title: End of the World
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Duo/Trowa
rating: G
warnings: explosions
summary: Duo and Trowa face the end together, possibly.
notes: a dislocated bit of fluff. ^_^

The whole world was inky darkness flashed with burning red. They had made it to the shelter, just barely, but the world, it seemed, was falling down and exploding all around them, and the shelter was less of the fallout variety and more of the windows rattle when it rains variety.

There were no windows left.

The sky was black, blacker than space, the explosions blinding as they flashed. The ground shook and the shelter trembled.

Duo was sitting on the floor, his back to the door jamb, his hands up by his ears in an emergency posture. At least he wasn't alone, bitter comfort that it was.

Trowa sat near him, but not next to him, and with the world was falling apart, it seemed like a great chasm was between them, much more than just a single kitchen floor tile.

This wasn't how he had imagined his end. There wasn't enough blood.

"Hey, Tro... You gonna die a virgin?"

He didn't think the other man could hear him. He didn't think he could hear himself, even.

Trowa shrugged. "I don't suppose. You?"

Duo blinked. He hadn't expected the question to turn back onto him. He hadn't thought that Trowa cared. "Well... not really, I guess."

Trowa raised a single eyebrow. Duo admired the gentility of the gesture. "Oh?"

Shifting on the floor, Duo looked away, trying to look anywhere that wasn't exploding or Trowa. "I mean... I've... I guess I haven't... Hey, how many times have you done it?"

Trowa smirked. He actually smirked, in the middle of all of this. "Is this some big ruse to get me to talk about all my experience."

Laughing, Duo gestured all around him a bit manically. "Oh, yeah, I arranged for all of this, just so I could get the goods on you. Sorry for the theatrics, and the dying and stuff. But I had to know."

The house rumbled and shook, the whole world flashing bright, and all Duo could see was the red.

He blinked. Everything felt like it was in one piece. He felt pretty solid.

He looked around. Trowa was holding him, pressing them against the wall, which was doing an admirable job of staying up. The shelter seemed to be staying together, but they couldn't last much longer.

"Hey." Trowa's soft voice, right into his ear. "Hey. You ok?"

Duo nodded numbly, still looking around, still assessing. Time was running out. Maybe they should make a break for it...

"Hey." Trowa tapping him on the nose. "Next time you want to know something, just ask."

"Yeah," Duo laughed shakily. "Ok." He nodded. It didn't seem to matter anymore. They were going to die. What difference did it all make? He threw his arms around Trowa's neck, and clung to the other man as tightly as he could. "Sorry. I just... didn't expect to be so scared..."

"Yeah," Trowa mumbled into Duo's ear. "Me neither. But then... I expected to be alone."

"Me, too," Duo sighed, rubbing his face against Trowa's neck.

Trowa pulled him even tighter against his chest, so that Duo felt his ribs might crack under the pressure, but it didn't matter, did it? "Don't give up, yet. After all, I still have designs on your virginity..."

There was laughter through the next blast, as they bounced together on the floor from the force of it. "You should have made your play sooner!" He shouted. "Now we'll both be carrying regrets into the next world!"

"Into hell, you mean," Trowa quietly corrected, and Duo felt transparent beneath his green gaze. Green and red and black, the colors of the end of the world...

"I don't think... This isn't right..."

Trowa took Duo's face into his hands, and pulled him close. Their noses rubbed against each other, and their lips touched, and Duo felt his heartbeat slow down to a gentle thud... thud... thud... as he watched Trowa's eyes.

"Don't give up, yet."

The world was shaking again, and Duo kept his hands on Trowa to keep himself steady.

The air was still tinged, but the sun was shining, and it seemed a whole new world. There was a pressure on his cheek, a tapping just below his eye, and he knew what it was long before he opened his eyes, but he still kept his eyes closed for as long as he could.

There wasn't a part of him that ached, despite the morphine that was stretched too thin between all the patients. The scratchy sheets would be pure white, no doubt, unless he had started to bleed on them again.

It was a whole new world.

Trowa sighed. "Wake up already."

"No," Duo sighed, petulant. "I carried you on my back for two damn miles. Let me sleep."

But he did open his eyes, and he was glad, because he got to see the glowing affection in Trowa's eyes.

"Heero and the others are here."

Duo's eyes flicked to the ceiling, and the circling arms of the fan, which looked about as weary as he felt. "I don't care. I'm sleeping."

"Ok," Trowa smiled, and Duo smiled to hear Trowa's smile.

"Hey," Duo reached up to touch Trowa's hand before it left his face. "You'll stay with me, right?"

He hadn't phrased his question exactly right, he wasn't asking just what he wanted to know, but Trowa must have understood, because he bent down and touched his lips to Duo's, just a flick of his tongue across Duo's parched lips as promise. "I'll be here when you wake up again. Now go to sleep. Rest up. You have to get better. You owe me one virginity."

Duo wanted to laugh, but it hurt too much. He watched Trowa stand up and walk away reluctantly, his face glowing with tired happiness.

He closed his eyes again, and saw neither red nor black but only calming green.