title: Fit
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Duo/Wu Fei
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: After a mission, Wu Fei and Duo wait to go home.
notes: for blue lightning, her ficlet on demand, which she wanted to be 200 words exactly. yup. ^_^

It was the worst way to end a mission. Wu Fei and Duo waited for the same passenger aircraft for which 150 civilians waited.

Their clothes were dingy and rumpled, but they were the cleanest clothes they had. Wu Fei had his feet propped up on his bag, and Duo was stretched out into the aisle, so the masses had to move around them. They were unconcerned.

Duo was napping against Wu Fei's shoulder, his braid hanging down between them. Rather than ponder esoteric theories of philosophy, Wu Fei was doing the crossword puzzle. To make it more challenging, he was entering words in code, replacing each letter with the letter that came two ahead of it in the Arabic alphabet. 'Materials for a bridge,' was then 'lmrcq.'

Yawning, Duo cracked his eyes open. He leaned close to Wu Fei, rubbing his cheek against his partner's shoulder. "Twelve down is a-m-d-d-g-l."

Wu Fei grinned. Duo had an ability to read patterns, just as Wu Fei had an ability to impose order.

Wu Fei leaned on Duo, tilting his head to rest against Duo's a little. It was going to be hours before they could get up, and continue on home.