh my God! Dick, I...! I'm sorry, I was just, it slipped out, I didn't know...!"

Dick smiled, leaned in and kissed Tim into next week.

Their lips separated slowly, neither wanting to part. "So, wanna get hitched?" Dick whispered softly into Tim's mouth.

Tim surged up to hug Dick tightly, rocking back and forth with happiness. "Sure, why not? You got that sweet ass..."

Dick laughed, and spun Tim around as if he were Angel.

Who was standing and watching them, her head tilted, her hair spilling, and her smile bright.

"Hey, daddy, if you and Timmy are gonna be kissing, can I have dinner in front of the tv?" She asked sweetly.

He looked at his daughter, amused. "Sure, baby doll. Get yourself a juice box, and be careful, ok?"

"Ok, daddy!!" Angel bounced around, getting her plate and her juice box, and then they could hear the loud sounds of cartoons from the family room.

Tim couldn't help it, he just started laughing, nearly hysterically.

Dick raised an eyebrow at him.

"It's just... this has been such an awful day! I overslept, I spilled the garbage, I had to spend it with my dad... And now, I need to remember this day for the rest of my life, cuz this is the day that we got engaged!"

Dick held Tim to him tightly, wanting so much to make his love happy. "We have enough time before you have to go in to make this day more... memorable, right?"

Tim's eyes went dark and bright. "We're pretty good at making time, aren't we?" He grinned.

Dick grinned back. "We are, yes we are..."

"So, who asked who? Who gets to be the one that proposed?" Tim grinned up, his head tilted to the side.

Dick laughed, hugging Tim tighter to himself. "I don't know. I guess I was the one who actually asked..."

"But I'm the one who mentioned it first and got the ball rolling..."

"But I'm the one who took that ball and played with it..."

"Well, I'm pretty good with playing with balls too..."

Tim sat in his fiance's lap, feeding him as he was fed, and joking and kissing and teasing each other, until it was time to ignore the plates and dishes and go back to the bedroom for some playing and celebrating.

Angel bounced happily on the family room floor.

She was gonna be the flower girl!