title: Collecting on a Favor
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: one-sided Atobe/Tezuka, Hyotei members
rating: Teen
warnings: atobe coming on too strong, sexual situations
summary: Atobe takes a trip to get payment for a favor.
notes: i blame this on out of bounds... not my fault. i hated atobe before the rpg... most of the fics that i write for PoT belong in the same universe inside my head. most, not all. and in the universe inside my head, Seigaku et al are three year high schools, making Tezuka et al at the time of the show 17/18.

There were too many people in the locker room, even though he had specifically set aside two aisles just for himself and his chosen few, who were slightly less unbearable than the rest. Honestly, did they need two hundred members? Only the smallest fraction actually ever got to play... wouldn't it be better to have just one hundred members? Half of them weren't even worthy of the name Hyotei anyway...

Atobe sighed, and brushed his bangs out of his face. His locker was untidy. He would have to speak to Kabaji about that. Unacceptable.

Mukahi started his stretches. Atobe wrinkled his nose, and leaned closer to the mirror. How could someone so small take up so damn much space?

"Ah, Captain, Captain, when are we gonna know about the All-Star Junior Selection Training Camp?"

How Oshitari put up with his partner's whining, Atobe would never know. No matter how skilled Mukahi was, Atobe wouldn't be able to deal with him off the courts for more than a minute.

"Yeah, Atobe, when are we going to find out? Isn't it soon?" Shishido tucked his hair under his hat furiously, obviously annoyed that he wasn't playing tennis right then.

Atobe sighed. So many people wanting his attention! Couldn't they tell he was busy?

"Hey, Atobe, aren't you dressing for practice? Don't we need to be out there or something?" Jirou yawned and stretched out a bit, blinking.

"Mm, that's right, Atobe. You haven't even changed yet." Oshitari looked him over with narrowed eyes.

"Not true," Atobe sighed. "Not true at all. Does this look like my school uniform?" He hated the school uniforms, passionately. He had spoken to the headmaster, and had his father speak to the headmaster, but three years later, and they were still wearing the same ugly uniforms.

"Hardly," Hiyoshi sneered. "Why did you get all dressed up for tennis club?"

Atobe sniffed, regally. "I did not. I'm going on a small trip this weekend, so I'm missing practice today, and tomorrow. Kabaji! Clean my locker, and make sure Jirou stays awake!" He snapped his fingers, and heard Kabaji's welcome compliance. He ignored Jirou's complaint. "Oshitari, you're in charge of practice. Don't let those slackers off easily. I'll see you all on Monday."

"Where are you going, Atobe?" Mukahi asked, while doing small jumps.

Atobe smirked. "Just a small pleasure trip to collect on a favor."

The girl at the desk couldn't have been more accommodating, even being so good as to show him her ample cleavage, not that he wanted to see it, but it was the thought that counted. His German wasn't perfect but apparently she thought it was charming, and she loved his Japanese. She gave him a map of the complex, complete with directions on exactly where "Herr Tezuka" should be at that time. Apparently, they were keeping the poor boy on a rather rigorous schedule of rehabilitation and training.

How exciting.

Atobe waited on a bench under a sycamore tree. The sun was bright, there was a light breeze, and he looked fabulous in his custom Armani. It was a good day.

The hospital specialized in tennis rehabilitation, so there were multiple courts around. He watched a few games, but none of them were very interesting. The boy in the wheelchair might have had talent, but he was in a wheelchair. He might do well at the Special Olympics, but he would never be a serious threat.


He heard the name first. Some young intern was giving "Herr Tezuka" a bottle of water, and prattling on in German about his performance. Atobe understood enough to know that Tezuka was, as always, going above and beyond his limits. He was healing marvelously, and soon, he should be able to play tennis again. Clearly, from the blank... well, blanker look on Tezuka's face, he really didn't understand what she was saying at all.

Atobe wrinkled his nose in disgust. Imagine, being thousands of miles from home, surrounded by strangers, in pain, unable to speak the language, unable to do the one thing you loved, working your ass off...

It was a good thing Atobe got here when he did. He was unlikely to ever find Tezuka so vulnerable.

He waited for Tezuka to come his way. Tezuka was wearing white nylon running shorts and a black tank top. He must have been really working out, because Atobe had seen a few Seigaku practices, and Tezuka always wore pants and a jacket. It was nice to see a bit more skin, but more than that, it was exciting to see Tezuka dripping with sweat, and out of breath.

Atobe liked the view. He liked it a lot.

Tezuka stopped at a stone drinking fountain, and took a drink, splashing water over himself. He pulled off his shirt, wiping himself down, and then taking off his glasses, tilting his head back, and pouring the contents of his water bottle over his head. The water poured over his tight, taut body, and wet his shorts. The fabric was too thick to go transparent, but it clung to his groin, and his legs...

Oh, yes, coming here had been one of Atobe's best ideas...

Tezuka didn't bother putting his sweaty shirt back on. He walked slowly back to the hospital, stretching out his arms and neck. He put his glasses back on, but he wasn't really watching where he was going, even still.

"Ah, 'Herr Tezuka,' I thought you had better manners than this," Atobe chided with a smile as Tezuka walked right past him. "To walk right past a good friend like that... You will have to make this up to me."

"Atobe." When Tezuka spoke, it sounded like he was grinding the words out from the center of the earth. For a moment, it seemed like Tezuka wouldn't say anything more, and Atobe leaned back in the bench, prepared to enjoy the silence. "What are you doing here?"

It was actually funny. Atobe shook his head. "How rude! It's almost like you aren't even happy to see me!"

For a moment, Tezuka swayed on his feet. He was clearly torn between doing the polite thing, the proper Japanese thing, and telling Atobe to shove off.

Atobe licked his lips, and let his eyes travel over every sweaty inch of Tezuka's exposed flesh. "You look... good. Really good. I guess they haven't been treating you too badly here, eh?"

The slightest hint of color stained Tezuka's skin, not just on his cheeks, but across his chest as well.

Atobe had to recross his legs in anticipation.

"What are you doing here, Atobe?" Tezuka was annoyed, but then, when wasn't he annoyed? He needed to loosen up, and Atobe had many theories on how best to accomplish that.

"I came to visit a friend in the hospital, Tezuka-kun. You are being so unkind... And after I did such a kind favor for you... " Atobe grinned. He loved being in a position of power.

Tezuka looked away, exhaling loudly enough for Atobe to just barely hear him. "A friend. Do you know someone here?"

"I know you, Tezuka-kun. Who else would I be here to see?" Atobe stretched his arm out, running his hand over the top of the bench, caressing it as he soaked in the sight of Tezuka.

Tezuka looked away, clearly biting back his irritation. "My apologies, then. I just finished my training. I'm not really in a state for visitors right now."

Atobe sighed. "Ah, no, you aren't going to abandon me out here, are you? I don't care what... state you are in; I just wanted to make sure you were well. Is that really so much to ask?"

Tezuka paused, possibly waiting until he could speak evenly before beginning. "You can follow me if you like. It's all the same to me."

Atobe got up and did as Tezuka suggested, rather liking the way the muscles on Tezuka's back were formed, and the tantalizing view of Tezuka's ass, especially that point where the hem of the shorts rested on his lower back, a spot of flesh just over his spine that just begged to be licked.

Tezuka exhaled with irritation as Atobe got on the elevator with him. He had walked him through the visitor's reception, and had looked significantly at the couches, but he said nothing, so Atobe followed his previous command. The nurse on Tezuka's floor was all too quick to grab his key and escort him to his door. She chattered about how lovely it was to have such fine young men to watch over, obviously assuming that neither of them spoke any German.

Atobe sneered at her as he closed the door behind them. It was intolerable. "Tezuka-kun, how can you stand to live somewhere where you don't even know when the people are disrespecting you?"

Tezuka shrugged, and threw his shirt down the laundry shoot. "What difference does it make? This was the best place to go to heal, so I can play again as soon as possible. What else matters?"

"You really have a one-track mind, don't you, Tezuka-kun. Do you ever think about anything but tennis?" He leaned closer to Tezuka, sniffing the aroma of his sweat, pulling back before Tezuka could turn around.

"Of course." Tezuka grated. "I need to shower. There isn't much room here. You'll be more comfortable in the visitor's lounge."

Atobe smiled and looked at Tezuka's bed. "I don't mind at all. I'd rather not be alone in such a place as this."

Tezuka nearly rolled his eyes. "Suit yourself." He gathered his things for his shower, and locked himself away in the small bathroom.

Atobe grinned, and stretched out over Tezuka's bed. The sheets were disturbingly rough. He should have thought to bring along sheets, but that might have seemed forward. Still. They could make do.

Right now, Tezuka was in the shower, naked, probably running a soapy cloth all over his body. Atobe smirked, and stretched out, putting his head on Tezuka's pillow. Tezuka would be thorough, because good boys cleaned behind their ears, and everywhere else. Atobe pressed his nose against the pillow, and imagined Tezuka cleaning his genitals. He wondered if Tezuka was long, or thick. If he liked to touch his balls. If he was jerking himself off right now. He hoped not, what a waste that would be...

Who did Tezuka think about while touching himself? Of course, he liked to think that it was him. That match of theirs... He had certainly spent a great deal of time for weeks afterward, replaying it again and again, until he was a little afraid his hand would freeze in position. Did Tezuka do the same?

Or was there someone else that got Tezuka's blood burning? Atobe turned his head, and smiled at the picture of the Seigaku regulars. They were all in street clothes, and they appeared to be at a park or something. Atobe sighed. There was only one person on that team he'd consider competition. Echizen was too young. Oishi and Kikumaru were too much of a pair. Kaidou and Momoshiro were too immature. And Inui was too Inui.

Atobe winked at the smiling face of Fuji Syuusuke. Too bad. Had to play to win...

The water shut off, and Atobe sat up, not bothering to straighten the sheets around him. He thought calm, cooling thoughts as he waited for Tezuka to come out of the shower, definitely not thinking about Tezuka coming out, wet, wrapped up in a towel...

The door opened, and Tezuka came out, wearing khaki pants, and toweling his hair dry. Atobe had already seen Tezuka's bare chest, but it was worth seeing again, and there was something about a half naked man in stylish pants that was unbearably sexy.

"Did you have a nice shower, Tezuka-kun?" Atobe smiled pleasantly at Tezuka as Tezuka looked for a shirt. No wonder Tezuka's hair was always such a mess. He didn't even bother to brush it. Atobe would be willing to comb it out for him. With his fingers.

Tezuka glared at him momentarily, and tossed his towel over the desk chair. "I see you've made yourself comfortable."

"Thank you, Tezuka-kun. Your hospitality is most kind."

Tezuka sighed as he slipped on a simple light violet button down. "I did not expect to have guests. Is there something I can actually do for you, since you are here?" He was careless as he buttoned his shirt, making Atobe want to offer to do it for him. As soon as he was finished, he picked up a slim chain, and hooked a charm necklace around his neck.

Atobe definitely liked the way it settled into the groove in the middle of Tezuka's collarbone. "A good luck charm, Tezuka-kun? You have all the good luck you need, from what I can tell." He put his hands behind his head, and stretched his legs out in front of him.

He wished that Tezuka would really look at him. He knew he looked good. He always looked good, but today, he had put the extra effort into looking stunning, and it would be nice to have it acknowledged, but he was willing to forgive Tezuka, merely because he was enjoying himself too much to be picky.

Tezuka shook his head, and stood opposite to Atobe, leaning slightly on his desk. "Did you come all the way to Germany to visit me, or are you just stopping by because you were close?"

"I came here because I thought you could use the company. And also, I think we should have sex." Atobe smirked, and watched Tezuka carefully.

Tezuka didn't even blink. "No."

"Yes," Atobe insisted, patiently.

"Why?" Tezuka glared.

"Because you excite me," Atobe grinned, running his hand over his inner thigh. "Didn't you feel the connection during our match? You were incredible... delightful... And we would be hot together."

"Please refrain from touching yourself on my bed, Atobe," Tezuka sighed, bored.

Atobe leaned forward, his fingers clutching the edge of the bed. "We will have sex."

"No," Tezuka growled, a sound that managed to be low and dirty enough to make Atobe's toes tingle.

"Yes," Atobe insisted, getting up and crossing the narrow distance to stand directly in front of his prey. "Give me one good reason why not."

"I don't have to," Tezuka ground out, his eyes blazing beautifully. "No should be enough."

"It's not... " Atobe put his hands on Tezuka's face, letting his fingertips sink into the Tezuka's hair just a bit. "It can't be." His thumbs ran along Tezuka's strong jaw. "You are thrilling, my friend. And I'm gorgeous. You can't tell me you aren't interested. Our bodies are strong, and fit, and our hearts beat to the same passionate rhythm. No one can make you sweat like I can... No one! Deny it. Tell me that I'm wrong."

"You're wrong," Tezuka stated. "It's not going to happen."

"Yes!" Atobe hissed, and put his mouth on Tezuka's. It was a brutal kiss, made nearly impossible because Tezuka wasn't kissing back, but he pushed himself closer, and ran his hands down Tezuka's back, reaching down to grab Tezuka's ass.

Tezuka started to snarl, and he pushed Atobe back. "Get off of me!"

"Why are you being so cold?" Atobe narrowed his eyes, and pushed himself closer. "Don't be so standoffish! You can't have any fun if you keep acting this way."

"I don't want to have fun with you," Tezuka hissed.

"Really? Would you rather play with your little genius?" Ace, and an easy one at that. "But he's not here, Tezuka-kun, and I am." He ran his hand up under Tezuka's shirt, and ran his thumb over Tezuka's nipple, watching with amusement as Tezuka's nostrils flared and his eyes widened. "You are so tense. Let me relax you, let me make you feel good... "

Tezuka tried to move to the side, but Atobe moved with him, grabbing his arm to hold him in place for another kiss. Tezuka grunted, and snarled, "My arm!"

Atobe dropped his hand and stepped back immediately. He felt a cold panic jar him. What if he had... ? "Are you all right?"

Tezuka stepped away from Atobe, and shook out his clothes. "Of course I'm all right, you idiot. I just wanted you off of me."

Atobe blinked, and then he started to laugh. That seemed to irritate Tezuka even more, which was, of course, even funnier. "My god, Tezuka-kun, do you ever loosen up? I bet you don't let anyone call you Kunimitsu. Why can't you just let yourself have a good time?"

"Because you disgust me," Tezuka spat out.

"What?" Atobe blinked, honestly shocked.

"Everything has to be a carnival with you. I'm shocked you can go anywhere without your cheering crowd. You've got talent, true skill, but your narcissism detracts from everything you do. It's a disgrace, and I'm ashamed that I wasn't strong enough to beat you." There was an unusual spark in Tezuka's eyes, and Atobe knew he was seeing the only explosion of passion that Tezuka would allow him.

"Not everything in life is about tennis, Tezuka-kun," Atobe shook his head sadly.

"Not everything in life is about you, either," Tezuka returned easily.

Atobe chuckled. "That's true. I'll concede this game to you, my dear, but the match is far from over." He stepped over and snagged a quick kiss from Tezuka's lips. "I liked having you as a dance partner, Kunimitsu-kun. I'll wear you down eventually."

He didn't look back as he walked away. He was still smiling as he entered the elevator.

The trip wasn't a total waste. He loved Europe. He got out of some school, and some practices. And he had made his first move on a worthy prey.

It was a beautiful day. There was no reason to be depressed on a beautiful day.