title: Fairy Tale Ending
fandom: Fruits Basket
characters/pairings: Kyo/Tohru/Yuki
rating: G
warnings: kissing
summary: Tohru starts to use her power.
notes: for Kearin, her ficlet on demand. enjoy!

Once again, Yuki was dressed in girl's clothing. He could almost bear that, despite the fact that if he looked in a mirror, he saw a girl instead of a boy. But Kyo was laughing at him. That was bad. Kyo should not be allowed to laugh at him.

Worse, they were putting on the play for the whole school. Everyone in his fan club, female and male, would be front and center, taking his picture and fainting with bliss. That was bad. Worst of all, family was invited to the play. At best, he could hope that only Shigure, Hatori, and his brother would attend, representing the Sohma's. That would be bad, but not nearly as bad as if Akito showed up.

Yuki was secretly making offerings at every shrine in town, hoping that Akito would be too sick to go to the school play.

There was something funny about the casting, Yuki was sure, but Tohru had overseen it herself, so if he questioned the casting, he'd be questioning her, and she would get that look in her eyes that she got whenever she thought she did anything really wrong... Yuki hated that look.

Almost as much as he hated playing the princess to Kyo's prince.

It had been raining for the past three days. The road to Shigure's house was prone to flooding, so Shigure had insisted that they all stay home today. Tomorrow was Sunday, so hopefully by Monday the road would be clear again.

They were pretty much trapped in the house, but that wasn't really a problem. Sure, being stuck in confined quarters with that damned cat was irksome, but Tohru was there, and really, Yuki didn't mind that much.

He didn't think Kyo minded that much, either, but neither of them would be the first to say anything.

Yuki hadn't minded the idea of a quiet day in, but he figured that Kyo would go stir-crazy after the first half hour. At least on rainy days like this, Kyo never had the energy to start fights, but that didn't make him any less cranky. Yuki stayed close to both Tohru and Kyo, just to protect Tohru from Kyo's potential ire.

It had been Tohru's suggestion that they practice the play, just so that they wouldn't be totally wasting the day. She had been in charge of costumes, so she finished up Kyo's jacket and hat so that they could have a real dress rehearsal.

Yuki's dress had been the first costume that Tohru had made, she had been so excited about making it. Yuki was considerably less excited about wearing it.

His brother was going to enjoy watching him far, far, far too much.

Kyo really liked his costume. Of course. He had refused to wear tights, so Tohru had made him leather-looking pants, and a flowing shirt that was open at the chest, revealing dozens of chains of beads. He looked more like a pirate than a prince, but Tohru said he looked all right, so Yuki didn't object.

Actually, he did look rather good, but Yuki sure as hell wasn't going to say that.

They'd gone up to the attic to rehearse, so that Shigure wouldn't be constantly bothering them. Bad enough he would be able to make fun of Yuki after the play, he didn't need to get started extra early. The rain on the roof was as loud as the ocean crashing into a rocky cliff, and the only lights were two small lanterns they had brought up with them.

Tohru and Kyo had helped Yuki into his dress, Tohru blushing madly because Yuki had been undressed in front of her, and Kyo smiling to himself. Then it was Kyo's turn to need help getting dressed, and Tohru was too embarrassed to help out, so Yuki had been the one to tie off the laces at the waist of Kyo's pants.

There was an odd sense of atmosphere crackling between them, which lent an air of intimacy to the experience. Tohru retreated behind the lights of the lanterns, just another shadow in the distance, and Yuki actually felt his palms starting to sweat as he looked across their makeshift stage at Kyo.

They ran through basically the whole play, Tohru calling out the lines of the other players. They cracked each other up doing silly voices, and overplaying the melodramatic scenes. All three knew the whole play by heart at this point, so it was really only the scenes that had just the princess and the prince that were undone. They had practiced the blocking at school, but they hadn't had the costumes done yet, and so it was like they were relearning their scenes.

Yuki had to pretend to be in distress, his eyelashes fluttering while Kyo valiantly fought off adversaries to save the princess. From his vantage point, he got to actually just watch Kyo move through the fight, and he was surprised by how dashing Kyo looked.

It was the damned dress. That was the only explanation.

At the end of the play, there was the wedding scene, and it ended with a kiss. They had not rehearsed this scene as much at school, because they hardly ever had any time left by that point. The director, their teacher, had always glossed over the final scene. They had assumed that they were just going to have to pantomime a kiss, perhaps have Kyo sweep Yuki into his arms and turn them so no one could tell they weren't actually locking lips.

Thus, it was a bit of a shock when Tohru haltingly asked them to play out the end, including a show-stopping kiss.

Well, she didn't use those words, because she was too busy being terribly embarrassed, but they could tell that's what she wanted.

They just stood there, shell-shocked. Over the three years that Tohru had lived with them, they had reached an amicable arrangement. Yuki never interfered with Kyo's time with Tohru, Kyo never interfered with Yuki's time with Tohru, and when Tohru was around, the worked to minimize their fighting. Amicable. Simple.

Tohru was upping the ante, and Yuki suspected that the damned vibe girl was behind it.

He could see in Kyo's eyes that he was blaming the damned yank.

They probably had both conspired against them.

Tohru started to apologize, and if they couldn't see her crestfallen face, they could imagine it. Suddenly, Kyo had Yuki by the shoulders, and they were kissing.

Kissing. They were kissing.

It wasn't supposed to be quite like this, Yuki was sure. It was a school play, after all. He suddenly had a mental image of Akito watching Kyo grope him on stage, and a bubble of mirth popped up inside of him, causing him to relax in Kyo's arms, allowing Kyo to embrace him.

Oh, it was nice... there was no denying that. It was so... liberating, to be free to hold onto the person he was with, to cling to them...

And Kyo wasn't a bad kisser.

Yuki nibbled on Kyo's bottom lip, causing him to groan, shifting his weight so that their bodies were pressed together more. Yuki was aware of a pressure coming from Kyo's hip, and he was almost sure Kyo could feel his from under the weight of his skirt.

It was nice.

Tohru gasped, and they broke apart suddenly. They looked at each other, dazed, as if they had woken up from a dream. It hardly seemed real that they had just kissed each other. They kissed Tohru, not each other!

Tohru made another noise, and they were at her feet in an instant. Yuki took her hand, and Kyo put his arm around her back, and they fussed over her. She had tears in her eyes, and Yuki's heart broke into shards. Gods above, they had hurt her...

She was finally able to stop their apologies with a laugh. She looked from one to the other, her face a mixture of tears and smiles.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... I didn't want to... It's just that... It's just...

"I'm so happy."

And that was that. Tohru was happy. They kissed her cheeks and her hands, careful not to put their arms around her. They looked at each other from the corner of their eyes.

It certainly wasn't without its complications, but what did it matter? She was happy... and, if they were honest, so were they.