title: Best Friends
fandom: Gravitation
characters/pairings: Hiro/Shuichi
rating: Teen
warnings: sex
summary: Hiro has a very good idea.
notes: for my beloved and cherished rithy, light of my life, my hope of dawn, blah blah blah... ^_~ her ficlet on demand. tho i suspect it isn't quite what she had in mind...
manga continuity. takes place roughly volume threeish...

"We should have sex."

The tapping of a pencil on a notebook abruptly stopped. Hiro kept strumming on his guitar lazily, giving his suggestion proper time to fully sink in.


"We should have sex."

"Hiro?!" Shuichi sat up, and Hiro closed his eyes and smiled.

His best friend was so terribly cute when he was deeply confused. Which was probably why he had been so popular with the girls in school... not that he ever noticed them.

Hiro shrugged, noncommittally. "We've been working on this song all day, and haven't been getting anywhere. I'm horny. You're you. We should just... blow off some steam, and have sex."

Shuichi blinked, and tilted his head to the side.

He wasn't bolting. He wasn't throwing a fit. He wasn't getting all emotional and crazy. He had told Hiro about the incident with Yuki's brother, of course, Shuichi told Hiro everything. Absolutely everything. Everything that happened to him in his day, every straggling thought that wandered through his head, everything he was feeling, every one of his hopes and dreams, absolutely every detail of the 'passion' between Shu and Yuki...


Hiro knew Shuichi better than anyone. He was closer to him than anyone could be.

Shuichi would be having seventeen kittens if it were anyone else making this suggestion.

He'd already be buck naked and bent over if it were Yuki.

But it was Hiro, so he was looking confused.

Hiro strummed on his guitar, and smiled.

"But, Hiro... We can't. We're... we're best friends."

"So?" Hiro shrugged, attempting the bridge between his two worst cords. "Friends can have sex. I mean, would you want to have sex with someone who wasn't your friend?"

That was a cutting question, but Shuichi was rather unlikely to pick up on that.

On the bed, on Hiro's bed, Shuichi shyly curled up in a sitting position that was demurely sexy. "Well... I guess you have a point... but... but... I mean... I'm seeing Yuki, so..."

"Well," Hiro started patiently, not really wanting to hurt his friend, but needing to be honest. "You're here tonight because he's with someone else, right?"

Shuichi slumped, and sighed, looking away.

Hiro sighed, too. He hated that Yuki Eiri couldn't be a better lover to his best friend. "So. Why can't you be with someone else tonight?"

It seemed like Shuichi was getting the idea. "Re-really?"

"Sure," Hiro smiled, "it'd be... cosmopolitan."

"Cosmo... politan..." Shuichi considered, his eyes already filling with romantic stars.

Hiro smirked. Yes, he knew Shuichi better than anyone.

He set aside his guitar, and came to sit on the bed with Shuichi. He ran his hand over Shuichi's shoulder, pushing the loose strap of his tank over the shoulder. "Yeah. Cosmopolitan. And anyway... I'm kinda... curious... It'd be fun. And we could relax... Decompress after a long day of not getting anywhere with this."

Shuichi blushed. "But... but... how could we... I mean... we don't... we're not in love..."

Hiro refrained from scowling, gently pushing Shuichi down onto the bed. He leaned over his best friend, and pressed Shuichi down into the mattress. "Is Yuki in love with whoever he's with tonight?" It was an unfair question, but it brought a blush to Shuichi's cheeks, and Hiro didn't wait any long.

He brushed his lips against his best friend's, cautiously parting them just enough to get a hint of what Shuichi tasted like; just enough to give Shuichi a hint of what was to come.

Shuichi's defenses were in tatters around him, but he was still trying to gather them up, to shield himself. "It will... It will ruin our friendship."

Hiro caressed Shuichi's face with the tender mercy of a dedicated and generous lover. "How could that be true? We've been best friends forever. What could we do in one night to destroy all of that?"

Shuichi had no answer except to part his lips, to grasp the trailing locks of Hiro's hair as Hiro slipped his hand into Shuichi's pants, to arch his back and lift his arms as Hiro pulled his shirt off, to linger his fingers over Hiro's skin after Hiro had stripped off his shirt, to moan and beg as Hiro made his way up and down Shuichi's chest, to lift his hips so Hiro could rip his pants off, to thrash against the mattress as Hiro sucked on his balls, to spread his legs for Hiro, for Hiro...

He wished he had thought to turn the light off. He wished he had thought to put on some music. He wished he had thought to buy scented oil.

He wished that he could stay in Shuichi's tight little ass forever, god, how he wanted to just be there, just to, just to stay, just to be, but he had to move, gods all mighty, the need of it, and the heat, it was so hard to catch his breath, and he couldn't see properly anymore, the world was hazy and dark and all he could see was the sparkle in Shuichi's eyes, all he could hear was Shuichi's musical cries, and god, god, god, he wanted to hear this forever, god, he could never get tired of listening to Shuichi sing for him, for him...

He hadn't been prepared for the climax, but he didn't realize that until it was over. He hoped that Shuichi didn't mind him collapsing on top of him, but he didn't have any strength in his arms or his legs, so he had to just stay there, his skin pressed against Shuichi's skin, his breath mixed with Shuichi's...

"Hiro," Shuichi breathed, and it was worth it, oh, it was worth all the pain in the universe in the morning to have this now...

He touched Shuichi's skin, kissed his shoulders and his collarbone and ran his fingers through Shuichi's hair... Who knew how long he would be able to enjoy this intimacy? This was the way things should be. There should be no writer. Hiro knew that now, too damn fucking late. He had listened to his parents too long, and by the time he was ready to risk it all on dreams, Shuichi had already convinced himself he was in love with someone else.

So maybe his parents would get their damned grandchildren after all, but Hiro had this, right now.

He had Shuichi now.

"Hiro..." Shuichi was smiling, and his kisses were sloppy and recklessly passionate, and Hiro's heart broke at the thought of anyone else casually enjoying them. "Hiro... this was a good idea."

"Heh," Hiro smiled, running his hands up and down Shuichi's back, "I always was the smart one, right?"

Shuichi giggled, and brushed his leg up against Hiro's. "Hey, Hiro... Was I..." Shuichi opened his eyes fully, and looked into Hiro's eyes with naked need. "Am I... good?"

The air was cold now, and it nearly froze Hiro. He brushed his cheek against Shuichi's defensively, hiding his eyes before he gave up too much. He sighed, hugging Shuichi tightly to his chest. "I'm not... I'm not overly experienced, but... I think you are..." Fabulous? Perfect? Fun? Exhilarating? Exciting? Everything I need? "Top ten. Hell, maybe even top five."

Shuichi laughed, and soon they rolling around on the bed like they used to, and even their nudity didn't alter the cadence of their interaction.

Hiro couldn't pinpoint the second when Shuichi had slipped away from him, when Shuichi stopped being his, and started to be just with him, but he didn't waste time regretting it.

He would always be the one to know Shuichi best. Always.