title: Hungry
fandom: Harry Potter
characters/pairings: vamp!Harry/Draco
rating: Teen
warnings: implied violence
summary: Harry needs to feed. Draco has no problem with that.
notes: for dragynville, for Mother's Day. *snugs* follows another vamp!Harry/Draco fic, the Simple Life. goodness, i'm sorry for the shortness, and the suckage... i hope it's ok...

"I'm hungry, Draco."

"Patience, pet."

A soft growl.

A shiver.

A blade cutting flesh.



"I'm hungry!"

"I know, I know..."


"Please, what? Please you? Scum."

A snarl, a hiss.

"Be careful now. My pet doesn't like it when I'm disrespected. And he's hungry..."

"Oh, god..."

"There is no god, you maggot. Now. Tell me."

"I don't... god... I don't know..."


A ring.

"Yes? Yes...? Good. About time. Expect to see me in the morning."

A click.

"Well, Harry, this is your night. We found her."

"No! Oh, god, no, please, don't hurt her!"

"She's already dead, you worthless fuck. Now, Harry..."

A growl. A scream. A squishing sounds. A murmur. A death rattle.


A hiss.



"Don't ever call me 'pet' again. And I said I was hungry!"

A pounce. A cry, a laugh. A groan, a moan.

"Harry! Wash your mouth out first!"

A snarl.

"I'm hungry."

A purr.