title: Help
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Heero/Duo
rating: G
warnings: Heero can be a psycho
summary: Duo offers his help.
notes: for Kraken, a belated Mother's Day ficlet. *hugs*

There was a hawk circling high above. Heero considered shooting it down, but he didn't really want to do that; the sound might attract a sportsman in the area, for one thing, and the hawk might be from a different species than he was thinking, so he might be misjudging the altitude of the shot. He watched it fly away - its lucky day.

He turned his attention back to his Gundam. Wing had taken some damage, and he'd burnt out the entire port array. He had some spare parts, but it was going to take some fancy wiring to get this back into order. He looked across the clearing, to the other downed Gundam. Even in the open like this, Deathscythe evaded the eye somewhat, appearing smaller than it was. It was the black outer armor. A luxury, perhaps, but it worked. Duo knew how to play to his machine's strengths, and make it work. Impressive.

Heero wondered if Duo had any spare parts, or, if he could snatch some from Deathscythe again. After all, he was going to have a scar on his thigh forever. He didn't see Duo anywhere, but that didn't mean anything. He could be on the ground, below Heero's line of sight.

"How's it going, buddy?"

It could also mean that he was right behind him. Heero was prepared for anything. He ignored Duo, and went back to his work.

"Man, you did a number on this! Look at that... hey, what does that do? Is that for the saber?"

Heero ground his teeth. Duo was... friendly, surprisingly so for someone who had shot him. Heero was inclined to be distrustful of Duo, because of his injury, but he was never able to fully pull it off. The other boy confused the hell out of Heero, to tell the truth. He was unlike Heero in every way, but he was still effective in his job.

He fascinated Heero, though Heero would never say.

Duo crouched down next to Heero, picking up a spanner. "You know, you don't have enough parts to redo the whole array, but I think if you... yeah, let me try something, ok?" Duo stuck his hand down the hole and started to unhook some of the cables and reorder the array.

Heero's vision went red. It was part of the training; no one touched your Gundam and lived. End of story. Heero had his gun out before he knew what he was doing, the barrel pressed to Duo's temple. Duo was watching him, clinically, but his hands were still at work. "Get your hands off my Gundam." His finger was trembling, just a bit, a millimeter back and forth. He needed for Duo to back away slowly. He did not want to be holding a gun to Duo's head. If he squeezed the trigger...

Duo's face went blank, but his hands kept working. "Relax. Everything's ok. We're on the same team; your orders don't apply to me. I want to help."

Heero growled, his finger nervously moving over the trigger. "Duo! Damn it, back away from the control panel."

"Look," Duo said calmly. "I can reroute secondary and tertiary functions through the aft array, take primaries offline, and use the remaining parts you have as a bank to prevent overload. And if I modify a few circuits, I can even reduce the load on your systems, thus making it more efficient. It will work, but it will be a pain in the ass if we have to remove the whole panel to do it, and my arms are skinnier and longer than yours. Let me help you."

Heero wanted to put the gun away. He wanted to let Duo have his way. He knew it made sense, it was logical. It was Duo. "Work. Fast."

Duo maintained eye contact for a heartbeat, smiling slightly as he realized that Heero wasn't going to lower his gun. He went to work, his fingers moving quickly over the control boards, switching out parts and cables with precision and ease.

Heero watched, his gun steady. He admired the intuitive way that Duo went through it. He'd had to memorize almost 7,000 pages of technical manuals and relevant texts in order to be competent for in-mission repairs. Duo just seemed to understand how the machine worked.

"There!" Duo pulled back, grinning wildly at Heero. "Done! Want to run a diagnostic to be sure?"

Heero slowly lowered his gun, picked up the test box, and ran a check of the systems. As Duo had predicted, not only had he patched a repair over the system, but he'd improved performance by 27%. Heero grunted. "Acceptable."

Duo laughed. "Thanks, buddy." He stood up, somehow landing a kiss on Heero's cheek as he did. "Nice workin' with you, Heero, as always. You surely know how to get a boy's blood pumping!"

Heero watched Duo loaf off, jumping over the side of the Gundam jauntily.

Perplexing. Paradoxical. Persistent.

Duo would require a great deal more study, Heero decided.