title: The Effects of the Moon
fandom: Lord of the Rings
characters/pairings: Haldir/Legolas, Arwen
rating: G/Teen
warnings: bloodplay/vampirism
summary: The lunar eclipse sets a spell over the woodland elves.
notes: this is Calla's ficlet for the Bloody Kisses Giveaway. hope you like it... as always, i invoke AU status because i don't know Tolkien well enough to go without. ^_~ also, i would place this before the fellowship, i think.

A full eclipse of the moon only came about once in a great long while, which was fortunate for the elves of the woodland races. The urges did not come upon them all at once, but on the night of the eclipse, the thirst would begin, and only those of greatest fortitude could deny the thirst.

Haldir stood with his back to a mighty, ancient oak, his eyes closed. He was thinking about breathing, about the simple, unconscious act that was vital to maintaining life. He did not want to miss a single breath.

Watching his brethren traipse off into the woods in pairs or trios, or even the occasional foursome, was painful to him. He chose the path of the solitary soul as a retreat as much as for a challenge. He had not bothered to tie back his hair, or even to weave a simple braid, so his long tresses covered his face as he slowly inhaled, and even more slowly exhaled.

He would be stronger than the jealousy. Stronger than the regret. Stronger than the pain. Stronger than the loneliness. Stronger than the thirst.

He breathed more quickly now, his teeth cutting his gums against his will. Chill perspiration peppered his brow. But he was stronger than this.

"I don't understand," his low, smooth voice queried. "Why torture yourself for no cause?"

Haldir kept his eyes shut tightly. He dug his fingernails into the bark of the tree, unaware of how deeply he was cutting. "Have you no more hospitable place to spend your night?"

"A dwarf's cave would be more hospitable," Legolas retorted with sharp whimsy, "but I am pleased to be where I am."

"You must have chosen the path of the solitary soul as well, then, but you have misunderstood the intent."

A gentle chuckle wafted through the air, deceiving him, making him think that Legolas was further away than he was. A strong hand touched his cheek. "I cannot understand your intent. Why do you reject my offer?"

Haldir opened his eyes. It was a mistake. The eclipse had begun, and his senses were sharper, his reactions more palpable. Legolas' eyes were like the sky during a storm. Haldir was breathing heavily now. "I cannot allow you to bind yourself to me."

Legolas' eyelids were slipping lower and lower, he leaned in and brushed his lips against the skin of Haldir's neck.

Haldir thought perhaps he might die.

"It is my own choice, whom I share this with. It is your choice to accept... or to refuse." He opened his mouth, full fangs wet with saliva caressing tender, life-giving flesh.

Haldir forgot to breathe.

Teeth pierced skin, and teeth pierced skin again, as they created a loop between them, fresh, hot blood spilling into each other's mouths, until neither had the strength to swallow.

Haldir sunk to the forest floor, clutching Legolas to his chest. He stared up at the pitch-black sky.

The effects of the eclipse would last for two more nights.

Lothlorien roused from the slumber that the eclipse had laid over it, becoming more and more populous as the sun climbed higher above the canopy. The Lady Arwen stood watch over a certain path. She had watched over this path for the past three nights. Two had walked down it alone, but they would return together. The Lady made sure that they had their time in peace.

She dangled a quill between her fingers. She was scratching away at a missive to her intended, puzzling over the proper wording to describe her time in the hallowed halls of the woodland elves. He had spent some time here himself, though she was not sure he had ever witnessed an eclipse.

She wanted to describe it perfectly, for the effects of the sun, the moon, and the Middle Earth were spectacular.