title: Dinner at Home
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Kaidoh/Inui-ish, Kaidoh's family
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Inui has dinner with Kaidoh's family.
notes: Bryan made me do it. well, i told him to make me do something... and this is what he came up with. brain. so. melty. hmph.

Kaidoh watched over his father's shoulder as Inui bowed in farewell. The night air was crisp and cool, but Inui had planned for that, of course. Kaidoh wished he could walk Inui to the gate, but it seemed odd. If Inui was a girl, he could walk 'her' home, but as it was, he was stuck trying to convince himself that he hadn't just wished that Inui was a girl.

His mother closed the door, smiling from ear to ear. "What a polite young man! And so observant! No one has ever mentioned the leeks in my teriyaki before. Sweetie, make sure you get that recipe from him in the morning. I want to see what sort of glaze he suggests for the pork."

"Yes, Mother," Kaidoh nodded, even though he was fairly certain the recipe would fall down a sewer grate between school and home.

His mother put her arm around her son's waist. "I'm so glad we sent you to that school. It seemed so extravagant, but you really have met the nicest people there. And who knows, maybe you can get a tennis scholarship and study abroad!"

That had been his most fervent wish before he started with Seigaku, but now he was left wondering what Inui was going to do next year, and how were they going to manage their team without him.

He went into the kitchen with his little brother to clean up. He was lost in thought when he felt the sharp kick to his shin.

"Aniki!" The boy was grinning, knowingly. "I liked him."

Kaidoh ducked his head. It was his own kitchen, and it was just his little brother, but he still didn't want anyone to see him blush.