title: Choir Box: Annunciation of the Lord
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Dorothy, Relena, Hilde, Heero, Duo, Father Maxwell, Sister Helen, Otto
rating: Teen
warnings: masturbation, some language
summary: Dorothy asserts her independence.
notes: song by Lethanon: Beneath
i really love piano music. i do. ^_^ and the mix of stuff in this song... purr.
much gratitude to Lethanon, for sharing her abundant talents with us, and allowing me to tag along on this journey. please make sure to go download the song to get the full effect, and go to her site to get fansong cds from Leth. because she rocks. ^_^
these fics will have strong Catholic overtones, but if i do my job right, they won't be essential to the fics. all the fic titles will come from feast days in the Catholic calendar.
The Annunciation refers to when the Angel Gabriel came to Mary to tell her that she would be the mother of God. It takes place on March 25th.

"Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been three days since my last confession."

"Go on, my child."

"Well, Father. I have been jealous of my classmates. I have coveted their goods, and their relationships."

Dorothy set her tray down solidly. She hated the cafeteria at school more than anything. But her mother refused to let her carry her lunch to school "like some pauper," so she forced herself to eat a plate of fries, and an apple. She liked apples only because they made her think of the tree of knowledge. Not that any of her classmates would ever get that...

Princess Relena was surrounded by her full court. Her royal pinkness sat, prim and proper, her back perfectly straight, and her hair perfectly flat. Dorothy smiled with saccharine sweetness as she sat across from the queen in training.

She honestly and truly liked Relena, but not for any of the obvious reasons. To Dorothy, Relena was a lost and confused girl looking for someone to point her to the right path in life. If Dorothy did nothing, Relena would grow up to be just like everyone else in her family - upstanding, correct, and completely boring. Fortunately, Relena still had some hope.

Who knew? With a little luck, she might turn out to be half as interesting as her brother.

"That test was way too hard!" Josephine plopped down next to Dorothy, her downcast eyes radiating jealousy. Josie was plump and not too bright, and never as close to the Princess as she wanted to be. Dorothy was pretty sure she could only get as close to Relena as she wanted to be if she crawled inside of her. Not an entirely bad idea... "I'm sure I failed!"

"Now, now," Relena cooed, "you don't know that. You tried your best and that's all anyone can ask of you."

Dorothy snorted softly. "I'm sure Sister Helen will take trying into account when she makes up the scores."

"Dorothy!" Relena corrected quickly.

Josie whimpered. "I bet you got a 100%. You make the rest of us look bad!"

Dorothy whipped her hair behind her back, annoyed. "I don't make the rest of you look bad; you do it all by yourself."

"Dorothy, that's enough." Relena sighed, vexed. "Can't we just behave? Hilde, that's a very nice brooch you have."

"Hm?" The tomboyish girl looked up, her mouth overstuffed with fries.

Dorothy sneered. No doubt, it was something her father welded together from scrap. The Schbeiker family wasn't exactly loaded with class, style, or money.

"Oh!" Hilde grinned, her mouth still full of food. "Thanks! M'dad made it for me."

Relena smiled kindly. "That's so good of him."

"Ugh," Caroline sniffed, "look, it's that Noventa girl. Who does she think she is, wearing her skirt like that? God forbid she ever get detention. What a little slut."

Dorothy grinned to herself. "You're just jealous because none of the boys like you."

Relena cleared her throat quickly. "Sylvia is a very nice girl. And I'm sure she's careful to keep her skirt at the regulation length. She just... has very long legs."

"Yes," Dorothy sighed, "and a very low ass, for easy access."

Hilde snorted, and then perked up. Before Relena could correct Dorothy again, Hilde popped out of her seat. "Ooh, there's Duo, I gotta show him this comic I got... "

Duo was, indeed, entering the cafeteria. He was late, as always, because he had to help in the kitchen. As always, he was wearing black, and a priest's collar. Dorothy wasn't sure why he had to look like a miniature priest, but that was how he had dressed for as long as Dorothy had known him. And, of course, as always, wherever Duo was, Heero was right next to him, glowering at anyone who got too close to the rambunctious youth.

Dorothy clucked her tongue. "How degrading. Talk about chasing an illusion... how can she have any pride?"

"I don't know," Relena disagreed dreamily. "I think finding love so young is really... romantic!" She smiled goofily at Heero, totally oblivious to the fact that he only had eyes for Duo.

Of course everyone at the table piped up with murmurs of agreement. Of course everyone goaded Relena on, and of course everyone thought Heero was made to be Relena's knight.

Too bad no one had consulted with Heero on the matter.

Dorothy did like Relena, but there were times when she couldn't really stomach the other girl. She smiled sweetly, and stood up, picking up her tray. "Sorry, ladies, but I have some homework to catch up on, so we'll have to chat later."

A chitter of false regret followed her, punctuated by Relena's curiously honest sorrow. Dorothy dumped her tray on a cart, and strode out of the cafeteria, her head held high.

"I've bourn false witness, many times, Father. I don't... I don't mean to, but it just makes everything easier sometimes."

"My child, it can only make things difficult. It makes for a barrier between you and your peers. It prevents trust, on either end. And you turn your back to your God with each deceit."

"Still, Father, you have to admit, people don't want the truth all the time."

Dorothy put a little swish into her hips, and smiled sweetly at the hall monitor. Otto swallowed hard, and shifted from foot to foot. He was several grades ahead of her, but Dorothy was 'mature' for her age, and had already learned how to control the boys. She tilted her head to the side, so that her hair cascaded over her shoulder, and smiled coyly. "Otto, dear, can I go out? I need to go to the church to say a prayer for my sick uncle."

The older boy tried to look anywhere else, but he inevitably ended up staring at her bountiful chest. "Erm, ah, Miss... Miss Dorothy, I, erm, I'm not supposed to allow anyone without a... "

She sighed dramatically, and put her hand on his arm. "Please, Otto? I don't... I don't want to go with class. It's... it's private, you know?"

He swallowed hard and turned red, stammering, "Ah, well, ok, I, er, guess, but, ah, remember, ah, you owe me... "

She leaned up and kissed him on his pimply cheek, smirking. "Oh, I won't forget, Otto. Thank you."

She sashayed out, swallowing her chuckles as she did. Boys!

She slipped in the front door of the church, and immediately turned right to go up the narrow spiral staircase up to the choir box. She loved it up in the choir box; not when they were in choir, and they were in their ugly, polyester robes, stuffed together as tightly as they could be packed, but she loved it when school was in session, and the church was dark and empty. On sunny days, the light shone through the giant stained glass window, and illuminated the cross that hung above the altar.

Laying her school jacket down on the ground, she sat down in a most unladylike manner. She stared right into the down-turned eyes of the weeping sacrifice, and pulled down her panties.

She bit her lip to keep from laughing out loud. If it were a gym day, Sister Helen would reprimand Dorothy for her "sinful undergarments," which was half of the reason she loved wearing them. Skimpy black lacy things with red satin bows made her feel sexy and strong.

She unbuttoned her shirt, and undid the clasp in the front of her bra. She hummed church songs to herself as she pictured her cousin Treize and Relena's brother, undressing each other as they kissed. She moved one hand down between her legs, and left the other hand to massage her nipples, and she imagined bringing Relena up here to teach her about pleasure.

School was such a drag. If she were a Peacecraft, like Relena, she could be the queen bee, and have everyone eating out of her hand. If she was even a Khushrenada, she could be gauche and obvious, and still respected. But she was just a Catalonia. She wasn't respected or well liked. And she sure as hell wasn't about to suck ass so people would be nice to her. This was the only school her mother would send her to, because it was private, and both the Peacecrafts and the Khushrenadas sent their children here, but it was small, and relatively poor, thanks to Father Maxwell's many humanitarian efforts. Classes were boring, her classmates even more so...

She tightened her grip on her breast, and moved her hand faster between her legs. She didn't have enough time to let her thoughts wander.

She dreamed of going into politics someday. She could be a strong leader. But society didn't want its women to be strong leaders. She was never admired by her mother's friends for her bold thoughts. Her grandfather liked to sit her at his knee and teach her about world politics, but he never wanted to see her report card.

What the world wanted from her, she had in her hands. And God damn it, it was hers!

Her flesh to find pleasure in, as she moved her hand in a circular motion over her clitoris. She threw her legs even further apart, and forced herself to keep her eyes open. She smirked at the effigy of Christ.

Let him rot on the cross for everything that breathed. It's what he was there for, right? Why should she sacrifice herself, her dignity, for some fumbling twit of a boy who didn't even know what to do with his dick yet? She pushed her fingers into the slickness, and dragged her hand back and forth roughly.

She wouldn't button her shirt to the top and play the Madonna on the pedestal. She wouldn't bend over and grab her ankles and take the part of the whore. She'd make them come to her, and beg her for it, and then she'd deny them, just to see the look on their face as they tried to hold it in.

She shuddered and she shook, and she laughed, biting her lip to keep it quiet. She licked her hand clean, and winked at Jesus on the cross.

She slipped into her desk, next to Relena in the first row, just before the bell rang. Relena leaned over quickly, smiling gently. "I really like your lipstick, Dorothy," she whispered.

Dorothy just smirked.

"Is that all, my child?"

"I'm not sure, Father. Tell me, if Mary was a virgin, does that mean she never touched herself?"

the lyrics to the accompanying music...

Choir Box: Beneath

De Gustibus non est disputandum
Diis aliter visum
Non scholae sed vitae discimus
Fama nihil est celerius
Errare humanum est
Caeca invidia est
Bis repetita placent

There's no accounting for taste
The gods decided otherwise
We learn not for school but for life
And nothing's swifter than rumour
Mistakes are human
Envy is blind
The things that please are repeated
again and again

Ingesmico tanquam reus
Culpa rubet vultas meus
Supplicanti parce Deus
Parce Deus

I groan as one of crime accused
With shame of sin my face is red
Thy pardon God, I humbly beg
Thy pardon God

Coz I don't wanna stay, You're in my way
I hear you speak, I hear you preach
It's this kind of talk, drives me to walk
Away, I won't give in
I don't care if its a sin
Coz there's boredom locked within
Beneath this skin


Sic faciunt omnes
Translate: everyone's doing it
Can't you see it for truth, do you regret?
Un idea perplexi na
Translate: The idea is strange to us
But this propriety won't get you far
I won't give in
I don't care if its a sin
Coz there's boredom locked within
Beneath this skin