title: Guardian
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: attempted Ra's/Dick, Bruce, Talia
rating: Teen
warnings: attempted underaged rape
summary: Robin's in a bad spot....
notes: i really thought i could avoid darklady's Waste of Time challenge. really! i mean, ra's isn't my favorite character, and i really don't wanna think about him having sex. ever. he's just... old and creepy. totally not sex worthy. but my stupid brain... i am such a challenge whore.

Ra's sighed to himself, content as usual with the perfection of his plans. His daughter had the detective occupied across town, leaving the delectable little bird all alone, ripe for the pickings.

Honestly, if the detective truly cared for his protégé as he claimed to, he wouldn't leave him to patrol alone when any supergenius with a nefarious plan could entrap him.

Ra's grinned down at his trapped prey. Especially would not leave his sweet little bird alone in those tight, sweet shorts and the pale tights clinging to his supple legs...

Robin's hands and feet were bound, and he was spread out like Christmas dinner. He tried to struggle, but the muscle relaxant Ra's had injected him with was already hindering him. Beneath the green mask, Dick was sweating. He didn't know what horrific plan Ra's was hatching, but he was sure that it didn't bode well for Bruce...

Not to mention the fact that the way the much older man was looking him over was giving him the willies. Did Ra's just lick his lips?

The ancient protector of the Earth's ecosystems could barely contain his glee. Robin was here... ready... waiting... He could not stay his hand a moment longer. He placed his palm gently on the boy's stomach, sighing. "Ah, my young friend, the detective has trained and toned you well. But I wonder... How far has your training gone? How much have you... still to learn?"

With a grin that could only be described as predatory, Ra's let his hand slip down further, further still, until he held Robin's package in the palm of his hand, squeezing slightly.

Robin wanted to panic, but his slack body wouldn't allow him anything more than a half-hearted attempt at shuddering as he moaned in fear. He knew that Batgirl was out of town this week, and Bruce was at a social dinner until at least eleven... With no cavalry in sight, Dick could only pray that Ra's would change his mind, or have a heart attack, or turn into a bed of begonias...

Ra's let out a breathy laugh at Robin's futile attempts at resistance. Sliding his hand over Robin's delicates again, he shivered in pleasure with the sensation, the heat, and the weight in his palm, the sweat on the boy's neck, the way his shoulders spasmed as he rubbed harder...

He did not notice the hair-thin wire that snapped under the pressure of his fingers...

Twenty miles away in a discrete, romantic restaurant, Talia leaned forward to smile at an impeccably appointed Bruce, revealing the creamy curve of her cleavage. Just as she was about to breathe something seductive and witty...

A tiny alarm went off in Bruce's Rolex. Frowning, he looked down at his watch, adjusting a few dials until he could turn off the noise.

Frowning deeply, Bruce stood up abruptly. "I'm sorry, but there's an emergency. I'll have to go."

Talia watched in stuttering shock as Bruce sped off without so much as offering to leave something to cover the check.

Ra's slid off the last of his clothes, stretching, gloriously naked, as he stood over Robin. Dick kept his eyes closed, shuddering motionlessly as he tried desperately not to think of what was going to happen.

Ra's sighed as he looked down on the trembling boy. He was so beautiful and pure... Ra's couldn't wait to plunder him. Just as he was running a finger down Robin's cheek, however, he was hit on the forehead by a batarang.

When he blearily got up again, a sheet half-covering him as he pushed the lube he obviously fell on off his chest, he could just barely see Batman walking away behind him.

"It appears... this has been a disappointing evening, for myself and for my daughter. You have eyes I did not anticipate, Detective."

Batman paused for just a moment, not turning. "I always keep an eye on the really important things, Ra's. If I thought there was a jail that could hold you, I'd throw you in one. If I could beat you, and not have you just dip into the power of the Lazarus pit, I would leave you with a mark to remember the occasion by. As it is, I trust that you will remember... There are some places where your hands are not allowed." Ra's was ready to leap up and continue the fight against the detective, but he found his limbs surprisingly slow to respond. That's when he noticed the spent syringe at his knee.

Outside in the batmobile, Robin snuggled into the batblanket as Batman slipped in. Still sluggish as the antitoxin did its work, Robin had to concentrate to turn a grateful smile to his mentor. "Man, Bruce... Thanks so much. I don't think I've ever been so scared... Or so traumatized. It's gonna take a while to get the image of naked old man outta my head."

Batman nodded soberly. "I'm just glad that I got there in time, chum."

Just starting to shake a little, Robin nodded. "And to think how many times I argued with you about putting in those chastity guards. How many times I swore that you were just being all overprotective and freakish. But man! I'll never complain again!"

Batman smiled. "I just want to protect you, chum."

Robin shook his head absently. "Of course, most of the time, it just goes off when Roy and I are, uh, goofing off in the Tower... If I had a nickel for every time you've busted in there, ready to fight off whoever was attacking me, I'd be as rich as you! But tonight..."

It was real work for the Batman to keep the self-satisfied smirk off his lips. "You see, chum, I'm always just trying to do what's best for you. Even when you don't believe me, it's true..."

*sweats* well... that was supposed to be funny, i think, but it ended up kinda angsty and weird. oh well, it is weird pairing time too! ^_^