title: His Place
fandom: Demon Diary
characters/pairings: Eclipse/Raenef
rating: G/Teen
warnings: bloodplay/vampirism
summary: Eclipse is driven by the moon to indulge an appetite. (Bloody Kisses Ficlet)
notes: for boko, for the Bloody Kisses Ficlet Giveaway. *mwah*!!

Pale, cold moonlight illuminated the hall. Eclipse stopped for a moment, and leaned back, pressing his shoulder blades against the wall, dipping his head back. A full moon stared down at him, goading him. In the back of his throat, there was such painful, unquenchable thirst. His fingernails dug into the wall, barely scratching the smooth marble. He closed his eyes, and willed the fever in his blood to abate.

An image swam before his unseeing vision. Raenef, all bright smiles and sprightly manner, looking up at him with unchecked trust and affection.

Eclipse nearly bit his tongue in frustration.

Were it not for these few weaknesses, Eclipse would be a demon lord in his own right, but he had been kept in place by a well-placed incantation, thus ensuring his loyalty and service to Raenef the Fourth. His former master had always been too adept at incantations for anyone else's good. Monthly feedings with the imposing Raenef the Fourth had always been demoralizing reinforcements of the proper place of masters and servants.

The very idea of sinking his teeth into the fair, supple skin of Raenef the Fifth, however, inflamed and excited Eclipse in ways he was sure was not permitted.

He gnashed his teeth together, feeling the elongated fangs cutting into his gums. His own bitter blood filled his mouth, and he nearly gagged on the taste. He spat out the vile fluid, willing the moon to look away and end his torment. He would have pierced his own heart with a wooden stake were he not bound to protect his master.


At first, he did not respond, because he thought the voice was just a conjured torture of his addled brain. But when he opened his eyes, the clear, concerned eyes of Raenef were fixed upon him. "Master Raenef. What... What are you doing up at such a late hour?" As a matter of fact, it was actually quite early in the night for a demon, but Raenef was rarely up later than ten o'clock.

Raenef blinked, and cocked his head to the side. "I couldn't sleep, so I went for a walk. And then... Well, I got a little lost, I suppose." He smiled brightly, his eyes closing involuntarily in an unconsciously innocent gesture.

Eclipse dug his fingernails into his palms to keep from grabbing Raenef right there in the hallway. "Do you need another lesson in navigating the castle, my lord?"

Raenef blushed.

Eclipse bit his lip, trying to keep himself under control. His young master was never more radiant than when he blushed, like a bride awaiting her debauchery. His fangs sliced open his lip, and a trickle of red blood oozed down his chin.

"Eclipse!" Raenef rushed to his side, brushing away the drops of blood. "My gosh, what's wrong with your teeth?"

Eclipse stared down at his master, unable to believe that a demon lord had just uttered the phrase 'my gosh.' He took a deep breath to steady himself. "Remember, my lord, you just think of where you want to go, and you are there. Do not concern yourself with the welfare of your underlings; it is unseemly."

Raenef appeared to sober, and by the way that he was concentrating, Eclipse assumed with relief that he was going to heed Eclipse's words. It was a foolish assumption, but Eclipse had not been aware that Raenef had mastered the art of concentration enough to transport someone with him to his destination. They now stood just as they had in the hallway, with Raenef too close to Eclipse, his slim fingers clutching Eclipse's sleeve, but they were in Raenef's bedroom.

The billowing curtain of silk over the bed wafted gently in the breeze, almost inviting the occupant to settle into the mass of silk and pillows within its embrace. The only illumination was a single candle, flickering on the bedside table, and a bar of light from the unforgiving moon that stretched out over the bed sheets and drifted onto the floor. It was as if the whole room was designed to draw in the sense, to tantalize and delight.

"Eclipse, I'm worried about you."

The naked concern, the gentle fingers on his hand, the moon, the damnable room, it all engulfed him all at once. Eclipse imagined Raenef pressed against the silk sheets, his naked body thrashing as Eclipse pushed him down, as he tasted his flesh, Raenef's pale, shining hair falling about his shoulders, sticking to his forehead as the heat soaked his brow with sweat.

He had his master in his arms before he knew it. Raenef was so small and fragile, encompassed inside his arms entirely, his own treasure to have and to hold. Raenef gasped, his startled eyes so crystal clear and trusting, and if Eclipse had wanted to stop, he would have been powerless to do so.

"I'm sorry," he gasped, but Raenef had no time to question him. He sank his teeth into Raenef's frail neck, and sucked hard on the sweet, pure blood that poured forth. It was intoxicating and powerful, in a way his former master's blood had never been. Raenef the Fourth's blood had been like metallic ash, a binding leash that choked his throat as it seeped into his stomach. But this blood... this was wine and honey and dusk brought to life. This invigorated and enlivened, and gave Eclipse hope.

"Oh!" Raenef could no longer cling to his servant's shoulders, his arms going lax. Eclipse pulled away quickly, in time to watch Raenef's eyes roll back into his head. He scooped Raenef into his arms, and quickly settled him into the bed. With the hot rush of fresh, potent blood chasing through him, he felt as though he were moving in double time. Raenef's face was nearly white as a sheet, and his limbs were like jelly. He groaned, rolling over on his side.

The blood on his neck was bright and wet. He looked utterly defiled.

Eclipse pressed his hand to the wound, muttering incantations under his breath, and funneling energy through his body. It healed with remarkable ease, the power flowing through him fluidly. He had never felt more powerful.

Raenef cracked open one eye. He smiled up at Eclipse, touching his hand to the hand on his neck. He tried to speak, but the words would not come. He drifted off into gentle sleep.

But he did not release his grip on Eclipse's hand, keeping his servant at his side all through the night.