title: For Him
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: implied Clark/Dick, Martha Kent
rating: G
warnings: overdecorating
summary: Clark prepares for a special Christmas.
notes: finally answering my own challenge. =p 21 minutes allowed, total. ^_~ and whoosh! got in just under the wire. *g*

He floated above the house, looking for any uncovered spots. The lights seemed pretty well done, although certainly nothing to compare with Wayne Manor, he was sure. He wondered if maybe he had overdone it; maybe it was too much? Or maybe he should do the chimney after all...?

There was certainly enough evergreen overhanging the porch, and inside, he had draped every surface with evergreen or holly or pots of poinsettias. The tree was more beautiful than it had been in Clark's memory, though he was sure it was nothing special, really.

Maybe if he made one last run to the hardware store, he could get enough lights to do the front walk...

"Clark, honey, come down from there before the neighbors see you," Martha Kent chastised gently.

Clark floated down, blushing. "Sorry, Ma. I just... I just want everything perfect, you know?"

"I know, dear," Martha smirked. "That's why the house smells like a Christmas tree lot."

Clark's eyes widened in fear. "It's not too much, is it? Because I just want everything to be..."

"Perfect." She laughed. "This friend of yours must be someone really special."

Clark suddenly couldn't look at his mother. "You know... my friend... is a little more than a friend."

She smiled gently at him. "I know, dear. People rarely light up their parent's house brighter than a landing strip unless they are trying to impress a special someone."

He blushed deeper, shuffling the toe of his work boot into the snow. "And... my friend... is a he. Not a she."

Martha bit the inside of her lip to keep from grinning from ear to ear. She took his arm cautiously, so as not to surprise him. "I know, dear."

Clark looked up in surprise. "You know? Does... does Pa know?"

She frowned, slightly. "Yes, he does, and don't go making him feel like some back-country bumpkin about it either. We love you, Clark. If we have no problem with 'alien,' 'gay' sure isn't going to make us stop."

Now he felt just stupid. "He's... he's a bit younger than I am," he said, getting it all out.

She rolled her eyes. "Oh for Pete's... Clark, we read the society page of the Planet. You're with that nice boy from Gotham. And I think you make a wonderful pair."

He flushed with pride, right down to his toes. "I'm glad you think so, Ma... Not everyone does." He didn't mean to grumble at the end, but he couldn't help it.

She patted his arm. "Well, 'everyone' needs an enema, then. Honestly, as if you wouldn't be good for him...!"

"Ma!" He wanted to be scandalized, but help it or not, the image of the Batman getting an enema would keep him cheerful through the New Year.