title: Bad Dreams
fandom: GetBackers
characters/pairings: vague Ban/Akabane, vague Ginji/Akabane, suggestive Ban/Ginji, Hevn, Natsumi
rating: Teen
warnings: mentioned bloodplay
summary: Ban is hunted. (Bloody Kisses Ficlet)
notes: wow, that's a lame summary... *coughs* this is for my darlingest Bry, his Bloody Kisses Ficlet Giveaway. ^_^ it's prolly not quite what he was looking for, but that will only encourage him to write fic of his own. ^^_ this would be set around episode 30ish, only because that's just about as far as i've seen. ^_~

He crawled on his belly. He could see him, maybe fifty feet ahead. He just needed to get to him. He hadn't seen Ginji move, but that didn't mean anything... all the blood surrounding him didn't mean that he was dead. They might still have time.

He felt the searing, slicing kiss of the red energy blade across his back. A low, sensual, sinister chuckle that slithered through the air sent chills across his skin. "Ah, still trying to reach your partner... how touching. I think you may have lied to me, Midou Ban." A pressure on him, and he was flipped to his back, a sharp knee in his belly putting pressure on his wounds. "You told me that you defeated the Thunder Emperor." Dr. Jackal's eyes were mere slits, his lips curled into a devious grin that revealed the points of his long fangs. "Did you really? Because you've been such a disappointment to me..."

He'd already used his Evil Eye three times. It might have been worth the risk to try it again, but it was hard to see straight anyway. It was hard to breathe with the Jackal sitting on his stomach.

He just needed to get to Ginji again... They might still have time...

Akabane slid his hands up Ban's chest, pushing up his shirt as he did. He sighed contentedly. "Not that I can really complain. Ginji-kun was very accommodating, really. He helped me discover my true power. And you know, I always suspected it was something like this... Ah, his blood was electric! So exciting! Of course, you know what it's like to penetrate his flesh, drink deep of his marrow... Exhilarating, isn't it?"

Ban tried to curse the Jackal. He tried to work the words out of his throat, to spit blood in the devil's face and spite him with his last breath. He tried, at any rate.

Akabane tore his shirt away, slithering down to lick his way up to Ban's neck. "Mm, yes, Ginji-kun was very sweet, very hot... I'm afraid I got a little carried away with him. He was just too desirable..." He licked Ban's face, running his teeth across Ban's cheek, cutting him lightly. He kissed away the blood. "It is a shame, I know... Who knows what undiscovered potential I might have been able to tap into had I kept him alive? Don't worry, Ban-chan..." Akabane grinned down at him. "I won't make that mistake with you."

It all happened so fast. He didn't even have time to think before his neck was being ripped open. He barely had time to close his eyes before his thoughts all swam away.

He didn't even have time to think about Ginji one last time.

Just one minute!!!

"Gah!!!!!!" Ban stumbled and fell out of the bathroom, landing on his nose.

Natsumi, Hevn, and Ginji stared down at him, Natsumi looking over the rim of Ban's purple sunglasses.

Ginji gulped. "Eh, heh, you didn't look in the mirror, did you, Ban?"

"Shut up!"

"Did you have a nice dream?"

"Shut up!!"

Ginji sighed. "Ba~an-chan, you wasted one opportunity! What if we need it for Hevn's new assignment?"

"Shut up!!"

Hevn and Natsumi giggled. Natsumi was much more discreet, since she didn't have Hevn's natural defenses against unruly men, and also because she wanted to appear innocent until she divested herself of Ban's glasses.

Ban struggled to find some way to blame Ginji, just so that he could put the knucklehead in a headlock. It was just so good to see him again...