title: Artificial Light
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Heero/Duo, Duo/Trowa
rating: Teen
warnings: sex, adultery
summary: Duo drifts between choices.
notes: this is for Lethanon, because she is so super awesome and neat, and she made me a song. *glee* hope this suits, luv!

The sprinkler was making that cush-cush-cush noise. He loved that noise; it was so domestic. He sat down on the front steps, feeling the crunch of pain that sent aftershocks of heat through his groin. He leaned back on his palms, letting the cement bite into him, like hard, heavy sandpaper. The artificial sun was shining brightly, making rainbows in the arc of the water.

It was all so domestic, right down to Heero pushing a manual mower through the tall grass of their parkway.

The shower was running inside. Duo was in need of a shower himself, but he could still feel the hands on his body. He closed his eyes and let the artificial heat seep into his skin.

...the hot rush of pressing skin against skin, those strong hands holding him in place, those steely green eyes glaring down at him, the thighs pushing his legs too far apart, the tongue on his neck, the teeth on his ear, the blinding pressure that slowly built with each pounding thrust, nearly sending him off the bed...

Duo grinned, leaning back. At this rate, he was going to get himself started again. He pulled out the cigarettes from his pocket, and quickly lit up. He closed his eyes and drew out a long drag, letting his lungs burn.

"You shouldn't smoke."

Duo cracked open one eye to regard Heero's disapproving gaze. He smiled and shrugged one shoulder. "No, I shouldn't."

Heero grunted, and sat down next to him. Heero brushed his hands out between his legs, scowling down at the ground. His shirt was filthy with sweat, and there was an earthy, fresh smell to him, beneath the musk of his body odor.

Duo felt like laughing. He was just as sweaty, just as earthy, but the musk was deeper.

...deep, rumbling voice, nearly growling in his ear, begging, demanding, pushing, so damned sexy, and the way he moved his body, the way his muscles were so fluid, the way he could contort into any position, the way the stomach pressed against his own would churn when he dug his nails into the flesh above him, dragging it down, needing to taste...

"What were you and Trowa doing for so long?"

Heero seemed so far away. The fake sun and the grass and the cement steps all seemed a million miles away. He was still upstairs in the bedroom.

"You sounded like you were in pain."

Heero was picking at his fingernails, cleaning them with obsessive fastidiousness. Duo watched him closely, listening to the way the tone of his voice echoed. "Were you listening, Heero?"

Heero shrugged with half his body, his facial expression almost petulant. He was not looking at Duo for a reason. "You were really loud. I was... I was going to check on you..."

Duo laughed, bringing the cigarette up to his lips halfheartedly. "You should watch sometime. Might be really hot."

Heero watched Duo quizzically, but he clearly didn't understand. Duo had to look away to keep from laughing harder.

...it was always the same, always the same flirtation, the same excuses, like a mask they halfheartedly put on, just barely covering their eyes, the arms around his waist were so strong, so long, and his body seemed tuned to the vibrations of his lover, and he could try to pretend that it was just his body, just his legs wrapping around slim hips, just hands ripping away clothing, just lips touching lips, but that was never enough, not until he said it, not until he made lie to his ordinary life, but what could he do, he pled, begging for mercy like dropping a bucket in a broken well, could he just turn away a friend who was so lost, he would ask, but nothing really matter once those fingers started to prepare him, because he would deny Heero and Solo and Father Maxwell and Sister Helen just so that he could burn under that emerald fire...

"I put some flowers in the vase."

Duo looked over his shoulder, as if he could see through the walls of the little cottage, as if he could see the blue glass vase in the middle of the butcher block kitchen table, sitting and reflecting the rays of the sun.

"Daisies. Just what you like."

Duo actually hated daisies, but Heero never remembered that. Duo liked lilacs, if there had to be flowers in the house. Or violets. Sometimes, he liked roses, but only if the thorns had been removed.

Otherwise, they hurt when you rolled over them in bed.

..fingers combing through his hair, and normally he hated that, hated having his hair down at all, hated having other hands touching it, making the time between washing it shrink with each caress, but there was tenderness in the gesture, and he liked that, he liked this space between the fire and the ice, between the time when words evaporate into the air with the steam wafting off their flesh, and the time when there are too many words, and always the same damn words, the questions he didn't have answers to, how did he know how long Heero would want to stay, how was it his fault if Heero wanted to sleep in the same bed, it's not like they ever did anything, Heero was like a child, shyly blushing as he offered his hand, and it was sweet, and sure, Duo felt some obligation, but it didn't keep his knees locked together when Trowa shoved him against the wall...

"It smells bad." Heero waved his hand before his face, scowling at the cigarette. "Why do you do that whenever Trowa comes over?"

Duo smiled a little and shrugged. "Sometimes, you just need what you need, Heero."

Footsteps behind them, echoing off the boards that were a little too far apart, like boardwalk. Trowa stepped between them, pausing just long enough to take the cigarette from Duo's lips, his fingers brushing up against Duo's skin, smelling clean, like soap. "Ain't that the truth." He waved with two fingers and his thumb, not looking back as he strode confidently to his car.

Duo watched him go, his eyes half-lidded as he focused on the round, pert ass.

Heero scooted closer to Duo, touching the side of his hand to Duo's hand. "I didn't know that Trowa smoked."

"Sometimes," Duo sighed, smiling vaguely as Trowa drove away. "I think I'm going to take a shower, ok?"

"Ok," Heero agreed nervously. "I was going to cook tonight. I planned a surprise."

"That's nice," Duo yawned as he stood up, stretching out. It was nice, because Heero was always nice, but Trowa had gotten him dirty and tired, and he couldn't really think about the niceness just then. He stared into the globe of artificial light above them until his vision was bleached away.

He had twisted his back, and he needed to let it soak in the hot water, so he slouched past Heero and went back inside.