title: Flavor
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Terry
rating: G/Teen
warnings: impulsive kissage
summary: Terry goes to talk to Dick.
notes: for buggery, for his ficlet on demand. ^_^

He'd kissed him.

He'd kissed him.

He, Terry, had kissed Dick Grayson.

Right on the lips. Even slipped him a little tongue.

He'd kissed him!

The Dick Grayson. He'd known the name for months, but that was it. It was just a name, like specter lurking in the shadows, the tiny flash of light from the corner of your eye that leaves you with the uncertain feeling you are not alone. No one ever told him anything more than a name, and few scant details so sparsely doled out, he couldn't even say he had the flavor of the man.

Max had found the address, although she'd worked on it for nearly six weeks before she slipped through a crack. Hell, she figured out who Batman was in less than a third of that time. He'd gone there with the intention of chewing him out for abandoning everyone; Bruce, Barbara, Tim... Especially Tim. Especially after the whole mess with the Joker.

That had been his intention. Chew the creep out.

He hadn't expected Dick to have startling blue eyes that danced with mirth in response to his anger. He hadn't expected him to have sleek black hair peppered with pure white strands. He hadn't expected him to have a firm handshake that made you want to linger in the greeting. He hadn't expected him to have a sharp, sarcastic wit coupled with a keen pop culture savvy that worked its way naturally into his conversation.

And how was he to know that Dick called Bruce every Sunday morning at 7:48, and that Bruce never answered the phone, but Dick always left a message? How was he to know that Dick had the Batcave bugged, so he could keep tabs on Bruce? No one ever told him anything.

Dick said that he was grateful to Terry. Said that he was glad Terry was there to keep an eye on everyone. Said that he was proud of Terry.

So he'd kissed him. And then bolted.

It had been a nice visit, actually, once he'd gotten over the part where he made a fool of himself. Dick even showed him pictures of all the heroes he had known over the years. He had some... intimate portraits of Tempest and Arsenal that made Terry think of the last time Dana and Max had been cruising the web for herofic.

But he lived alone now. And he was still hot.

So he'd kissed him. So what? It didn't matter that he was a guy. It didn't matter that he was collecting social security. It was just a kiss.

One pervy part of his brain said that now, he was really Batman.

The rest of his brain was busy working out when he could get down to the 'haven next.