title: Embracing
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Bruce/Dick
rating: Teen
warnings: romance
summary: Friendship, love, and miscommunication. Sequel to First Embrace.
notes: so i didn't think first embrace went over quite as i had expected it to... and someone mentioned a sequel, and my first thought was maybe it was time to take a break, but then i was really bored at work this morning (note to self - writing slash at work is really stressful...) so i wrote this. well, maybe it isn't necessary. it probably doesn't fix things. ah well. it's relatively short...
so this is a good chunk of years after first embrace... in a world of my own making...

Sweat poured off of me 'til I thought I would drown. And then I did. Ah, bliss. His sweat pools at my shoulder where his head rests, mixing with mine to create that cologne I wish I could wear all the time. Bliss. Those corded arms wrap around me, giving me the same promise of security and love they have since I was far too young to love of this depth. Bliss.

Tonight started down in the cave, on the hood of the car, actually, hard and fast and passionate, with a bit of fury in his passion. It's ok, Bruce is always tender, even in his brutality. In his eyes, his release, his tongue, strangely. And I wouldn't be attracted to someone like Bruce if I didn't like to be pounded every once and a while. Afterwards, he led me upstairs, washed me, and made love to be with the depth of his heart. It was enough to kill me, almost.

His sigh on my shoulder, his kisses on my ear, let me know he's not ready for sleep yet. There were some close calls tonight; we've been together long enough for there to be a near-pattern. It's a good time to talk to him, there's no doubt or insecurity in these moments, no holding back, no barriers.

I do have something to say.

"Do you know what I found out today? Tula was never Garth's girlfriend."


"He misunderstood the term the first time he talked about her."

"Huh. Well, that's... but then..."

"Yeah, so apparently, I was the bastard back then." I pause to collect my thoughts, through the haze of pleasure. "Can you imagine? I think the morning after, I said something like 'see you around.' And I avoided him like the plague for months... How I must have hurt him..."

The arms pull me tight, 'til I know he thinks I'll complain. Never. "Do you regret it? Things would be so different..."

I pause to think, the right words. "I regret hurting him. I think of all the time and wasted angst... but right here is where I want to be, and this is the road I took here. There were choices I made, over the years, I would probably rethink. But I'm here, so... I do wish I hadn't hurt him."

His arms pull me around and he kisses me. Bruce kisses with his whole body; while his mouth pulls mine in, his arms drive my torso to his, his legs wrap within mine, and our cocks seemingly twist around each other. It always leaves me breathless and wanting, no matter where we are or what we've been doing. I love his kisses. "What's done is done. Does he understand?"

Bliss. I love this man so much. "I... I think he does. It doesn't make it hurt any less, but... he's a lot stronger than me, than most people..." Ah, even you, my love, because Garth never let his grief and loss warp him. He never needed anyone else to stay sane and healthy.

"He had to be, to survive Arthur." I hear the anger in his voice, I know his rage with Arthur, long-held and deep. I also hear the respect. He runs his fingers through my hair, and whispers in my ear. "Be his friend, now. It will be enough. Love..."

I turn my head slightly and kiss him with my soft teasing kisses. "I know that love has many forms, it evolves. I wouldn't be here if it didn't. It will be fine. A night to regret past miscommunications, the rest of our lives to rebuild our friendship."

Kisses then, tender and sweet, too tired and spent for a whole other round, but the intimacy builds to a climax. We fall asleep together, and I pray quietly. For Garth to find bliss.