title: Battered
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Heero/Duo, Wu Fei
rating: Teen/Mature
warnings: brutal sex, dubious consent
summary: ...Heero is a bastard sometimes.
notes: this is kraken's ficlet on demand... tho she may demand a rebate. >_< and apparently, i'm redefining ficlet to suit my verbose nature... heh.
this fic is DARK. as in, bad things happen solely for the fun of bad. most likely, no one should read this fic. this is definitely not minion-approved, ie, for those you who like fluffy and happy... steer clear!
you have been warned. (as a sideline, i'd like to blame kraken, as it was her ficlet request, but... yeah, i kinda ran with it, didn't i? eep.)

He knew what he was doing, even if he wasn't sure why. Heero would already be mad at him for just talking to Wu Fei, so, naturally, he needed to flirt with the other man. Wu Fei's eyes darted uncertainly from Duo to Heero, on the other side of the room, his fingers clutching his glass tightly enough to crack it. No, Duo didn't know why he had to push so hard, but then, he knew that Heero would be able to give as good as he got.

It was always the same with them. Constantly testing each other, constantly going that one step beyond the limits... Everyone could see that they just complicated things too much, but they couldn't seem to stop. Like Duo couldn't seem to stop from leaning in and hugging Fei, kissing his cheek as he pulled away, or swaying his hips as he walked over to Heero, knowing that every eye in the room was on him.

It wasn't his choice to wear the net t-shirt, or the skintight leather pants with the laces running up the sides. He would never voluntarily go out in public dressed like this, nor would he ever choose what would inevitably happen next, but he was as much an architect of their life together as Heero was.

Everyone could see that Heero was going to leave bruises as he grabbed Duo's forearm and dragged him away from the party. Duo loved moments like these, when he could play the innocent and let people believe that Heero was some sort of ogre, no matter how much he regretted it later.

Heero was muttering as they got to the car, and Duo didn't try to understand him. It didn't matter if it was part of the game, words like that still hurt, and he would hear them enough before the night was over. Heero threw Duo at the car while he fished his keys out, and Duo made no attempt to straighten himself up. He curled around his bruised abdomen, and waited for Heero to shove him into the car.

They had a rhythm, and it was only when he disturbed the rhythm that he really got hurt.

He waited in the passenger's seat for Heero to come around and get in the driver's seat. He put his hands on the dashboard and leaned forward, feeling the sudden rush of anticipation chill him. Heero started the car without looking at Duo, who was watching every twitch of rage that contorted Heero's handsome face.

Duo felt great sympathy for anyone who had stood against Heero in the war these days.

Heero reached over, under Duo's arms, and pulled out the silver handcuffs from the glove compartment. Duo shivered, waffling.

"No, Heero, I don't like this game..."

"No one asked you, slut. Now put your hands behind your back."

Duo moved slowly, earning him a glare of contempt, but he did as he was told. Heero cuffed him tightly, pinching his wrists with the metal clasps. Duo felt his heart start to pound, and the blood rushed to his temples.

Heero put the car into gear, and grabbed the back of Duo's head, shoving Duo's face into his lap.

"Open my pants with your teeth."

Duo swallowed hard. As usual, Heero was driving fast and hard, hitting curves at full speeds. Duo had no control over his body from this position, his legs virtually useless for anything but keeping him in his seat. The pressure on the back of his head tightened to near blinding, and he reached out. The thick taste of cotton assaulted his tongue, making him feel queasy, and he pulled the button loose fast. The zipper was easier, though it required him to shove his nose into Heero's cotton briefs. Heero's hand massaged the back of his head, pressuring and goading him. He could smell Heero's excitement now.

It was the most uncomfortable position in the universe to be doing this in, with his legs holding him in place, his arms stuck behind him, and the hand on his neck pushing him down. The car swerved, hitting another curve hard, and Duo tried to not visualize the road up to their house.

"Just do it already, damn it."

Duo couldn't wait any longer. Heero's cock was poking out of his briefs, and it only took a bit of stretching before Duo could slip the head into his mouth. Soon, he had no more control of what was going on as Heero pushed his face up and down, his hips rocking in the seat. Heero was grunting, and Duo shut his eyes, trying to put himself anywhere but where he was, keeping his mouth lax and his throat open.

He still felt raw and abused. There was just no way around it. He felt Heero's balls tighten up against his cheek, and for a moment, he thought it might almost be over, but then Heero yanked him off, tossing him aside.

Duo twisted uncomfortably, unable to do anything more than just be tossed around. Miraculously, Heero was spinning into their driveway, somehow getting them home safely. Heero turned the car off, still hard as a rock in his seat. He touched himself, arching against the seat as he did, his eyes half-lidded.

Duo cursed himself, unable to quell the feeling of passion the sight of Heero stirred in him.

"What are you doing?"

Heero growled. "Shut up. I can't stand to listen to you speak." He jerked the car door open, and was out in a flash, using his coat to shield himself. He came around, flinging Duo's door open, then grabbing him by the arm and dragging him out. He dragged Duo up the front steps and into the foyer, then tossed him into the living room.

"You like to play the whore, and flirt with all the boys? You think you can make me jealous? Ha! It's pity that makes me keep your sorry, scrawny ass around."

That stung, but Duo turned away from Heero so that he couldn't see how close he had hit.

"You want to be a whore, that's fine. I can fuck you like a I'd fuck a whore." He picked Duo up by the hair and tossed him face down over the back of the couch. He ripped Duo's pants down the sides, and tore them away from his legs. Duo heard him spit into his hands, hocking a big one, and he cringed. Immediately, he started to take deep breaths, visualizing himself riding a speedboat over choppy waters, and he went limp, relaxing all his muscles as best he could.

It was minimal help, at best. When Heero slammed into him, it still hurt. It hurt like fucking hell, and Duo bit his lip to keep from screaming. It kept hurting, too, but eventually, the pain was coming in waves, and he could ride it. It still sucked, having sex when he wasn't at all aroused, but a haze covered his thoughts, and it got a little better.

Then Heero grunted hard, digging his hands into Duo's waist, and he pulled out just in time to cover Duo's ass with his semen.

He pulled away, ripping off the back of Duo's shirt to clean himself. There was just the sound of Heero's heavy breathing filling the room, and Duo started to shiver with cold.

Heero pulled Duo down, letting him fall on the ground, and then he straddled him, leaving Duo feeling trapped. Heero dug his hands into Duo's hair, and he pulled hard on fistfuls of now loose hair. "Admit it. You loved it, every second of it, you little whore. Didn't you? Didn't you? Speak!"

Duo cleared his throat. "I... I loved it."

"This is what you wanted, isn't it? This is why you push me, make me jealous. You filthy little tramp. You wanted this, didn't you?"

Duo tried to close his eyes, tried to look away, but Heero just banged his head on the floor. "Ye-yes, I want it. God damn it, Heero, I want it."

Heero savagely attacked Duo's raw, bleeding lips. "You want to be rutted like an animal, don't you? Say it. Tell me that you're a whore."

There were tears in Duo's eyes, but he didn't know where they came from, or what they were doing there. "Ye-Yeah, I... I wanted it. Please."

"Say it. What are you?"

"I'm... I'm..." Duo's heart was pounding in his chest, and his vision was blurry. "I'm a whore. A whore." He turned his head, now that Heero had relaxed his grip a bit, and closed his eyes, feeling the liquid spill over his cheeks. He whispered, "I'm your whore."

Heero stood up. "Damn fucking straight you are."

Duo watched as Heero started to walk away. He could ask to be released, but that would lead to being turned down. Anyway, once he'd gotten himself together a bit, he shouldn't have any trouble with them.

"Admit it," Duo called after Heero hoarsely. "You'd rather be here, with me, than there, with her."

Heero paused, and turned, just a little, just enough for Duo to see his tight, Mona Lisa smile.

Duo listened to Heero's steps as they echoed up the stairs. It almost shamed him that the smile was enough to make the night worthwhile, almost.