title: Cheat
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: past Dick/Don, Dick/Clark, Lois, Titans
rating: Teen/Mature
warnings: sex
summary: When Dick's love life runs afoul, he gets by with a little help from a friend. ^_~
notes: dick/nightwing, batman, and the titans come from comics continuity, pretty much... except dick is gay, so no kory. and clark/superman comes from Smallville continuity, except he's all grown up and Superman now. but, the scene between supes and nightwing from nightwing's secret files (where supes gives him the inspiration to become nightwing after bruce tells him he can't be robin anymore) is part of the past in this fic. sorry for any confusion...
this was inspired because, well, gasp! i've been cheating on dickie... that's right, i've been writing in another fandom. sobs! i felt so guilty, i had to write something, so this is it.
in reality, of course, no one would ever cheat on dick grayson. or if they did, they would probably be institutionalized soon thereafter anyway...
i need to add a HUGE note of thanks to 'rith for her help!! not only did she give me her lovely comments as i was writing this, but she also helped me find the poor boy who would cheat on dickie and gave me other important advice on titans' past. she is a goddess of titans knowledge. i am not even a novice. so, without her help and advice, this fic would have taken a lot longer to write and it wouldn't have been as good.
so big hugs to 'rithy!!

Drifting through the clouds, even Metropolis could seem as calm and peaceful as Smallville. Of course, nothing would ever be as much a home to him as his parents' house and farm; at least when he was above everything, Clark Kent could feel like he felt when he was watching the stars from the loft in the barn on the Kent farm.

Watching the stars, or the girl who lived on the next farm over, he reminded himself with a smile.

Letting an updraft carry him higher, Clark scanned the vista below to be sure that there wasn't anything more important he should be doing besides woolgathering. Startled, he spied a figure on the top of the 1rst National Bank Building, which he knew had no roof access and was at least 30 stories higher then any building around it. How...?

Smiling, he realized how anyone could have gotten up so high, and he gently dove down to land silently behind the figure.

"Lovely night for drifting, hm?" Dick Grayson wasn't the sort of person that you could sneak up on easily, even if you were Superman.

Clark folded his arms across his chest, taking in the fact that Dick was in jeans and a tank, and had a duffle bag next to him. "Lovely night for climbing skyscrapers, huh?"

Dick turned to face him, smiling. "I didn't climb. I flew, the old fashioned way. Well, old fashioned in my family, at any rate..."

"It's good to see you again, Dick." The last time Clark had seen Dick was on a rooftop not far from here. The teen had just been told by his... mentor that he couldn't be Robin anymore, and he was trying to find his way in the world. Clark swore to himself that if Dick was suffering on Bruce's behalf again, he was going to have to do something about it. No matter how scary the concept was.

"Yeah. You too." Dick sounded strange, like he was holding something in. And he didn't seem too likely to share on his own.

Casting his mind about for something to talk about, Clark came to the edge, where Dick was standing. He admired the boy immensely; Clark could fly and was virtually invulnerable, and yet he was more cautious about getting close to the edge than Dick was. "Hey, when you are standing at the edge of a tall building like this, do you ever wish you could just spit over the edge?"

Dick laughed, a sound that was so natural it made Clark want to laugh. "I used to do that, but Bruce made me stop. He said he would make me spit-shine the Batmobile if I ever did it again."

Clark watched Dick closely when he talked about Bruce. He didn't sense any unusual distress from the topic... "How is Bruce these days?"

Dick made a face. "It's been a while since I've been to the Manor." Clearly an evasion, but Clark would allow it. "So, c'mon, Smallville, why don't you let one fly, for fun? Or do you have superspit, or something?"

Clark chuckled. "Watch it, Circus Brat, or I may use my superspit on you..."

Dick smiled, and looked down. There was definitely something up with him...

"Um, so, tell me, is this just a social visit..." Clark felt bad bringing up the reason that Dick was there, as if that might make him feel like he wasn't welcome to just come and talk, which he most certainly was...

Dick kept his eyes down, watching the lights pass to and fro from the traffic below. Speaking so softly that Clark wasn't sure that a normal person would be able to hear, he said, "My boyfriend's been cheating on me." He continued to watch the world below, but all the humor and spark was gone now. He watched with defeated eyes as if there was something he was looking for below him. Turning his eyes only to Clark, he asked with wry humor, "Have I shocked you?"

Shocked? Shocked wasn't a strong enough word... How could anyone have Dick, and not appreciate him? How could anyone wake up next to those brilliant blues and mischievous smile, and decide that they want something else? "Shocked? That someone would cheat on you? That's a bit of an understatement."

Dick seemed to crumple a little bit, his head hanging low enough that Clark could no longer see his eyes. "I don't think that I've ever told you before that I'm gay."

Clark shrugged, not caring. "Are you..." No, he didn't want to ask him if he was all right, he obviously wasn't. "When did you find out?"

Dick shook a little as he spoke. "Yesterday. He told me... He's been seeing someone else, and they've decided to get serious. I... I didn't want to stay with the Titans. They... they are both... And, well, the Manor..." His voice was full of bitterness and regret. "So... I dunno."

Clark watched him for another minute, taking in how dejected and depleted the boy looked.

It just wasn't right.

Affecting a light-hearted tone, Clark turned to Dick. "Hey, I'm almost done for tonight. Why don't you head over to my place, and we can hang out and stuff. I've got cold thai noodles..." Clark teased him with his attempts at persuasion.

Dick smiled, a little, and nodded. "Well, I never could resist a good noodle..."

It took several servings of cold pad thai, a pot of tea (which Dick teased Clark about, since it was the strongest beverage in the house), and two hours of late night cartoons before Dick would start talking about it.

"Don Hall. He's my boyfriend. Or, he was... You know him? He's Dove, of Hawk and Dove." Dick spoke quietly and fast.

Clark shrugged, not wanting to spoil whatever magic was in the air to make Dick speak.

"It doesn't matter, you don't need to know him. Bottom line... He's smart, really smart, and shy, and beautiful... When he would look up at me, you know, the first time he realized I was in the room or something, his whole face would light up, as if I were the center of his world. He made me feel... I dunno, safe, loved, something... I never thought he would... I mean, of all the people, I never thought he would..." He started to choke up, so he turned away from Clark.

They were both sprawled out on Clark's bed, the tv still blaring in the background. Dick was now on his stomach, facing the floor. Clark leaned back against the headrest. He could almost understand exactly what Dick was feeling. He knew betrayal.

He wanted Dick to finish speaking.

"I thought... I thought he loved me, but then... I guess, I guess it was partly my fault." A harsh, brittle laugh. "I hate myself for saying that. I want it to be all his fault, the bastard. We were sleeping together, fuck, he practically lived in my apartment, but it was partly my fault. I never wanted to talk about feelings. I didn't want to let him too close. I... I wasn't ready. And she was."

"She?" Clark barely whispered.

"Lilith. She's a Titan. Red head? He's a Titan, too, really. Which is why I had to... I feel so worthless. Why did he have to go behind my back? I didn't know... I didn't know he was so dissatisfied... if I had known... if I had thought that he didn't understand, or love me back..."

Clark leaned down as Dick's voice began to break apart, rubbing his shoulders gently. He wanted to take the boy in his arms and comfort him, but he wasn't sure that Dick would appreciate it. He was raised by the Bat, after all. Perhaps he would think it weak, or unmanly... And deep down, Clark was afraid that if he held Dick close, he would betray himself. It wasn't right to react to him like that, he would have to keep a tight lid on such... perverse reactions. Dick came to him for help, nothing more.

Dick cried silently, the tears pouring down his cheeks. Inside his chest, his lungs were heaving with the effort to keep his sobs in. But he had learned long ago how to do pretty much everything silently, so he barely noticed the burning pain.

"I keep thinking... what I did wrong, how I turned him away. I just, keep going in circles, thinking that there is just something wrong with me, that nothing I do is right, and that I just... don't work..."

Clark went down on his stomach, rubbing Dick's back. "Hey, stop torturing yourself. I know that it hurts, that it feels like it will never stop. But there's nothing wrong with you, Dick. I don't know why this Don creep, sorry, did this to you... but it isn't your fault."

"It is." Dick's voice was weakened by his silent sobs. "It is my fault. If I had been more open and caring, maybe he would have been faithful, if I had given more of myself..."

"Stop it. Please, Dick, just stop. Maybe he would have and maybe he wouldn't have. You don't know. But you guys were together, and whatever problems in communication you had, that doesn't excuse what he did. Please, stop torturing yourself."

"I can hear what Bruce would say." Dick's tone was pure acid. "He would say that I had made a mistake to let him get as close as I did, and that I should consider myself lucky that he left me, because he saved me the trouble of getting us into trouble with some frivolous relationship."

"Do you really think that Bruce would think so little of you?"

Dick laughed, hating himself. "What Bruce thinks, what he doesn't think... I don't know. I don't care anymore... I can't care anymore. He pushed me out, replaced me, it doesn't matter anymore..."

"He didn't replace you..."

"Oh no?" Dick turned to look at Clark, the naked anger in his eyes magnified by the gloss of tears. Clark flinched, involuntarily. "He has his new boy. Jason. Have you met him? He's a street rat. Do you know that his hair was sandy-brown? Bruce had him dye it black. So he would look like me. Never mind that no one would expect him to look like me, especially not when he wasn't being Robin, never mind that it actually seems more strange that Robin apparently regressed in age rather than changed hair color... The kid lives in my old room. He wears my old costume. He hasn't got any of my training or skills, but he's out there much sooner than I was! He's backing up my partner, and he hasn't been trained for it, and God alone knows what else they do..."

Clark pulled away from Dick slowly. "Does it seem strange to you that you started talking about how your boyfriend was cheating on you, and you ended up ranting about Bruce?"

Dick closed his eyes and sighed, a resigned smile breaking his face. "No, it doesn't seem strange at all. God, I'm so tired... He would never touch me, you know. Not ever, no matter what I could say or how much I grew up... I'm his golden boy, the one he saved from becoming him, the one he could have been if only... He would never touch me, because he thinks I'm too pure. But that boy he's taken in isn't pure. It makes me so fucking angry... That brat gets everything I lost, and probably everything I could never have, just because he tried to steal the hubcaps off the Batmobile!"

Clark was trying to contain his horror. It didn't surprise him entirely that Dick loved Bruce; he could still remember the first time he had encountered Batman and Robin. It was three years ago, when he was still new at being Superman. At the time, he didn't know that no matter what, Gotham was Batman's territory, and Batman's territory alone. The Bat had made a definite impression on him then, with a few scathing words and that look. But Robin had really impressed Clark... He was only 15, but he put Clark to shame when it came to saving people and dealing with the bad guys, he was so professional... His smile had been infectious, dissolving the fear and panic that had set in with his encounter with the Bat.

And when he turned those brilliant blues to his mentor, he glowed brighter than the sun.

No, Dick being in love with Bruce was natural. Discouraging, but natural. Bruce being involved with his young ward though...

"You don't actually think that Bruce and Jason..."

Dick shook his head. "No. Yes. I don't know. I don't care, it doesn't change anything. He won't touch me, and I'm so hung up on him that I keep myself closed off, and drive the person who would touch me to someone else..." His tears fell down in plain view now. "I could have loved Don, I think, if I had let myself. But Bruce decided that I was untouchable, and I so I let myself become what he made me. I feel... so alone..."

Clark didn't bother to restrain himself anymore. Dick was crying and upset. He had to do something. Gathering the younger man in his arms, Clark brushed the hair out of his face. "Dick... I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you have to go through this. I'm sorry that things are so... bleak. But I'm here for you, for what that's worth, and I'll be here for as long as you need me. You can stay here, and pull yourself together. Everything will be ok, in the end."

Dick buried his face in Clark's neck, and let it all out.

When he was done, he felt blessedly empty, and tired enough to sleep without dreams.

The advantage to having a job that required a lot of footwork was that when you didn't really feel like going into the office, you didn't have to. A couple of emails and voicemails, and you were nicely settled into your couch, dressed for comfort, eating ice cream and waffles for breakfast.

The bad part was, your coworkers could easily come to visit you.

Lois was knocking on his door before 9 am, which meant that she checked her voicemail before heading into the office. Having spent the night up with Dick, he really didn't feel like dealing with her right now. Even if she was wearing that pale blue v-neck that he liked so much.

"Smallville, what gives? You sick or something? We don't have time for the flu right now, we have to get our notes together for this campaign fund raising piece. We're gonna screw that bastard Gimley to the wall when we go to press with this, but we have to be ready for the interview! It's in two days, you know. And, we need to cross check these sources. What are you eating? My God, Kent! You letting big city life get to you? Here, have a breakfast bar, I'll get rid of this stuff. Now, I've got most of the stuff here, we can use your living room, jeez god you have a small apartment, you make these phone calls and I'll get going on the background research. Where's your phone? Ok, here's the list of contacts, remember, be nice, try not to push too much, but for god's sake, stop acting like ninny and don't back down when they say they can't tell you anything. Do you have any coffee? Dear God, how do you live like this, all you have is this fru-fru tea... You need to butch up. Did you see that expose on Superman last night on Channel 12? Wasn't that tripe? I hate that Lia Dean bitch. I think she's from Gotham. I swear to God, nothing good ever came out of Gotham. Even their social elite are weird. Have you made any calls yet? What are you waiting for? Is your shower running? Here, let me handle that call, you make this god awful tea."

Clark sighed as he put the water on. It was just like being at the office. He loved Lois. Really. She was like this odd and horrible mix of Chloe and Lana, making her seem easy to get along with, when in reality the interns who called her the dragon bitch were probably closer to the mark. And her hair smelled like vanilla and strawberries, but her skin smelled like freesia, which made for a startling but alluring combination. Although, he didn't smell her, he just had super senses...

They had gotten so immersed in the work, Clark had almost forgotten about the boy in the bedroom until he came out, with a smallish towel wrapped around his waist, still wet, his dark hair falling in inky arcs over his face, his impish grin firmly in place.

"Sorry, Clark, I didn't know you had company! Do you mind? I'm gonna get something to eat, and you won't even know that I'm here." Dick moved quickly to the kitchen, totally unconcerned with the fact that he was nearly naked.

Clark grinned when Lois' jaw slipped off and fell to the floor. It was good to know that there was something that could rattle her...

"Who is that, Smallville??? I didn't know that you knew anyone... interesting!" She hissed in his ear, as she sunk her talons into his arms. Ok, talons was probably an exaggeration, but her nails were long and if he weren't invulnerable, he might be feeling some discomfort right now...

"Oh, yeah? You think he's interesting?" Clark shouldn't tease her, but since she teased him so much, it felt fair to give as good as he got.

"Dammit, Smallville, you've been holding out on me... Is he single? What's he do? What's he interested in? How old is he, anyway? Do you think you could introduce us? What's his name?"

Clark was floored. He'd never seen Lois show the slightest bit of interest in anyone before, at least, not like this.

"He's..." Suddenly, Clark felt stupid. He couldn't say, that's Dick Grayson, because she would know who Dick was, and would want to know how Clark knew him. It wouldn't be easy to explain to her how he was connected to one of the richest men in the country...

"Hi! I realize that I was kinda rude, breezing through here. I'm Rob Winger." And Dick held his hand out for Lois to take, totally oblivious to the fact that he was exposing a nearly obscene amount of flesh, or that his towel was separated a little where he had cinched it to his waist, leaving leg right up to his hip exposed...

Lois turned bright red and proceeded to sputter like a '76 pickup truck that had been left out all winter. "Hi hi hi, I'm Lois, wow, it's so nice to meet you, Rob, that's a nice name, Rob. You know Clark?"

Dick smiled, totally suave and polite. Clark nearly laughed out loud. Being raised by Bruce Wayne had its advantages, he saw. "Oh, yeah, Clark and I are good friends. Hey, Clark, do you mind if I use the computer in your bedroom? I want to check my email."

Clark smiled back at Dick, his eyes glowing with gratitude. "Oh, no problem. I doubt you'll have any trouble with the password..."

Dick looked up, as if he were thinking about it. "Um, no, I suppose I won't. Thanks!"

And Dick walked back to the bedroom. Clark could swear that his hips were swaying a little as he walked, causing his firm, round bum to bounce a little.

Lois had drool on her chin when he turned back to her. "You... you... he's your... you guys are... are... friends??"

"Is that really so hard to believe?" Clark did that innocent thing he did so well. It did hurt a little, though, that Lois would be so undone by Dick, and she barely recognized him as male.

She turned to him, her eyes on him. "I'm sorry, Clark, I didn't mean it to sound like that, it's just... I don't know, I guess I don't expect someone as sweet as you to be friends with someone... like that."

What name did he give her? Oh, yeah... "Rob's a sweet guy, too, Lois, really. In fact, he's just discovered that his... lover has been cheating on him, so he's kinda come here to recoup, you know?"

Lois nodded, understanding instantly. "Someone cheated on him? Who did they end up with? Brad Pitt?"

Clark snorted, and nodded his agreement. It wasn't long before he was back to work, following Lois' instructions. Although he did notice that she was looking at him differently.

He wasn't sure if it was good or bad, but at least it was different. It was like she was seeing him.

Dick was still smiling to himself when he logged onto his email. That girl was obviously the coworker that Clark was so smitten with, but wouldn't admit it. Well, it didn't hurt to up his stock a little by showing her some competition. And Clark's password had been insanely easy... Meteorboy, indeed!

Dick clicked his email, and saw three messages. He opened the first two easily...

From: wndrgrl@paradiseisle.net
To: lbd13@gotham.net
Subject: I heard...

Heya Dick - I'm sorry, I hate doing this by email, but I don't know where you wandered off to, so... I'm so sorry, babe. I can imagine how torn up you feel. Please, let me know where you are so I can come and be with you. I love you, Dick, and so do the rest of us. You don't have to feel like you need to run away because of this... Right now, I hate Don, even though I know that isn't what you wanted to hear, I mean, if it was, you would have stayed here, and let Don and Lilith feel uncomfortable... I just hate what he's done to you. Please. Let me help.

Don't be alone right now. Please.


Dick smiled. That was Donna for you. He quickly hit reply before he lost his nerve.

From: lbd13@gotham.net
To: wndrgrl@paradiseisle.net
Subject: Re: I heard...

Hi Donna. Don't worry about me, please. I'm with a friend right now (so I'm NOT alone!) and I just needed some distance. I hope you can understand. And PLEASE tell me that no one is mad at Don or Lilith!!! We are a team, and that's the most important thing. PLEASE don't let anyone (especially Don and Lilith... no, scratch that, especially Wally and Roy! Make sure they know not to kick Don's ass!!!) forget that.

Let me know if I'm needed. I have my pager.


Then he opened the second one, smiling despite himself.

From: arrowbreath@navajo.com
To: lbd13@gotham.net
Subject: I'll f@#$ing kill him...

Bastard! Look, just give me the word, and I'll set this thing straight. Fuck, you know what I mean.


Hitting reply, Dick typed...

From: lbd13@gotham.net
To: arrowbreath@navajo.com
Subject: Re: Roy, Roy, Roy...

Don't kill Don, Roy. That will just make his brother angry, and we'll have to deal with that.

Thanks for the offer, though. I'll let you know if I change my mind.

Dick stared at the third email for a long time, before deciding to explore Clark's bookmarks.

He wasn't ready to deal with whatever it was that Don had to say.

Clark and Dick were on the bed again, eating pizza and laughing about their day.

"I can't believe you introduced yourself to her in a towel!"

"So? Man, I look good in a towel. What's the problem with that? Anyway, isn't that the girl that you are interested in? Make your move, Clark!"

Clark turned bright red. He could tell that Dick was joking about looking good in a towel. Dick just didn't think about his appearance or anything. It was part of his charm. His dangerous charm... "It's not that simple. She's... fierce, Dick. I can't just tell her, uh, gee Lois, I think you are swell, wanna go out with me?"

Dick was laughing, bright, honest laughs. "Well, if that's your best line, no wonder you are single!"

"Hey! Excuse me, but I wasn't raised by a playboy, I don't know how to be suave in a towel."

Dick was laying on his stomach, and he rested his face on his arms, crossed in front of him. He looked just like a faery, like Puck. "Well, have you tried the towel route? I don't want to make you uncomfortable, but you are the man of steel..."

Clark blushed, hot blood brightening his cheeks. "I... that's the problem, man. She's obsessed with Superman. How do I make her see me? I'm not good with this double identity thing, do you have any advice?"

Dick shrugged, which in his prone position resembled an artful writhe. "I dunno. I don't spend much time with 'normal' people. Most of my friends are, you know, trustworthy. Ask Bruce. He's great with the double identity thing. And women."

Clark smiled, because there wasn't any bitterness in Dick's voice. "But Bruce is scary."

Dick rolled over with his laughter. "Don't tell me that you are still scared of Bruce!!! That's insane! You're Superman!"

"Yeah... but he's Batman." Clark shivered.

Dick laughed. Then he got thoughtful for a moment, before turning to Clark. "You know, he plucks his eyebrows. No, really, he does! He's got a unibrow, so he plucks them into normal brows!"

Clark nearly fell off the bed, laughing.

"Seriously. You should just make a move on Lois. You're an attractive man, I'm sure that once you get through the initial awkwardness, you'll be fine."

"You think I'm attractive?" Clark wished he could speed around the world and take the words back. He couldn't believe he'd said that, and in that tone...

"Well, yeah. You are. Don't tell me no one's told you that before..." Dick eyed Clark suspiciously.

Clark burned bright. "Well..."

"Have you ever had a girlfriend before, Clark?" Dick's question was totally innocent.

Clark took the time to clear his throat. "Well... In college, I wasn't really dating because, because, I was trying to deal with the whole superhero concept. Um, in high school... Well, there was this girl. I was totally, ah, I guess obsessed is the word. I used to watch her from our barn loft with a telescope."

Clark had to stop to beat Dick senseless with a pillow when he had started to laugh.

"ANYway. Her name was Lana, and I thought she was perfect. I thought she was my friend, too, but for about a year and a half, I watched while she would give me enough encouragement so that I wouldn't give up hope, but not enough to get anywhere. She had a boyfriend, and even though she seemed to make up excuses to be with me, she never planned on leaving him. He was the captain of the football team, a popular guy. I was the flake who was always going off at a moment's notice."

Dick nodded, sympathetically. "So, she was a dick tease."

Clark laughed, surprised by the term. "I guess that's the phrase for it, yeah."

Dick screwed his brows together in concentration. "Does that mean... are you a virgin? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable."

"No, no, I'm not, and no, I'm not." Clark looked away.

Dick paused for a moment, thinking. "So, if you never had a girlfriend, and I'm sure you aren't a one-off kinda guy, does that mean you had a boyfriend?"

Clark kept his eyes away. "Well... I'm not sure that you can call him that. But I did... I mean, the only time was with... another guy."

Dick scooted over, interested. "So... tell me! Who was it?"

"I couldn't. You'd laugh."

"I'd... laugh??"

Clark sniffed, trying not to give anything away.

Dick eyed him carefully, assessing game plans. "Well, it's ok, Clark. If you don't want to talk to me about it, that's fine. I don't want to force you into a confidence that you don't want to make."

Clark turned to look into vaguely disappointed blue eyes, wide with an indistinct sense of hurt. Swallowing hard, he spoke quickly. "Lex Luthor."

Dick furrowed his brow. "Huh?"

"Lex. Luthor. That's. That's who I was with, before."

Dick blinked. Once. Twice. Three times. "Lex... Lex Luthor?!?!? What the hell?? When did this happen?"

Clark cleared his throat. "Um, in high school. His father had put him in charge of a plant in Smallville, and we became friends. He, uh, he was a good friend, actually. He was always trying to help me get Lana... Although, in retrospect, I think he may have been a bit more calculating that I realized."

"Lex. Luthor."

"Yes." Clark eyed Dick carefully. "Is that... Are you all right?"

"Well..." Dick stared out into space. "He is hot, I guess. So, that's something. Was he any good?"

Clark stared at Dick, stunned. "Was he good? What kind of question was that?"

"Well," Dick appeared thoughtful. "If you have to have sex with an evil genius, at least he could be good at it."

They looked at each other for a long moment, before busting up.

When the dust had settled, Clark found himself with Dick half-covering him. Dick's face was in the crook of his neck, and Clark hated to admit that he felt very comfortable.

"So, you're bi?" Dick sounded winded.

"Um, I guess all Kryptonians are. They marry someone of the opposite sex for children, but they commonly have another, same sex partner. Well, that's what my parent's message about Kryptonian culture said."

"Interesting. I think I would like Krypton. If it weren't space dust, that is." Dick sounded wistful.

They both started to laugh again.

Dick put one elbow on either side of Clark's neck and propped himself up, so that his face was above Clark's. "Do you think I'm attractive?"

Clark blushed. "Dick... C'mon. Let's not do this."

"Do what, Clark?" Dick looked honestly confused.

"Do... Dick, you are too young for me to find attractive."

Dick smiled. "Clark. I'm 18. You're 22."

"But I still remember you as being 15." Clark noticed that his voice was getting weak.

Dick leaned down slowly, and kissed Clark. "I'm not 15, Clark. Please."

Clark felt like he'd been hit with a planet. "Dick... Why?"

Dick put his forehead down on Clark's forehead. "Because... you are my friend. You won't hurt me. I need a friend right now, Clark. Because... I feel so empty, so useless. So unwanted. And, if I'm interpreting the pressure against my thigh correctly, I am wanted."

"Dick..." Clark sighed. "I don't want to jeopardize our friendship." Clark was running out of will power. Dick was running his fingers through Clark's hair, breathing on his face.

"We're friends, right Clark?" Dick leaned down and kissed him, letting their lips intertwine and touch, letting the feel of each other sink in. "We'll stop if you want to. Just tell me to stop at any time."

Clark gave in, running his hand down Dick's back. "Well, if it will make you feel better..."

Dick chuckled, making Clark's nerves tingle. "It will definitely make me feel better. Bruce doesn't want me, Don found someone better... I just need a friend to make me... make me stop thinking about it."

Clark opened his eyes and looked right into Dick's eyes. Speaking in a soft whisper, "That sounds like a job for Superman."

Dick laughed, letting his hands roam down Clark's chest. "Everybody's a comedian..."

He leaned down and kissed Clark, their tongues touching and their bodies grinding into one another. When they pulled up for air, Clark got to witness Dick's transformation from mild-mannered young man to wild, uncontrollable sex fiend.

It took his breath away.

Within moments, Dick had flung his clothes off, and was working on Clark's, pausing to run his hands up and down Clark's chest, tracing his abs with his tongue, his hot mouth making Clark writhe with desire and anticipation.

He let his hands rest on Clark's groin, not moving just pushing slightly. "Mm, man of steel..." Clark didn't recognize Dick's voice.

Faster then a speeding bullet, Dick ripped open Clark's jeans and tore the pants and boxers underneath down far enough to get a good view of the steel springing free. Swooping down like a bird of prey, Dick deep throated Clark.

Clark bucked, his hands digging into Dick's hair, only barely remembering to hold back on his strength. Dick laughed around the hot, hard flesh in his throat, making Clark groan and whimper at the same time.

Pulling off with a loud smacking noise, Dick looked up at Clark with heated eyes. "I don't have to hold back with you, do I? I can let loose, and it doesn't matter, because you are virtually invulnerable." To demonstrate, Dick leaned down and ran his teeth over the crown of Clark's penis. Clark dug his fingers into the mattress, bending the springs as his fingers popped through the fabric.

"I can torture you, and it won't hurt, it will feel good, won't it?" Dick twisted both nipples simultaneously, using every trick he had ever been taught to make the motion as powerful as possible. "Your body was made for S & M fun, wasn't it? You are just begging to be clipped and whipped... God, think how hot that would make Lois... don't you think she's begging to be the dominatrix? She can order you around the bedroom like she orders you around the bullpen... Clark! Down on your knees! Clark! Spread those ass cheeks! Clark! Suck my pussy!!"

He couldn't help it. He laughed so hard, he thought his ribs would burst. This sweet boy was pulling him and pushing him and challenging him... and he was loving it. With a quick toss, Clark pinned Dick to the bed and plundered his mouth, letting Dick peel the jeans off his legs using his feet. Pulling up, he looked down into bright, happy, dancing blue eyes. "God Dick... you are so hot. And beautiful. I want..."

"To fuck me? Please say you want to fuck me. I'll be ever so good..." Dick smiled, making Clark laugh again.

Sex among friends... Clark realized that this is what he had needed from Lex. But he could never have trusted Lex the way he trusted Dick. And thank God, now, that he never did! But where he and Lex had failed, he and Dick were going to have a great time.

"I do. Honestly and truly, I do. But... I've never... topped before. Please, let me know if I'm... I mean, sometimes I don't know my own strength."

Dick started to laugh so hard he was wheezing. "Sorry! But not only did you have sex with Lex, he topped?? Ah, man, I have so much blackmail on you now, bottom boy..."

Clark retaliated by tickling Dick into submission. Then he kissed him into submission. Then he licked and caressed and bit and teased and sucked him into submission.

Then he decided to act on that submission.

Using lotion, he prepared Dick slowly. It was amazing. Dick was wild, out of control, pounding on Clark and biting hard and gripping and digging his nails in.... Clark was being gentle and slow, tender.

They were both getting what they wanted.

Dick was constantly in motion, not giving Clark the slightest chance of thinking that he was in control. He didn't mind. They were facing each other, they were front to back, they were on their sides, Dick was on the floor and Clark hovering above him, half on the bed and half in the air...

When Clark came, no longer able to hold out in the face of Dick's sensual athleticism, Dick screamed with ecstasy as he felt Clark's throbbing orgasm. Drawn into his own orgasm, Dick shuddered and trembled, until he collapsed, falling away from Clark.

Heaving oxygen into his tired lungs, Dick opened one eye to look at Clark, a smile tweaking his lips. "I don't know about superspit, man, but you definitely have superspunk."

Clark decided that he loved to laugh while having sex.

The next morning was surprisingly comfortable. Clark made a few jokes about the Bat killing him if he ever found out, and Dick laughed, pretending that it wasn't true.

It was as if they hadn't ruined anything.

Clark went to the office, if only to forestall Lois coming to 'visit' again. Dick kissed him as he left and pretended to be a housewife.

While wearing an apron and nothing else.

Dick was going to say something like 'thanks,' but thought better of it. No one appreciated it if you thought of sex as a favor. But he really did feel fifty million times better.

Maybe Don Hall thought there were greener pastures out there, but Superman had a fabulous time fucking his sweet little ass. So there.

He felt so good, he actually opened the email from Don.

From: brdofpeace@pisces.net
To: lbd13@gotham.net
Subject: I'm an ass...

Dear Dick -

I don't know what to say. I honestly thought that our conversation would go a lot easier than it did. I didn't expect to see you hurt. I didn't think that you would even care, to tell the truth. I'm sorry that I misunderstood so badly... When Lilith and I first started to flirt, I didn't think that you would mind. If I had known how... betrayed?... you would have felt, I wouldn't have done anything without clearing things up with both of you.

I feel just awful. It is really sinking in... I cheated on you. On you! I wouldn't have believed that anyone would have done that, and to think that I did...

I can't take back what is done, but I can beg you to forgive me. I really... I shouldn't say this, but it is the truth, and I owe you that... I really loved you. It hurt to think that you didn't feel the same way about me. Now, I don't know what to think, whether you loved me or not, but... I really hate to say this, but... I know that Lilith does love me, and I really think that we have a chance together. I don't expect you to be happy for us, but maybe you can forgive us, in time.

God knows, I don't deserve your forgiveness, but maybe in time...

If you want us to leave the Titans, we will. I discussed this with Lilith, and we both agree that you are by far the more important member. It may be moot, as we are thinking of moving to the West Coast (my brother has been whining about the weather in New York...) but it is your call.

It has truly been an honor to be your friend, and more. I hope that we can still be friends.


Hitting reply, Dick started to type.

From: lbd13@gotham.net
To: brdofpeace@pisces.net
Subject: Re: No, you aren't...

Don -

If you and Lilith (and your brother!) decide to move West, that is your choice, but BY NO MEANS should either of you think that you have to leave the Titans!!! We are ALL important to the team, and I WON'T hear of any of this 'you are more important so we're leaving' crap!

I needed some space to get my head together. I'm with a friend who is being a world of good for me. I was hurt, more than I would like for you to know, but... I know that I was distant, and sometimes cold. I'd like to apologize for that. I think I really could have loved you, which makes me so mad at myself for not having the balls to go through with it, but there it is. I hope that you and Lilith are good for each other, and that you are happy together. Don, how could you think that I wouldn't be happy for you? Do you think so little of my feelings for you that I wouldn't even want you, as a friend, to be happy?

I'm not saying that I will be dancing at your wedding, but... when I get back, I hope that we WILL be able to be friends again.


(jeez, it's like All My Titans sometimes, isn't it? we're a team, that's not going to change...)