title: Addiction
fandom: FAKE
characters/pairings: Dee/Ryo, Bicky
rating: Teen
warnings: blood
summary: Ryo is swept away by Dee. (Bloody Kisses Ficlet)
notes: Bloody Kisses Ficlet, for my darling rithy. Ryo is swept away by Dee.
i hate writing in present tense. i make way too many mistakes when i do. >_< sorry, and sorry for the mistakes i didn't catch...

Just a brush of hands. That's always the first step. It's a slippery slope, he knows. He should stop it now, before it is anything.

But it's just a brush of hands.

And then the spark in Dee's eyes when he knows Ryo won't pull away. The feral grin and the sharp, questing eyes. Small steps at first, but it's not that far from being horizontal on the couch with his hands on Ryo's skin and his tongue diving into Ryo's mouth. And oh, oh, he should be careful, so careful... But it was just a brush of hands. A shared glance. A smile. A whiff of cologne. The way he drags his body across Ryo's to pick up the remote. His mouth on Ryo's, and his hands everywhere...

There is a line. Ryo is more aware of the line than anyone gives him credit for; he knows that it is there, he can still see it. As long as he can still see it, they're safe, right?

Dee's fingers pop open his jeans, and Ryo is now looking at the back end of the line.

He tries to resist, tries to pull back, but then Dee drives his leg up between Ryo's, and latches his mouth only Ryo's earlobe... Ryo always did have sensitive ears.

The world washes over in red, and the sound of Dee's heart pounding is just too much. Ryo's cries out, and maybe it's a warning, or maybe it's a promise, but either way, Dee drives his hand into Ryo's pants, and it's game over.

Ryo isn't aware of flipping Dee over. He isn't aware of biting into his neck. He doesn't even hear Dee scream.

The sweet, intoxicating sinful taste of life bursts across his tongue, his teeth feel the heat of a live vein, and for a moment, the world is nothing more than the red, tribal beat of Dee's slowing heart.

Ryo has never killed. Not once, and he's been tempted. But he was never so in lust before with anyone. He misjudged his limit, just a little, and the beat became so faint, he could barely hear it.

From red, the world turns to black and white. Everything is clearly demarcated, and mute. He can't hear anything, can't feel anything. The call goes through fast, because 'officer down' brings the strobes like right that fucking minute. He didn't hear the sirens, or the rush of stomping feet coming up the stairs.

He was listening for Dee's breath to come back.

There was never any ice as cold as his heart. He waited in the narrow room with blue chairs that looked grey to him for nearly an hour. He was sure that he wasn't alone, but he didn't know anyone who was there. Even when he was looking right into Bicky's eyes, he still didn't recognize him.

He won't be able to breathe again until he can see Dee. No one even thinks to get in his way, not even the well-intentioned nurse with sharp, bleary eyes. Dee's hands are now cold, and they don't move on their own, but the monitor next to the bed is beeping, and it brings pale color back to Ryo's eyes.

Sweeter sound man never did hear.

And he still has blood on his teeth. If anyone notices, they say nothing. Maybe it's the thrall, but Ryo doesn't care. He only cares about the man he loves enough to nearly kill. He should leave; obviously, he can't be trusted. But he is rooted to the spot until he sees Dee's eyes open again.

He should get out of Dee's life, before something catastrophic happens, but Dee grins at him and says that it's all ok, and Ryo is weak enough to let it slide.

Because he still has Dee's blood on his teeth, and he knows that he's going to need to have more soon.