title: After School Special
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Roy, Titans
rating: Teen/Mature
warnings: sex
summary: Roy has ideas on how to help Dick relax...
notes: this is because rithy plants ideas in my head, the naughty girl... and to prove that i still can write smut... i know i can!!
continuity: damn. sometime when they are teen titans? i guess that would make them 17 - 19... so, er, beware of that...
this can, one day, be considered a prequel to a Dick/Roy story that i will write!!

Dick was flat on his back, his arms spread out, his knees bent. If Roy had ordered a wet dream, it wouldn't have been this good...

Suddenly aware of a wetness and a warmth, Dick opened his eyes and tilted his head up. "Roy?"


"What are you doing?"

"I'm licking the inside of your thigh."

"Oh." That didn't seem right, but it was hard to argue with such bluntness. "Why?"

"It looked tasty."

Aghast, "I'm all sweaty!"

"Here," Roy leaned over Dick's body readily, "Try." Quick as an arrow, he kissed Dick hard, his tongue pushing past Dick's teeth before he could think about it.

Looking up into Roy's eyes, so close to his own, Dick panted a little. "Is anyone else around?"

A tiny flicker of something like hurt slipped into Roy's eyes before he grinned down at Dick. "Just you 'n' me, Baby Robin." He dipped his mouth down, biting Dick's collarbone lightly.

"Aaa. Oh, good..." Dick's hands were drawn to the gravitational field of Roy's body, brushing his neck before finding passage into Roy's hair. "But, you didn't really say why..."

Roy's hands slide up Dick's tank, revealing the sweaty chest, the heaving stomach. "I think you need to loosen up before you blow a gasket, man."

"Ah." Dick pulled Roy's head close enough for a rough kiss, his thighs capturing one of Roy's to grind. "So you're here as a friend, to teach me to be more like you."

Roy was breathing hard now, glad that Dick was too. "Yeah. Something like that."

Dick leaned up long enough for Roy to toss away his shirt. "Ok." With a quick spin of his hips, he had Roy underneath him, his own groin flat against Roy's. "Let's go, then, arrow breath."

Roy laughed as he let Dick devour his chest, his laughs punctuated and abbreviated by gasps as Dick's hand found it's way into his shorts. He forgot about all the little details that made things less than perfect as skin touched skin, and flesh met flesh, as hearts pounded in arrhythmic, staccato beats, pumping blood that rushed hot through wide open veins...

Like the vein under his cock, under Dick's tongue, and for a boy who could be pretty repressed, he was a marvel with his lips and his tongue and that hot little mouth...

But that wasn't where he wanted to be, oh no, not by a long shot, no no no, so they tumbled and they pushed, their lips magnetically attracted to the taste of flesh, the need for sweat, the decadent want of teenaged lust untouched by any interfering thoughts or feelings...

Dick walked naked to the lockers, where he found lotion. Only Dick could find lotion at a time like this. It was sometimes a good idea to fuck a detective trained by the bat. Always thinking, in some part of his brain that was locked away from what he was doing, always planning...

Roy pushed in, his blood and his nerves and his flesh reminding him of all the little things he might otherwise forget, like timing. Pressure filled his world, now confined to less than a foot of flesh and the tight heat it was traveling in...

Hands grabbed haphazardly, occasionally hitting their mark, needing flesh, little vampire fingers feeding on the heat and the sweat and the tactile delights that no one was cognizant enough to appreciate...

Roy watched as Dick grabbed his own cock, and it made little explosions in his brain ricochet around his skull, Dick Grayson, Robin, Boy Wonder and all around perfect little man, grabbing his red cock, his face contorted in that effortless blend of concentration and bliss...

From heat to air, they lay side by side on the mats, breathing.

Trying to remember to breathe.

"Ok, there's only one last item of Titans business, and then it's movie time." Wally fidgeted in his seat, trying to will Dick to talk faster. "It's only about Tower improvement. We, uh, need more mats for the gym. Ours keep, um, wearing out."

"It's not my fault!" Wally was on his feet quickly, pleading with his leader. "I hardly ever work out here!"

"I know," Dick smiled placating. "We just, uh, need to get better quality mats, I think."

Roy snorted, and Dick blushed.

And only Donna noticed, her eyes narrowing.