fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Garth
rating: G
warnings: anime invasion
summary: Dick notices something new.
notes: for my darling rithy, who is always so good to me. ^_^ annnnnd... if i'm not mistaken, which i very well could be, this is my 200th completed bit of fiction since i started, roughly four years ago now. woot! ...well, i'm not 100% sure, but we'll say it's my 200th bit of fiction, and leave it at that. yay!

He noticed it first when he'd gotten home early from his day shift. The television was on while his partner was working, but that wasn't so unusual; he'd assumed that it was just on for noise, and that the program was meaningless.

But he noticed it again a few weeks later when he got up for the first time in the middle of the afternoon. He'd had a long night out, so he was still a little groggy, but it was the same show.

It was only when Garth had to spend a few days in Atlantis that Dick realized the level it was at; Garth had set the vcr to tape the cartoon network every afternoon and every night. He'd even bought a brand new extended length blank tape.

He wasn't sure what, if anything, he should say. It wasn't like Garth was being sneaky or duplicitous. It was just Japanese cartoons. They were harmless, right?

Still. It niggled at the back of his head. Garth. Anime. He had just never tried to put the two concepts together in one thought, and he found that it was causing his brain to itch a little.

It was trendy right now, Dick reminded himself as he tried not to wonder why Garth had never mentioned it. It didn't mean anything. There were probably lots of things he didn't know about Garth. That was actually pretty much a given, all things considered. There was no reason to get anxious about something like this. They were just cartoons; they were like soaps, probably, once you got invested in a storyline, you wanted to see how it turned out.

But... he had set up the tape for everything. All afternoon, and all night.

Still, he berated himself. Garth had been patient and kind and loving for far longer than Dick had any right to expect. It was just television for crying out loud, nothing at all to get worked up about! And so he firmly shoved it to the back of his head, and said nothing about for two whole days after Garth returned home.

Two long days. And two very long nights.

The next afternoon, when he got in from an early shift, it was on again. Samurais. Big eyes. Bad dubbing.

He tried to keep his tongue, but he finally reasoned with himself that taking an interest in one's lover's hobbies was a good thing, and suitably justified, he no longer had a problem grilling Garth for info.

He changed first, slipping into track pants that he knew that Garth liked, and a loose tank. He ran his hands under water, and muffed up his hair, so he could have that slightly damp look he knew Garth appreciated. At the last minute, he even brushed his teeth.

He sat down on the couch next to Garth, resting his arm on the back, letting his fingertips just barely brush against the back of Garth's neck. "How you doing?"

Garth half turned to smile and nod at him, his eyes never leaving the screen. "Mm. You?"

Dick's eyes flicked from Garth to the screen. "You like this show?"

He supposed that he must have sounded incredulous, because Garth raised an amused eyebrow at him. "Yes. It's very... engaging."



"It's a cartoon."


"So," Dick shrugged, trapped in his own inability to articulate his frustrations. "Nothing. I mean, it's great. It's just... it's something people would expect me to watch!"

"Ah," Garth grinned. "If you think we're spending too much time together..."

"No!" Dick protested. He didn't like it when conversations got out of his control. He would need to turn this back around. "I didn't mean anything by it. I just didn't know you liked anime. How long have you been watching?"

Garth shrugged, still devoting most of his attention to the screen. "I don't know. I think... I was at the Tower for the day, and Lian was watching something. I was intrigued, so I investigated the genre."

Dick frowned. "That must have been a while ago."

"Yes," Garth agreed patiently. "Though I have been watching more now that the lineup is so good."

Dick scowled at the screen. "I'm not so sure this is good for you."

"Oh?" Garth questioned loftily.

"Spending so much time... watching these anime boys... You could become obsessed. And you know what happens to people who become obsessed with anime boys."


"Well, nothing, at first. At first, it's just anime. But then it's anime all the time. Then there's manga. Then you become really particular about how you think 'manga' and 'anime' should be pronounced. Then there are cons. And merchandise. And pocky."

"I like pocky."

"See?" Dick sighed. "It's started already. I have to save you. I have to win you back from these purple-eyed temptations."

Garth laughed out loud, a rare and beautiful sound. "Purple-eyed temptations? Those are bad things?"

Dick glided over smoothly, placing himself in Garth's lap as he wrapped his arms around Garth's neck. "There's only room for one purple-eyed temptation in this house."

"This is an apartment," Garth corrected amicably.

"Details," Dick muttered before chewing on Garth's neck. He slid his hands under Garth's t-shirt, laying his palms flat out over Garth's smooth, warm skin.

It wasn't clear to him whether he rolled them out horizontally, or whether Garth initiated the move, but at this point, they were working with such syncopation, it wasn't really relevant. Garth had him stripped bare before he could even undo the button on Garth's jeans. He felt decadently slutty, naked under his fully clothed lover, and his thoughts blurred into heat and heavy breathing and desperate need.

Garth held him down by the shoulder, looking down at him with affectionate eyes. "My bishonen..."

Dick blinked. "I'm... a little old for that title, aren't I?"

Garth grinned. "Ah, but you will always be young at heart. Which is why I love you so..."

He could have argued that it was Garth who was addicted to cartoons, but it seemed like such a silly thing now, and besides, he had his hands full.

ah, bishonen (assuming i spelled it right... ha!) means beautiful boy. it's generally reserved for younger boys, like early/middle teens. there's another term for older boys, but it escapes me at present, and is not as common in fandom. ^_~