title: All That You Can't Leave Behind
fandom: Fushigi Yuugi
characters/pairings: reincarnation: Nuriko/Hotohori, Nuriko/Nakago, Miaka/Tamahome, one-sided Tasuki/Kouji, Tasuki/Chichiri, Chiriko/Kourin, Mitsukake, one-sided Tomo/Nakago, Yui, Amiboshi/Suboshi, Nakago/Soi, Yui/Tetsuya, Keisuke
rating: Teen/Mature
warnings: mentioned underaged sex, mentioned rape of an underaged boy, drinking, swearing, sex, angst, incestual implication, some bloodshed, crossdressing, and a happy ending
summary: The seishi have been reincarnated, and are coming together... and living in the same house.
notes: see notes

Part 17 - The Part with not much in it

Ryuen padded down the stairs, hitching Saihitei's silky pajama bottoms up higher. It was too late at night for him to be worried about anyone seeing him with his pants down, but he didn't want to trip and fall on his face.

His hair swished back and forth across his shoulder blades, his skin pleasantly sensitive. He rolled his shoulders, stretching out the muscles.

He was having a good night.

But, he was thirsty. Saihitei was thirsty. They had had a heated discussion about who would be the one to relieve their thirst.

Now, he was even thirstier, and Saihitei was asleep.

So, he was volunteered to go down to the kitchen to get something to drink by default.

He didn't mind. The 'discussion' has gone wildly in his favor, after all.

Pulling a huge bottle of water out of the fridge, he swallowed long and hard, tilting his head back and letting the water pour into him, his throat greedily sucking it all in. Saihitei's pajama bottoms sagged slightly, and his hair clung to his bare back. He thought that it was too bad Saihitei wasn't there to enjoy the view.

A small sound of a throat clearing brought his eyes to the table, causing him to jump back and spill water over his chest.

Kourin blushed and bent her head down slightly, trying to hide the pink in her cheeks. She tugged the oversized t-shirt, hugging herself. Tucking a purple curl behind her ear, she smiled. "Heya Ry-chan. Are those Sai's pj's?"

Horror slid through Ryuen's slim frame, as he suddenly became hyper aware of his appearance. Shallowly trying to cover his chest with his arms, he found himself unable to face his sister. Shame quickly chased away the horror and took up residence, his feet slipping back to try to wedge his body into a small corner. "Ko-Kourin! Wha... What are you... I'm... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... I was thirsty and I..."

Kourin smiled, rueful. "You look like you've been... busy tonight. Don't mind me, please." Bringing her legs up, she tucked them under her chin and hugged her calves tightly.

Ryuen's face fell, his heart hammering in his chest. Why did it have to be like that? Why was his relationship with Kourin breaking? He loved his sister with all his heart, why would this one thing damaged?

Wait... What was Kourin doing here at four am??

Ryuen's head shot up. "Hey! What are you doing here, anyway?"

Kourin blushed, smiling. "Um... I was sleeping over with Do-kun." Ryuen's eyes got wide and angry, his hands going to his sides in fists. "No! Not like that, psycho-boy!" Kourin giggled, feeling relieved for some reason. "We were having a kung fu movie marathon, and then I was gonna sleep in his room. He's in Myojuan's room, since he's with Shouka this week. So stop looking like you're gonna go down there and kick my boyfriend's ass!"

Ryuen relaxed, smiling and feeling more normal now. "Wait... did you say boyfriend? He's your boyfriend? Why didn't I know about this?"

Kourin's feet went to the floor again. "It... happened since Valentine's Day."

"I'm sorry, Kourin-chan." Ryuen smiled at his sister. "I'm so happy for you! He's the boy I would have designed for you! Smart, respectful, with prospects..."

"Well, don't go marrying me off yet, Ry-chan!" Kourin teased behind her bangs. "We're still pretty young."

Ryuen sat down next to her at the table, taking one of the cookies Kourin had in front of her. "So... dish! What been going on? Where have you been? What has he tried? If he's put his hands under your shirt..."

"Relax, killer." Kourin swiped his arm playfully. From the corner of her eye, she admired the angle of his shoulder. "We've just been having coffee, after school. He's helped me with some of my homework, and talked about his work. We went to the movies. I... I kissed him. First. He's..." She was blushing madly now, but the words just bubbled out of her. She was so excited to be talking to her brother about this. She had missed him. "He's really sweet. He... understands me. Isn't he great?" She was biting her bottom lip like she did when she was nervous, saying that last remark as if it were a real question.

Ryuen smiled warmly. "He is. If he wasn't, I'd be kicking his ass right now."

Kourin beamed, resting her chin on her palms lazily. "He really is great. He makes me giggle over the silliest things. And he loves to just talk to me about anything at all. In fact..." she watched Ryuen from under his bangs, "we've decided that we're going to go to Hokkaido University together. I'm going to study veterinary medicine, and he's going to get his law degree. Neat, huh?"

Ryuen almost winced at how uncertain she sounded. He'd always known that his sister depended on him, but until recently he'd had no idea how much. Composing himself for a proper response, Ryuen disappointed himself when he said, "Oh. Hokkaido is really far north." At her deflated expression, he brought himself up to try again. "Well. You'll just have to email me every day. And call me at least three times a week. And, I've never been much for nature photography, but I'll have to go up for working visits. And, I know how hectic school can get, but you'll have to come home from time to time. Mom and Dad will go nuts if you don't."

Kourin would have jumped in his lap and hugged him until he couldn't breathe anymore, except she wasn't sure if she could anymore. Smiling brightly, she took Ryuen's hands and wove her fingers with his. "I promise, Ry-chan. I'll keep in touch."

Ryuen brought her hands up to his lips. "He better take good care of you, sis. Otherwise, he'll wish he did."

They sat and munched on cookies and drank milk until the morning broke, pouring pale light through the kitchen windows.

A bleary Saihitei stumbled in just after that, his chestnut hair spilling into his face. "Ry? I woke up and you weren't there..."

Kourin smiled, watching her brother blush happily at the sight of his lover sitting down next to him and resting his head on Ryuen's shoulder.

Ryuen brushed the hair away from Saihitei's face. "Sorry, Sai-love. Came down to find my baby sister here, so I needed to keep her busy so she wouldn't be tempted to make trouble downstairs." He winked at Kourin, smiling.

She smiled back, feeling a lot more like normal. Getting up, she winked at Saihitei, who was watching her through sleepy eyes tilted, giving him an innocent, childish appearance. "I'm going to go to sleep. I think you boys should be in bed now, anyway."

Ryuen chuckled softly. "We should always be in bed."

Making an exaggerated kissing sound, she cheerfully waved goodbye to the two cuddling boys.

Sai leaned up and kissed Ry's ear softly. "You and Kourin seem to be getting better."

Ry placed his temple against Sai's forehead, smiling unseen. "Yeah."

Sai took Ry's hands and kissed them, holding them against his chest. "I'm glad."

Ry placed one foot inside of Sai's two feet, smiling deeply. "Yeah."

Saihitei licked on his vanilla ice cream cone thoughtfully. It was hard to hide his nerves behind the cool treat, as it melted and dripped over his fingers unbeknownst to him.

Ayuru watched the growing mess with no small amount of amusement.

The fourth round of the archery tourney was coming to a close, and Ryuen was still well in the lead. That was expected.

The fifth round would determine which archers would win the right to compete in the national archery tourney in two months.

Mr. and Mrs. Chou sat two rows down with Rokou. Kourin was gripping Saihitei's arm like it was a security blanket. The whole crowd was hushed, an unnatural quiet imbibing the air they breathed.

Saihitei could not get over how beautiful Ryuen looked on the field.

The fourth round finished, with Ryuen as the leader. Ryuen shook hands with a few of the eliminated archers as he took some water during the break. Kourin was animatedly chattering to Do-kun about Ryuen's technique and how he had the perfect mesh of style and grace. Miaka was taking orders for the next round of snacks. Taka and Genrou were arguing about which of them would be the better archer, if they so chose to pursue that.

Saihitei watched with neutral eyes as Ryuen kissed Kei on the cheek.

He knew that his love had no residual feelings for his former lover, but it still stung a little to see Ryuen sharing with someone else the same unaffected camaraderie that he shared with the fey archer. And it was obvious to Saihitei that the honey-blonde boy still had feelings for his love.

Saihitei wasn't worried. He didn't care that this boy, who some people thought was handsome but was no match for his beauty, was holding Ryuen's hands. It didn't matter to him that Ryuen brushed an unruly lock of hair out of Kei's eyes, and laughed at some stupid joke he made. Saihitei knew that Ryuen loved him, so it wasn't something that he needed to be worried about.

As soon as Kourin saw Kei walking towards them, she started to wave wildly and make room for Kei to sit with them.

That, Saihitei wasn't happy about.

Kei bowed to Mr. and Mrs. Chou, exchanging pleasantries and offering compliments. Kourin introduced him to all Ryuen's friends, making a special presentation of Do-kun. Kei narrowed his eyes and ignored Ayuru, who was smirking and leaning back with his arm around Kaen.

Then, Ryuen's ex-lover fixed his gaze on Saihitei.

"So." Kei's crystal-blue eyes were cold and slightly mocking. "You must be Saihitei. I don't see what's so great about you."

Saihitei gave Kei a regal sniff. "And you must be Kei. Ditto."

"Now boys!" Kourin giggled, holding onto Do-kun. "Play nice! We're all friends here..."

Ayuru chuckled. "Oh, yes, we're all very close..."

Kei sneered at him. "At least Ryuen's taste has improved. Moderately."

Saihitei made a gesture with his eyes that would have been dismissive if Kei were visiting in his court.

The final round seemed to stretch on forever to Saihitei, what with Miaka clinging to Kei and cooing about how brave he was to be so political and out.

Saihitei ground his teeth. As if Kei knew anything about politics...

Finally, Ryuen was joining the group with a sloppy grin on his face. After placing the shiny gold medal around his sister's neck with a kiss to her cheek, he shook his parent's hands, hugged his friends, gave Kaen and Ayuru a kiss, pecked Kei on the cheek...

And then he crawled into Saihitei's lap and started to nibble on his neck. "Oh, baby, I've been really good... Can I have a prize?"

Saihitei grinned, and started to tickle Ryuen wildly.

Over pizza, Saihitei held Ryuen's hands, and watched as Ryuen's parents and friends gave them quick looks throughout the celebratory dinner.

Accepting them and basking in their love.

At the end of the day, with Ryuen tucked in his arms, Saihitei brushed light fingers over porcelain-smooth skin.

He wondered what he had done to deserve the prize.

"It's too fuckin' hot to watch movies, man." Genrou munched on chips as he grumbled on the couch, his feet up as he slouched so that his head was level with Houjun's shoulder. "What's with this fuckin' heat anyway? And when's the fuckin' air gonna be fixed, man?"

Saihitei hid his scowl reasonably well. "The man is supposed to come tomorrow, Genrou."

"Relax, Gen-chan!" Ryuen smiled as he carried in more chips. "This is a really great movie. Hey, if ya gotta be hot, at least you can have some quality entertainment. And good company, of course." He leaned down to give Saihitei a kiss on the cheek, causing him to blush.

Genrou snorted. "Ya just like to wiggle yer cute little ass around Sai-kun in those tiny shorts."

Houjun smiled. Ryuen was wearing a pair of denim shorts that were so small and tight they doubled as Ryuen's skin. His t-shirt was cut off before it reached the shorts, and its arms were all wrung up.

He looked sexy and cute at the same time, and Saihitei was obviously enjoying it.

Ryuen stuck his tongue out, and as he put the chips in front of Genrou, he bent at the waist and jiggled his hips so that the denim stretched out over his ass just inches away from Genrou's face.

Genrou slapped Ryuen on the left cheek, laughing with Houjun. Saihitei stared, not sure whether he should be horrified or not.

"Hey!" Ryuen kept his ass sticking out, but turned his head so that he could give Genrou a saucy wink. "Watch the hands."

"Well don't stick somethin' in my face if ya don't expect me ta play with it." Genrou grinned, grabbing the waist of the shorts, giving a brief tug.

"Hey!" Saihitei sat up, fully deciding on being horrified. "Keep your hands to yourself!"

Ryuen giggled, rolling his eyes. "Yeah, Gen-chan..." He tossed his hair over his shoulder and straightened up, facing Saihitei. Then he pulled his shorts down, slapping his ass playfully. "That's Saihitei's. You have to ask permission before you can touch."

"Ryuen!" Saihitei jumped to his feet, and grabbed his love by the waist, pulling him close.

Genrou finally caught his breath, and started to laugh. "Fuck, Ry-chan, if you're gonna pull your pants down, at least turn around first!"

"Genrou!!" Saihitei was scowling. It left a wrinkle in his forehead, but he could bear that indignity.

"Or at least bend over to give us a better view," Houjun added philosophically.

"You people are perverts." Saihitei cuddled his love tight against his body, still scowling.

Ryuen apologized by nibbling on Saihitei's earlobe, gently. "Aw, Sai-love, we were just having some fun..."

"Fun does not mean you taking your clothes off." Saihitei tilted his head back slightly to give Ryuen better access.

"Aw, Sai-kun! You just wanna keep all the juicy naked Ry fun to yourself! That's not fair. Didn't your teachers ever tell you about the joys of sharing?" Genrou was trying not to giggle, but that little wrinkle in the former emperor's brow was just too damn funny.

Saihitei actually growled. It was such a funny sound that Ryuen started to laugh out loud.

"Man, Sai-love, I'm touched, really, but you shouldn't blow a gasket over something so silly. It's just a body, you know." Ryuen smiled small kisses against Saihitei's neck as he spoke.

"It's not just a body!" Saihitei grabbed Ryuen nearly roughly, his eyes blazing. "It's your body, and it's precious! You should know how precious it is. It's you."

Houjun and Genrou shared a meaningful look, which neither Ryuen nor Saihitei noticed because they were too busy kissing deeply.

After a minute, when Saihitei's hands began to roam, Genrou spoke up. "Oi! Oi!! Upstairs, you two! Like it isn't bad enough, not getting' any, without you two going at in my face. Upstairs, upstairs!"

Ryuen noticed Houjun's wistful look as he was giggling, though Saihitei missed it as he gathered Ryuen in his arms, standing up.

"Upstairs, then. Sounds like a great idea to me..."

Ryuen gave a small 'whoop!' as he was lifted up, but he was too busy laughing after that to make any real protest.

Until he was dropped heavily on the bed.

"Hey! A little more respect for the merchandise, please!" Ry was trying to be teasing, but Sai was definitely not in the mood.

"You should have more respect." Sai's voice was gruff and a little wild as he ripped the sheets off the bed. "It's too damn hot, too damn early in the year to be this hot..."

Ry leaned up and kneaded Sai's shoulders. "Relax, darling. I'm sorry if I upset you. It was just Genrou and Houjun." He hoped that he was being placating.

Sai frowned. "It doesn't matter. You shouldn't have to ask my permission, or get my forgiveness. But... I mean, what... why would you want to do that?"

Ry shrugged, tucking his legs under his body in an incongruously childish motion. "I dunno. It's just... I mean, I've been naked in public a bunch of times, I guess I just didn't think it was that big a deal."

Sai's eyes widened, before he swooped down and took Ry's mouth hard. Slipping his hands underneath the thin fabric of the t-shirt barely covering Ry, he started to undress his love. "Let me show you the big deal."

Ry wasn't sure what he was supposed to be seeing, but it involved him and Sai being naked together, which was always good. It involved Sai's mouth on his, hot needy kisses sucking at the air he was breathing, which was also good.

It involved Sai's wet fingers pushing inside of him, stretching him, which was good. It involved Sai's sweating chest to rub against his, which was very good.

It involved Sai's thick thighs and narrow hips to slamming against him, crashing him, which was beyond good.

It involved Sai's strong arms encircling him, pressing him tight against Sai's cut chest as they both tried to regain some sense of equilibrium, which was completely good.

It involved Sai's sweet kisses brushing against his sweaty neck and temple, Sai's soft voice whispering soothing words of love into his ears as Sai's elegant hands wove patterns of comfort across the skin covering his spine, which was perfectly good.

Ry wasn't sure if he saw anything any differently afterwards, but he was sure that it was good.

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