title: All That You Can't Leave Behind
fandom: Fushigi Yuugi
characters/pairings: reincarnation: Nuriko/Hotohori, Nuriko/Nakago, Miaka/Tamahome, one-sided Tasuki/Kouji, Tasuki/Chichiri, Chiriko/Kourin, Mitsukake, one-sided Tomo/Nakago, Yui, Amiboshi/Suboshi, Nakago/Soi, Yui/Tetsuya, Keisuke
rating: Teen/Mature
warnings: mentioned underaged sex, mentioned rape of an underaged boy, drinking, swearing, sex, angst, incestual implication, some bloodshed, crossdressing, and a happy ending
summary: The seishi have been reincarnated, and are coming together... and living in the same house.
notes: see notes

Part 10 - The Part with the Date

Since Ry and Sai had reinitiated their friendship, they had gotten back into the habit of staying up late together and talking. Since their relationship had evolved, this custom had taken on a few interesting new traits.

Such as Sai pressing himself against Ry on the couch in the common room at one in the morning, kissing desperately as they groped each other.

Ry was in heaven. He loved kissing, more than any other part of sex. It was the only part of sex that wasn't tainted by memories of being raped. Very few of his past relationships had relished kissing as he did. Ayuru thought it was something that got in the way of more interesting things. Kaen had been a great kisser, but they hadn't been together long. The long parade of girlfriends and boyfriends in high school had all tired of kissing once they realized that Ry would put out. In college, he himself had been too eager to enjoy kissing his partners with only a few exceptions. The one good thing he could say about Satomi was that she was a good kisser. And even that had soured after she began her 'little' deception. Kei was a fantastic kisser, and he loved to sit around kissing all afternoon. Even he had become impatient, though, once their relationship had gotten past a certain point.

Sai was by far the best kisser Ry had ever had pinning him down, and he was very pleased with the way things were working out. Of course, it was always possible that Sai would become as impatient as everyone else once they got into more intense displays of affection, but Ry didn't think so.

Sai loved kissing almost as much as he did.

So they spent almost an hour on the couch, ignoring their erections burning in their now way too tight pants, and kissed the night away.

It was bliss.

For Sai's part, he knew that he was still inexperienced and somewhat clumsy in some areas, but he also knew he had been a quick study in this area. Kissing was something that he was completely comfortable with, and enjoyed totally from the first touch of Ry's tongue against his own. He had applied himself wholeheartedly to the perfection of their kissing, and from the way the Ry was writhing and moaning underneath him, he was fairly certain he was progressing well.

For these moments, with his body and the body of the man he loved so tightly bound together, with his hands wrapped in that perfect silk of hair, and his mouth filled with that unique blend of taste and feel that was Ry's kiss, Sai felt like he was floating in a place without time.

It was beautiful.

Sai had always had a particular obsession with beauty.

Occasionally, he would whisper to Ry that maybe they shouldn't be making out on the couch like this, maybe they should go upstairs, but Ry would just smile. The thrill of potentially getting caught was the icing on the cake as far as the fey young man was concerned.

Of course, he didn't expect to actually get caught.

Kouji kicked open the front door unceremoniously, pushing a half-dead looking Genrou in with a shove of his shoulder. Looking in, he saw Saihitei and Ryuen on the couch, covering each other. With a disgusted snort, he dropped Genrou like a ton of bricks. "Well! Looks like this is where you belong!"

Genrou feebly grunted back at him, but Kouji was already out the door.

With a frustrated sigh, Ryuen shouldered Saihitei so that he moved, and got up to tend to Genrou.

"Gen-chan? Can you stand?" Ryuen lifted his head gently.

"Ry-chan? Izzat you, man?" Genrou was drooling.

"C'mon, Gen-chan. Time to go to the nice bed..." Ryuen made a valiant effort to lift Genrou, but he wasn't as strong as he used to be, and suddenly he found himself pressed up against the wall with a reeking Genrou in his face.

"Awww... Ry-chan, ya smell good, didja know that?" Genrou was grinning maniacally, taking deep, huffing breaths.

Saihitei took his shoulders, straightened the young man, and slipped an arm around his waist to steady him, all while managing to glare at him as an emperor disdainfully looking down on an unworthy subject.

"Sai-chan! Didn't see ya there, man! Aw, did I interrupt ya's guys? Sorry, man! But jeez, they way you two go at it, won't be long..." Genrou turned to Ryuen, who had taken his other side as they guided Genrou to bed. "Doesn't look like we're gonna get that fuck after all, huh, Ry-chan?"

Ryuen smiled up at him as Saihitei settled him into bed. Perhaps a little rougher than necessary. "Maybe next time, huh Gen-chan?"

Genrou grinned goofily, and then passed out.

Sighing, Ryuen lifted his legs to the bed and began to pull off his shoes and socks. "Get his jewelry, ok?" Ryuen wasn't even looking at Saihitei. He was too worried about their friend. Genrou just couldn't keep this up, he was killing himself...

Saihitei looked like he was perfectly willing to kill Genrou himself at that moment.

After they had gotten him under the covers, they went upstairs, got ready for bed, and met in Sai's room.

Ryuen was tying off the last of his braids, his brow knit in frustrated worry. It was too hard, watching his friend like this... He had to do something.

"What was that about, anyway? That boy is so irresponsible!" Saihitei wasn't worried. He was furious.

"Don't be mad, Sai-chan, he doesn't mean to..."

"He goes out and gets wasted every night! It's time he grew up, he can't keep this up..." Saihitei pulled the brush through his hair angrily.

"Sai-chan, please, Genrou is just..."

"Don't make excuses for him! What's going on between you two anyway? I always knew you two were close, and I could never figure that out! He's so crude and low, he hardly belongs with the rest of us! And his behavior of late is just further proof..."

"Seishuku Saihitei! How can you say such things! That's just awful! Genrou is our friend, and he was one of Suzaku's chosen in our past life! If you can't see for yourself what a genuinely good person he is, trust the god Hotohori used to pray to daily. Genrou has problems you don't know about. He's acting out, and yes, he has an addiction, but who among us can claim to be without fault? Shouldn't you at least try to understand why Genrou is acting this way before casting judgment on him?"

Sai was truly abashed. He stood, slack jawed, as Ry chastised him. "I... I... But Ry..."

"Sai. Please, try to be more understanding. I know what it's like to feel like he does. So hopeless and lost... He's being self-destructive, but that only means that we have to be better friends to him." Ry's brown-rose eyes pleaded with Sai, making it impossible for him to refuse.

If Ry had asked Sai at that moment to peel off his skin and eat it, he would.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Sai smiled gently. "I'm sorry, Ry. I guess... I was always a little jealous of Tasuki, because he and Nuriko became friends so quickly and so easily. I didn't mean the things I said. But... you seem to know more about this than I do..." Sai put his head down, as if to imply that he knew that he had no right to ask, and so he wouldn't, but it saddened him to be on the outside of Ry's confidence.

Sighing, Ry relented. Leaning against Sai, he spoke softly. "Don't tell anyone this, all right, because Genrou wouldn't want anyone, and I mean anyone to know. I shouldn't tell you, but since we are together... Look, Genrou is in love with Kouji. They're lovers, you see? But Kouji wants to believe that he is straight, so he tells Genrou that they are only fucking, and it's killing Genrou. Because he loves Kouji so much, and Kouji won't love him back."

"You mean... Genrou actually is gay? And all those times we teased him... That's awful." Sai held Ry lightly, letting the wheels turn in his head. So, Genrou was in love with his best friend, who didn't love him back. Sai could certainly relate to that...

"Yes. It is. So go easy on him, all right?" Ry loved being hugged almost as much as being kissed. It felt so safe in Sai's arms...

"Well, naturally. But... he can't keep this up, Ry."

"I know." Ry sounded unnaturally serious.

Sai felt relieved. Ry would know what to do. He always did.

Ryuen found himself outside a strange house, the angles too sharp and the colors too focused... It looked like a photograph that was badly developed. Actually, it reminded him of one of his first major failures in the darkroom...

He was inside the house, the harsh wooden walls and floors shining. There were noises from the other room, like chaos but hard to hear. He moved slowly towards the sound, not sure if he wanted to get closer or further away. Pushing open the sliding door in front of him, he was suddenly assaulted by a cacophony.

Children, everywhere, little screaming and crying and yelling and pushing children, dozens of them, all about 7 years old. Brown haired boys and purple haired girls and brown haired girls and purple haired boys, all struggling with each other and swarming into and around one another like they were in a hive. Ryuen turned to run away, when they seemed to see him. Tiny hands clutched at his shirt and jeans, crying "Daddy!"

Trying to disengage himself from the mass, he stumbled and tripped, until he fell, immediately covered by children. Most of them seemed to be crying.

Grabbing onto the shoulder of the purple haired boy with amber eyes next to him, he hauled himself up and started to move away, when he bumped into someone larger.

Saihitei, standing with his back to Ryuen, turned to look at him.

"Saihitei!" Ryuen gasped as soon as he saw him. "What happened to you?"

Saihitei started to cry. "Ryuen, you are so mean!" His bulbous belly jutted out and pushed Ryuen away. He was holding a frying pan and a remote control. "I slave away all day taking care of our children, and you don't even want to touch me anymore! You used to barely be able to take your hands off of me! You used to run your long, beautiful fingers down my back and kiss my nipples and make me moan, but whenever I get pregnant, you treat me like I have the plague! You don't think I'm beautiful anymore, but I'm still the most beautiful man that ever was, you know! And you never help out with any of our children! We have eighty-seven of them, Ryuen, I can't do it all myself! And I have another litter of twelve in here now, and I still have to cook all the remotes myself! You..."

Ryuen, panicked, was backing away until he was flush up against the wall. The wailing, fat Saihitei was too wrapped up in his rant to notice Ryuen slither through the door he found, closing it behind him. But all the children were still trying to get in, and the door was nearly undulating with the force of all those tiny hands crying for daddy. Saihitei's pathetic whimpers were still audible as well, causing Ryuen to shudder.

"What the hell...?"

"A very strange house you have here, Mr. Chou."

Ryuen started, violently, his head snapping up to see the man who was already in the room for the first time.

The very, very naked man with the brilliant red hair, who appeared to be on fire.

"A very strange house, indeed. But then, I suppose that's to be expected, really. Well, how are you, anyway?"

"Huh?" Under the circumstances, Ryuen thought it was a fairly intelligent reply.

The man smiled. Walking closer to Ryuen, "Please, don't feel the need to hold back with me, pet. I love you more than any other could, and I'm always with you." Reaching his hand up, he stroked the smooth skin of his cheek gently. Ryuen wondered that he wasn't burnt. He couldn't see for a moment due to the flames. "I miss you. How have you been?"

"Oh, you know, same old, same old... I have a lot of children, I guess..."

The man smiled, the most brilliant smile Ryuen had ever seen. "You know who I am, don't you?" At Ryuen's blank, still panicked look, he continued. "Surely you remember me. I know your memories of the time between would be less distinct, but you must know your god... You were my chosen, I put my strength in your heart." His hand dropped to cover Ryuen's heart, and Ryuen could feel the willow symbol burning hot under that glorious hand. "You were my favorite, and so I put my strength in your heart. I, the god of fire and passion, gave your heart all the strength that I could, and yet your heart was always much stronger than I could ever make. No matter how many times it gets broken, you always manage to put it back together again... I wish it could be easier for you."

Ryuen almost cried seeing the anguish in those amazing eyes. "Don't worry about me, Suzaku-sama... I'll be all right. I always am, aren't I?"

"Yes, you are, Nuriko, aren't you?" He smiled at Ryuen, and leaned down and kissed him, hard, pushing their bodies together and slipping his hands down Ryuen's body, setting him on fire and burning his soul with passion.

"It's time to wake up, sleepyhead."


Sai pushed the errant purple braids out of Ry's face and kissed him again. "It's time to wake up. The alarm rang three times already."

"Then I have two more rings..." Ry tried to push his face down into the pillow, but Sai's strong arms around him pulled him up.

"Goof! You have to get up!" Sai was smiling as he chastised. Kissing Ry's ear and running his hand down his flank, Sai tried again. "C'mon, baby, you have to be in the darkroom to finish your project that's due tomorrow, remember?"

Ry groaned in response. "Oh, take a shower with me?" Ry grinned that grin, hoping to tempt. "We could have breakfast together at that crepe place..."

"But I don't have to be in class for three hours." Sai smiled as he ran his finger down Ry's pretty little nose.

Ry pouted, very prettily, for a moment, and then he thought of something. "We haven't been out together yet."


"We haven't been out in public as a couple yet." Ry turned so that he was facing Sai.

"Well, we've only been together for less than five days, Ry. Besides, we have had lunch at the quad together..."

"That doesn't count as going out, Sai. We should go out together. Oh! I know! They're showing Lilies at the Gay Cultural Center tomorrow night. We should go! Dinner and movie! The perfect first date!" He couldn't quite contain his snickers.

Sai tried not to shudder. "There's a Gay Cultural Center?"

"See, and that's another thing! It wouldn't have been so hard for you to deal with being gay if you'd only realize that there was a whole community out there for you! It's time to join in, Sai."

"I hardly think it would have made anything any easier for me." At Ry's raised eyebrow, he continued at a furious pace. "You don't know, because your parents are so... so... great! My father hates me now! And my mother doesn't like me much, either. How could anything make that better?"

Ry just rolled his eyes. "You think your coming out was so awful, and because of that, the community can't help you? Please. When Ayuru's dad found out he was sleeping with me, he beat the shit out of him. And of course, Ayuru being Ayuru, he fought back. They both ended up in the hospital. And then Ayuru spent the last half of our senior year in high school living with my family because he couldn't go home any more, and Ayuru's family were evicted after they made one too many disturbances calling my family names. And you know how the twin's parents found out? They came home early to find their sons on the kitchen table, going at it like wild monkeys. And they kicked 'Toku out of the house, because they said that he was responsible for taking advantage of his poor, dependent brother. And they institutionalized Shun, because he kept saying that he loved 'Toku and he couldn't live without him. And 'Toku had to break into the looney bin, with some help from Ayuru, and by the time they got him out, he had already had three sessions of shock therapy. Yeah. So, think about that the next time you thing poor me, my rich parents were embarrassed by me. It could have been a lot worse."

Sai paled, unable to respond. Ry grinned. He had him.

"We're going to the movie."

"What's it about?" Sai replied, meekly.

"Gay boys." Ry shrugged. "I don't really know, I just remember seeing the poster." Quickly, catching Sai off guard, he kissed Sai long and hard. While Sai was still shell-shocked, Ry tweaked his nose, jumping out of bed. Looking over his shoulder with a saucy grin, he grabbed his robe. "Are you sure you don't want to join me in the shower?"

Sai murmured weakly. He wasn't sure of anything when he was around Ry, especially these days.

It was fun, if scary.

Whipping his way out of the house 20 minutes later, Ryuen paused as he was about to go down the stairs. Somehow, he had failed to drag Sai out of bed, but that wasn't important since he was already quite late.

But he could stand to be a few minutes later.

Knocking softly on Houjun's door, he waited to hear the soft "Yes?" that would allow him to enter. Slipping into the room, he once again marveled at how serene Houjun's little corner of the house was.

The room was a mirror of the man.

Smiling brightly, Ryuen put his hands behind his back. "Um, I hope I'm not disturbing you, but I wanted to ask a favor."

Houjun looked up from where he was offering his morning prayers. "Yes, Ry-kun, you know?"

Clearing his throat, he spoke quickly but not rushed. "I wanted to ask if you could check on Genrou? I'm really worried about him. This thing with Kouji... He's killing himself, Houjun, and Kouji doesn't seem to care. I wouldn't ask! But I'm going to be in the lab all day today, working on my project, and tomorrow I'm going out with Sai." Blushing and lowering his head with guilt, he continued on. "I'm planning on talking to him. I don't know, maybe he'll listen to me... Or at least talk to me. But in the meantime... There's no one else who really understands, and I'm really worried. He's going to give himself alcohol poisoning soon."

Houjun watched him carefully, schooling himself and his reactions. He could read how worried Ryuen was, and it touched his heart. Like Nuriko, Ryuen thought of his friends first and foremost. In this case, his new lover needed attention at the same time as one of his closest friends, and so he was torn.

It would be anathema to Houjun not to help a friend in need, and when he could help two in one fell swoop...

But, to face Genrou and his lack of memory...

Smiling, as his mask used to do for him, he replied, nearly casually, "No problem, Ry-kun. I'll make sure he isn't suicidal, you know."

Beaming, Ryuen leaned down and kissed Houjun quickly. "Thanks, Houjun! You really are the best. And I know that Genrou will appreciate it, too!"

He flitted out the room, nearly bouncing, leaving Houjun to sit on the floor, his hand to his lips in wonder, and once again torment himself with memories and thoughts of commitment.

Sitting on Ry's bed, Sai was still entertaining notions that maybe Ry would give up this silly idea. Not that he didn't want to go out with his boyfriend and flaunt him, but...

He'd rather stay home and... bump around some more with him.

"So, what should I wear?" Ry bounced into the room, nearly gleeful.

Sai raised an eyebrow. "Wear? I kinda like it when you don't wear anything..." He hoped he sounded seductive.

Ry rolled his eyes. "Well, naturally, I'm fucking gorgeous. But, unless you want me tromping around naked on our date..."

"Ry, do we have to go?" Sai snagged Ry's waist and pulled him close for a kiss. "We could stay in. We could order sushi and eat it off of each other..."

Ry leaned down and kissed his lover deeply, letting taste dominate the sensation of the kiss. "That sounds lovely. We'll have to do that sometime. But tonight, we are going out. But, since I know that you are a little... resistant, I've decided to let you dress me. And no comments about preferring to undress me, because that's a given."

Sai smiled, loving Ry's smugness. "You aren't going to change your mind, are you, darling?"

Ry turned and smiled over his shoulder, hoping to hide the shiver that ran down his throat when he heard the endearment. He thought it was a little sad to get so worked up over such an uncreative nickname. "I'll wear whatever you want me to. These really tight pants?" He pulled out some black vinyl pants. "These ones with the rips?" He pulled out some jeans with rather strategic tears. "Or... the ones with the laces?" He pulled out those pants he wore the night he took Sai to the club.

That seemed like another lifetime ago to both of them.

Sai got up during the questions to peer into the closet. His eyes flashed on a spot of color. "What about the red ones?"

Ry leaned back, surprised. "These?" He pulled out the red snakeskin pants, putting them flush against his body. As slim as Ry was, Sai wondered if they would even fit his fey lover. "I should warn you... these are the tightest pants that I own. They're not even painted on, they're like my skin. You want me to wear these?"

Sai licked his lips.

"All righty then! Ok, with these pants, I really only have two shirts that would work, and not make me look silly. There's this turtleneck," pulling out a black ribbed turtleneck that looked very long and very slim from a drawer, "or this shirt," pulling out a black mesh shirt that looked like it might cover his nipples, but not very well. "Which do you think?"

"The turtleneck." Sai nodded.

Ry threw both articles of clothing on the bed, then leveled Sai with his grin. "Ok, I'll just get dressed then."

And he started to strip.

Sai thought it was monumentally unfair that Ry would take off all of his clothes, and brush out his hair with his fingers, and then not have sex with him.

But, instead of succumbing to his baser urges, Ry sat on the bed and started to slide into the pants.

"Um, Ry?" Sai inched closer to him, not sure how much contact he could have without getting sticky. "You forgot underwear."

"Sai. I can barely get these on over my skin, much less over anything else." And with that, and a wink, Ry proceeded to begin the arduous process of pulling the pants on. They seemed to stretch and give marginally, so he would pull as much as he could, and then smooth the snakeskin up, and then begin to pull again.

While lying on his back with his legs in the air.

Sai decided to help. Letting his long hands run up Ry's thighs, he coaxed the material to slide up another inch or two. Taking his time, he got another inch out of them.

Grinning, Ry leaned down and smiled at him, kissing his nose. "Sai, sweetie? If I'm going to have any chance of getting these on, you need to stop helping me."

Sai kissed him back gently. "Well, if we get distracted..."

"We are going to the movie. Now, just give me some room." With a few hard tugs, some quick smooths, and some rather admirable wiggles, Ry was finally able to get the pants up to just below his hips, where presumably there were supposed to cling to him. Sucking in his non-existent gut, he did the buttons in the front, finally finishing with a triumphant whoosh of air as he threw his arms back to the bed.

Sai leaned in immediately to take advantage and began kissing Ry wherever he could; lips, eyes, cheeks, ears, neck, nipples...

When he tugged on the thin band of silver going through the nipple, Ry surged up with a small eep! "Sai! That's not fair!"

Sai just grinned back.

Giving his lover a suspicious glare, Ry quickly pulled the turtleneck on, flipping his hair out of the tight neck when he was done.

Sai had chosen the turtleneck over the mesh shirt because he thought it would be more decent, and less revealing. He was quickly learning that just because an article of clothing covered everything, didn't mean it didn't also reveal. The turtleneck was so tight that Ry's nipple ring was actually visible, as well as his other nipple and his bellybutton.

Sai was sweating. How long would it take to go to dinner, see this movie, and come home? Possibly three or four hours? How was he ever going to survive?

Ry quickly pulled his hair back into a ponytail, and ran some thin eyeliner around his eyes. Finally, he slipped into some short, ankle-high black boots. Satisfied that he was ready, he turned to Sai. "Your turn!" When Sai just stared blankly back at him, Ry sighed. "You got to dress me, so now I get to dress you..."

"Oh!" Sai hadn't realized that he wasn't already dressed. "Ok. But my wardrobe isn't as fun as yours is..."

Ry smiled. "Not yet, at any rate... Do you have any jeans?"

Sai stayed surprised. "Jeans? Yeah, I have jeans. Why?"

"Cool ones? Possibly torn?"

"Um... they aren't torn. But I think they're cool..."

"Let's go see."

Ry quickly decided that Sai's jeans were acceptable, especially after he made Sai strip and put them on without any boxers. Sai had mightily objected, but Ry vetoed his objections saying that since he was going commando, so should Sai.

It had a certain logic to it, even if it didn't make sense. Then, Ry picked out a shirt for him to wear, a pale violet shirt of soft cotton. He even let Sai button it up all the way, and pick his own shoes.

He was feeling generous.

They spent a few minutes kissing in Sai's room before they actually managed to leave, as Sai ran his hands over Ry's tightly covered body, and Ry slipped his hands into the back pockets of Sai's jeans, squeezing gently when he got them in there.

Houjun watched Saihitei and Ryuen leave together, Ryuen leading, nearly bouncing as he pulled Saihitei along after him, excitedly telling him about the coffee shop they were going to for dinner and the movie they were going to see.

Houjun had to smile. It was so obvious that Saihitei didn't understand how important this first date was to Ryuen. He could imagine how Nuriko would have reacted if Hotohori had suggested that they have a romantic dinner in the middle of the palace gardens.

He was glad for his friend. Ryuen deserved this.

A soft snort behind him let him know that Genrou had finished up in the kitchen.

"Man, those two... I never thought I'd see Ryuen so... giddy. Like a fuckin' kid in a candy shop."

Houjun tried not to tense at the sound of Genrou's voice. It wasn't the younger man's fault that he didn't remember much from his last life. Houjun knew that. "Well, Ryuen has been waiting a long time, you know? And anyway, he's always so full of energy."

Genrou just snorted, and sat down next to Houjun, not really looking at the older man. "He's a fuckin' pistol. It's hard ta imagine him and Sai-chan really workin' together. That guy's so fuckin' proper, and Ryuen's so fuckin' self-confident... I dunno, man, what do you think?"

Genrou's eyes turned to Houjun, who had to hold his breath to keep from gasping. Genrou never did hide anything. His life was as open as his eyes.

He was so amazingly beautiful.

And he still turned to Houjun for advice. He had done that before, too, but in this life, he seemed to prefer the company of Kouji, or possibly Ryuen. Not him.

Although, to be fair, he and Tasuki hadn't really become friends until after everyone else had died and Miaka had made her wishes.

Swallowing, he cleared his throat and straightened himself on the couch. "I think... I think that each could be exactly what the other needs. If they can, you know."

Genrou nodded, thinking. "Ah, man, I just worry 'bout him. Ryuen. His life's been kinda shitty, and his best friend is that creep, Ayuru. Be nice if he'd catch a break, just once."

Houjun couldn't help the knowing smile.

"What?!?" Genrou hated it when people knew stuff he didn't.

"You two... you know, you two are funny. He's worried about you, too, you know." Houjun spoke softly, to lighten the burden.

Genrou fidgeted. Houjun knew that Genrou would never fidget unless he was upset. "I know... Fuck. How could he not be? But... Man, I dunno. I don't wanna make my friends worry."

Houjun watched his hands in his lap carefully, as if they might do something funny. "Friends worry about each other. Best thing to do is to try not to give them any reason to."

Genrou slumped a little in the couch, staring off into space. "Yeah... but that's easier said than fuckin' done."

Houjun wanted to put his hand on Genrou's shoulder, but didn't dare. "Knowing is half the battle, you know."

Sai stood outside the cafe that Ry had selected, dubious.

"Sai? Coming in?" Ry was at the door, puzzling at his companion.

"They serve dinner here?" This was not what Sai thought of when he thought about going out for dinner. He expected someplace with a maitre d', and tablecloths. This was...

"Well, sure! They make sandwiches, and salads. Mainly, it's a coffeehouse. But it's cool, and they have great stuff. C'mon!" Ry started to walk in, figuring at the very least, his ass in those amazingly tight pants would entice Sai to follow.

It worked.

Standing before the counter, Sai looked over their offerings. Ry was rambling about what was good, and what to drink, and how the price of cupcakes went up last month. Sai was busy watching the clientele from the corner of his eye. He spotted a group of rough-looking girls, some men in the corner, and a few tables with pairs or trios of people, playing cards or talking or working on laptops. Most people looked to be about college-aged, with only a few older people, who appeared to be teachers from the stacks of papers they had and the way they dressed.

A lot of the couples were gay.

He saw two girls kissing, and a pair of boys holding hands and gazing into each other's eyes. On the way over here, which Ry had insisted they could walk, he had somehow managed to keep his hands off of Ry, but it had been hard. Especially since Ry had been hanging off of him the whole time. He had never really thought about it before, the idea of being public with their relationship. Maybe that fear had informed his unconscious choice to stay in and play with Ry, instead of taking him out.

He knew how his parents, and his half-siblings, would react to seeing him with Ry. He didn't want to expose either of them to that.

Ok, scratch that, he didn't want to expose himself to that. He knew perfectly well that Ry had already dealt with all this before and didn't give a crap.

But here, everyone was being totally at ease and open, and nothing was happening. Was that...?

"Sai? Is that all right?"

"Hm?" Sai suddenly gave Ry his full attention. "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening."

Ry just smiled. "That's ok. I suggested that we share a salad and a sandwich. Sound good?"

"Perfect." Smiling down at his boyfriend, Sai decided that he would just follow Ry's example. He wanted to learn to be free and happy from his lover. He envied that freedom so much, and for the first time in two lives, it seemed possible.

Shepherding Sai to a seat, Ry babbled happily. "I can see that you are a little thrown here. Well, you've heard of lesbian coffeehouses before, right? Ta da! Anyway, this place is really close to the Gay Cultural Center, and no one will give us a hard time if we want to cuddle."

Before Ry could pick a seat, though, someone called out his name. Turning, they spotted what was, to Ry at least, a welcome sight.

The twins had a table with four chairs staked out, each sitting close as they could together, huddled in the corner, their arms entangled.

Sai suddenly thought of what Ry had told him about how their parents had found out about them, and nearly blushed.

"'Toku! Shun! Fancy meeting you guys here, huh?" Ryuen was all smiles as he went over to the table, a moderately reluctant Saihitei trailing behind him. "'Toku, congrats on losing the ball and chain. Sorry I wasn't there to help you celebrate."

'Toku smiled, his small face filling with mirth and wickedness. "That's all right, Ry-kun, I can tell you've been up to more important things in the meanwhile." He gave Saihitei a measured grin. "Although, I am a little disappointed that now you won't be able to help me really celebrate. Like those pants, by the way. Join us?" Somehow, he just barely managed to make the 'Join us?' sound like it only had one meaning.

Shun was nearly bouncing in his seat, his hand gripping his brother's tightly. "Oh, great! We're going to this awesome club tonight, you guys have to come with! I love your pants, Ry-kun! Saihitei-san, do you use a lot of conditioner? Did I tell you guys that I totally aced all my midterms?"

"Shun." 'Toku took his brother's chin and kissed him gently. "Calm down." He seemed to have the desired effect over his brother, if for no other reason that that Shun suddenly became so engrossed in his brother that he no longer could divide his attention to encompass anything else.

Chuckling, Ryuen directed Saihitei to sit down with the twins, surprising him when he unceremoniously plopped down in his lap rather than take another chair. "Sorry, boys, but this is our first date. We're going to the movies after this, to see Lilies."

"Ooh!" Shun's reverie was broken. "I've heard good things about that! Well, we could all go, and then go out afterwards."

Before Saihitei could form a stricken expression, Ryuen sighed and said, "Actually, Shun, after that we're going to go home and Sai's going to get me out of these pants, so we'll have to do the club thing another time."

"Do you guys want to be alone?" 'Toku caught Saihitei's eye, smiling.

Ryuen ran his fingers through the hair at Saihitei's temple, watching him carefully. "No, this is fun. We can chat and stuff, and then Sai and I can go to the movie together, and so on. All right?"

Saihitei decided to be bold, and respond by kissing Ryuen softly, causing Shun to coo and 'Toku to grin.

"Aw, you guys are so cute!" Shun sighed. "How come it took you so long to get together, huh? Ry-chan?"

Blushing, Ryuen just glared at Shun, trying to make the younger boy blush.

He was just too clueless.

Laughing under his breath, 'Toku turned to Saihitei and tried to veer the conversation away from his clueless brother. "So, what is the movie about?"

Saihitei smiled, appreciating the gesture. "I don't know. Gay boys?"

Grinning, "Well, I'm sure you will enjoy it, anyway. And if Ry-chan could sit in your lap in the movie too..." 'Toku winked at Ryuen, playing with the straw in his drink using his tongue.

Shun become instantly obsessed with his brother's tongue.

"Do you guys want to be alone?" Ryuen snickered as he played with Saihitei's hair.

"Yes." "No." Shun and 'Toku smiled at each other as they spoke in unison, cutting off their giggles by kissing each other. Long, and wet.

That's when the girl at the counter called out Ryuen's and Saihitei's number.

Jumping up, Ryuen went off to collect their dinner, leaving Saihitei transfixed at the image of the two mirror images kissing. And groping.

Nearly choking at the sight, Saihitei tried to turn away to politely cough and not stare. He managed to cough, at least.

Grinning, 'Toku broke away and grinned at Saihitei. "Sorry, Sai-san. You aren't offended, are you?"

"No," blushing, "just... I finally get that twin thing."

"Twin thing?" 'Toku asked, mostly kindly.

"Um... How someone could find that... er..." Saihitei turned interesting new shades of red.

Shun giggled. "Yeah, a lot of people get that around us. Hey! Maybe the four of us can play later..."

"Shun!" 'Toku tried to be disapproving of his younger brother, but failed miserably. Instead, he took a moment to look Saihitei up and down slowly. And then he did it again. "You know perfectly well that Ryuen would never share."

"Oh, yeah. Too bad, that would kick so much ass... And lick so much ass, too..." Shun stared off into space happily.

"Shun. Please don't traumatize Saihitei before Ryuen gets a chance to." 'Toku smiled at his brother.

Saihitei could only blush less intensely as a thanks.

"You guys are a really, really great couple, Sai-san!" Shun gushed. "I'm just so happy for Ryuen!"

'Toku wound his fingers in between his brother's. "I know. He deserves this, more than anyone else that I know."

Saihitei raised an eyebrow, surprised. "Really? What do you mean?" Saihitei personally thought that Ryuen deserved the sun, the moon, and the stars, but he didn't think these boys would have the same opinion.

"Ryuen is Ryuen. He's our friend." 'Toku spoke quietly, his brother nodding with his face close to 'Toku's shoulder. "And we love him as such. He's... he's not as bold as he would like you to think, Sai-san. He thinks too little of himself, too often. He's really wonderful, though. So, take care of him, or else there will be a long line of people who would have gladly taken your place ready to kick your ass."

Shun nodded so vigorously, his head almost fell off. "Yuppers! Ryuen's a treasure, you know. And so much fun in bed! You are so lucky, Sai-san."

"Shun..." 'Toku couldn't help smiling as he shook his head. He had to love his brother, but sometimes, it was more fun than others.

"Guys... I know, you know. But, it's good to see that you guys... well, that you are so close to Ryuen." Saihitei's head was spinning. He was seeing a whole new world this night, and he wasn't entirely sure that he was ready. Still, it felt like, with Ryuen leading him, it would be all right.

"We aren't that close to Ryuen, Sai-san. We practically never see him. But that hasn't stopped him from putting himself out for us and helping us from time to time. Ryuen is just that special kind of boy." 'Toku shrugged as he spoke. "You are really lucky. But, I think he is, too." He winked surreptitiously, making the former emperor sweat a little.

Then, food dropped down in front of him and Ryuen was once again in his lap.

"You guys have fun while I was gone?" Ryuen kissed his boyfriend in the corner of his mouth.

"Well, we discussed it, but 'Toku said you wouldn't want to share." Shun stirred his drink with it's straw restlessly.

"Damn straight." Ryuen nodded once.

Saihitei put his arms around Ryuen's waist and let himself be fed. It almost didn't even bother him to be so open in public.

It was nice, actually, to have his hands on Ryuen, letting Ryuen's long, elegant fingers slip into and out of his mouth, delivering food. To smell Ryuen's scent, his warmth covering him, to have Ryuen's breath at his ear, Ryuen's giggles softly touching his temples...

Saihitei didn't mind doing this in public at all.

His heart light, he followed the conversation sporadically, as Ryuen laughed and teased the boys, and Shun filled every blank moment with mindlessly happy chatter, 'Toku gently prodding him quiet from time to time.

Saihitei never thought that he would enjoy the company of Suboshi and Amiboshi, but it was impossible not to.

Ryuen was telling them about some freshman girl who had tried to flirt with him in the hallway by inviting him to a bible study group the other day when Chuin suddenly occupied the empty seat.

"Could you be a little more disgusting, Ryuen-san?" The former Seiyruu seishi's long, silvery-black hair was tied up in a wide loop, with long, smooth trails of hair falling down his back. He arranged himself artfully, setting his limbs in precisely the order and position he felt was most appealing. He was dressed fairly simply, in all black, with a few tasteful accessories in silver, including a long teardrop earring. He managed not to look at anyone at the table, and presented an expression to the rest of the coffeehouse that implied that he had little to do with these commoners. "I see you have finally wound your way into Saihitei-san's arms. And I would have thought that a former emperor would have had better taste."

Before Ryuen could properly sneer at him, Shun popped up with his usual cheerfulness. "Sai-san! You were an emperor? When was that? Did you get fired?"

Chuin rolled his eyes as 'Toku leaned over so that his temple touched his brother's. "He meant, in the past life, little brother. Saihitei-san was the emperor in the past life."

"Oh! That's right, we all were in the past life together, we're we? How much do you remember, Sai-san?"

Saihitei smiled. "I remember everything, Shun-kun."

Shun pouted. "That's so unfair! 'Toku and Ayuru and Ryuen remember everything, too. Kaen and Chuin remember a lot of stuff. But I barely remember anything! Did we ever meet? What was I like back then? 'Toku almost never answers my questions."

Saihitei shifted, bumping Ryuen around. Ryuen answered for them. "It's probably better that way, Shun-chan. You wouldn't want to remember."

"Why not? Everyone tells me that! Even Ayuru tells me that. What is it, what was I like back then?" Shun was in full pout mode.

"You were as annoying and useless as you are now, Shun. Does anyone know where Ayuru is?" Chuin looked thoroughly tired of all of them.

"Wellll... Let's see. Ry-chan is here, with Saihitei, so I would guess that Ayuru is with Kaen. And since it's nearly 8, that would mean that they are probably finished eating dinner off of each other's bodies, and are ready to move onto dessert." 'Toku winked at Ryuen and Saihitei.

"Mm... I like dessert. My favorite part of any meal, eh big brother?" Shun slid his arm behind his brother's back and nibbled at his neck.

Chuin narrowed his eyes. "You people are disgusting. Why would you assume that because he's done with one of his whores, he'd move on to the other?"

Saihitei spoke low, with the full authority of the very angry emperor of Konan. "Be careful what you say, Ruo-san. I don't think that I like the implications there."

A brief flash of panic slipped over Chuin's face, before he composed himself. Turning to Ryuen, "Why do you even bother getting dressed? Wouldn't it be more efficient to just walk around naked? And where is Ayuru?"

Ryuen sighed, and kneaded Saihitei's shoulders. He was exhilarated to realize that Saihitei was a half a step away from backhanding Chuin into next week. "Saihitei picked out my outfit tonight, Chuin, and I think I look damn good. And, as far as I know, Ayuru is spending the weekend with Kaen at her family's house in the mountains."

Chuin pouted. "I don't know why he spends so much time with that girl. He can't possibly care for her, and she can't be that great. In the last life, I was his most loyal and deserving servant."

"Well." Saihitei paused, thinking. "When Soi died, Nakago carried her dead body around for days, it seemed like. So, maybe he does really care for her. Or, he is really messed up. Or both."

Chuin looked horrified, as everyone else giggled. "He carried her dead body around?! Are you sure?" He looked from one to the other, desperate.

"Don't look at me, Chuin-san. I was long dead by that point." Ryuen was grinning into his boyfriend's neck.

Shun just shrugged and looked to his brother.

'Toku grinned. "I 'abandoned' all of you shortly after... well, you died. So I don't know."

Chuin narrowed his eyes. "I'm sure that Nakago loved me better than Soi."

Ryuen shrugged. "I don't know, Chuin-san, but I don't think that Nakago was really that into men. Ayuru isn't, really, he's mainly a het identified bi. He just likes sex, mostly."

"Yeah," Shun giggled, "He just hangs out with us queers to hide from the girl that he loves!"

Chuin sniffed with disgust. "I hardly think that's true."

"You wouldn't." Ryuen rolled his eyes and made a face for Saihitei's amusement.

"Hey, do we know where all the former... what were we again, big brother? seishi? are?" Shun once again successfully leapt from one topic to the next.

"Well... All of Ryuen's seishi are the people who live in the house with him, and Miaka was their priestess. And on our side... Well, there's you and I, Chuin, Ayuru, and Kaen. The other two were Miboshi and Ashitare. Has Ayuru ever met them, Ry-chan?"

Ryuen wrinkled his cute little nose. "Ayuru said that it was unlikely that Miboshi got reincarnated, because he moved from body to body when he died, and that thwarted the natural progression of the spirit or something. He said that once Miboshi actually died, he probably was sent into oblivion as punishment for trying to conquer death. Or something. He can be very metaphysical when he wants to be. And as for Ashitare... Gods willing, if he did get reincarnated, it was as a mongrel stray that was flattened by a semi. At least, that's what I like to think."

"Aw, Ry-chan, don't you like Ashitare?" Chuin sarcastically smiled at Ryuen.

Saihitei decided that he didn't like Chuin, and protectively held Ryuen closer. He liked holding Ryuen closer.

"Why would Ryuen not like him? Was he mean?" Shun implored his brother for answers with wide, innocent eyes.

"Ashitare killed Nuriko, Shun." 'Toku spoke quietly.

"So? I don't hate your baby brother, 'Toku-san. Much."

'Toku narrowed his eyes as Shun turned his confused eyes to Chuin.

Ryuen cleared his throat decisively. "Shun, it's not important, because as far as we know, Ashitare is not a part of this world. And the things that happened in the last are gone. We are who we are here, and now. That's enough."

Shun smiled back at Ryuen. He loved how sensible Ryuen was. "I know, Ry-chan! I always get the worst headaches when people discuss the last life!"

Ryuen sighed to himself. So do I, Shun... "Sorry to eat and run, boys, but if Sai-chan and I are going to make the movie, we have to leave now..."

"Oh, are you guys going to see Lilies? I was thinking of doing that... Do you have the number at the house that Ayuru is staying?" Chuin ignored Ryuen's obvious desire to just go, already.

As Saihitei glared, Ryuen smiled sweetly. "Why, yes, I do have that number. Ok, bye boys! You two have a good evening, and don't do anything I wouldn't do..."

"We have no problem with that, Ry-chan, there isn't anything you wouldn't do!" 'Toku grinned wickedly. "And you boys have a good time. Remember, Ryuen, he's still fresh, so be gentle."

Laughing, and blushing, Ryuen and Saihitei made their exit, leaving a disgruntled Chuin and a very happy set of cuddling twins.

The movie was actually fairly crowded, and Sai was amazed at his first experience with gay culture. It wasn't that much different from regular culture, he figured, only better dressed, and the movie was really good.

Plus, it had hot boys kissing, and eventually having sex.

A pretty good evening, all in all.

Walking home, all he could think about was that, when they did get home, they would be together again.

Nearly a week of sleeping and playing and waking up with Ry was not nearly enough to even begin to dull his enthusiasm for the pastime. Ry was, as far as he could tell, totally addictive, and he couldn't wait to become even more a slave to his boyfriend.

It took nearly four blocks for him to realize that Ry was dragging along with him, acting very quiet and not at all enthused.

"Ry? Are you all right?" Sai put his arm around his boyfriend as he spoke.

"Yeah. It's just... the movie was so sad." Ry watched his feet move over the sidewalk.

"Well... I suppose. But it was really good, wasn't it? And I thought it was really innovative, in it's storytelling technique..."

"Yeah, yeah, but... They loved each other, and they didn't get to live together. He died, and his lover had to live alone for all those years..." Ry's voice got softer and softer as he spoke.

Sai looked around anxiously, and then pulled Ry into a warm hug. "I know, darling, but they did love each other. At least they got together. Better to have loved and lost, right?" Pausing, Sai thought about that axiom. "It's true, really. Love made them, makes everyone, a better person, and makes their life richer. Their time together may have been short, but in that time, they were happy, and nothing that happened to them afterwards could take away from them the time that they did get to share."

Ry snuggled close to his boyfriend, feeling tears sting his eyes. He hated being melancholy. Forcing a smile, he kissed Sai's neck. "I know, you are right. It was just... sad. They were so in love. That should... Anyway. I'm glad we're nearly home." Moving a step ahead of Sai, he swung his hips as he walked, causing his sweet little bum to wiggle. "These pants are so tight... It will feel good to get them off, hm?"

Sai didn't even see the wink that Ry gave him, or the snickers of the people across the street. He was too busy staring at the snakeskin-covered ass in front of him. "Yes, getting you out of those pants will be a very very good thing..."

Ry pushed every last sad thought about failed love aside, and swung his hips so that his ponytail swung back and forth, the tip brushing over the top of his ass.

Sai swallowed hard, and picked up the pace.

It wasn't much longer before they were home, but getting up the stairs was difficult since Sai had his mouth fixed on Ry's and his hands were busy wandering. Somehow, they managed, and before too many synapses could burn out from body heat, they were flat on Ry's bed.

Ry quickly slipped Sai's shirt off, exposing the beautiful chest he spent so much time the past week daydreaming about. Running his fingers over the lines of muscle that composed the perfectly toned body, he groaned like a dying bullfrog as Sai tweaked his nipple ring through his turtleneck. Elegant fingers slipped under the tight weave of the sweater and burned a trail over Ry's smooth, perfect skin.

Clumsily, Sai helped Ry to pull the sweater off, and then he fell on top of his lover, letting their bodies cover each other as they kissed each other with wet, sloppy kisses that barely covered the sound of their moans.

Gripping the hair at the base of Sai's skull, Ry nearly cried out loud when Sai's mouth went south and began to suck on his neck. "Please! Sai!"

"Anything, yes, Ry?"

"It hurts!" Ry took Sai's hand and set it over his crotch.

His problem was obvious. The bulge threatening to tear apart the seams was formidable, but the snakeskin wasn't giving much. Quickly, Sai popped open all the buttons together, nearly laughing out loud at how quickly Ry's erection popped out.

He stopped laughing when the desire to cool that hot organ with his tongue overwhelmed him.

Ry nearly went mad. Sai had been so shy about using his mouth in sex. It was invigorating, gently teaching Sai about sex this past week. But tonight wasn't about gentle lessons, it was about passion.

That was abundantly obvious when Ry screamed out.

Sai worried momentarily about bothering Houjun, then Ry pulled him into a kiss that made thinking seem silly. He managed to finagle out of his pants and other accouterments, leaving only Ry's snakeskin pants to be disposed of.

It required Sai to stand up so that he could pull on them while Ry wiggled and held onto the bed, but they eventually schlooped off. Sai fell onto the bed giggling, the whole tug of war with the pants lightening his heart. Kissing and touching and laughing, he buried his face in Ry's unbound hair, breathing deeply.

"Are you all right, lover?" Ry ran his hand down Sai's strong back.

"Yeah. I just never knew... sex would be so much fun!"

Ry raised an eyebrow. "You thought it would be a chore?"

"No! I just didn't know it involved so much laughing!"

Ry situated them so that he was directly under Sai, full-body rubbing against his taller lover. Leaning up to kiss his mouth, Ry grinned. "That's only because... we're so... good... at it!"

Sai felt that probably Ry was good at sex, and that he was lacking severely. But he was certainly eager.

Fumbling together, Sai tried to do too many things, not sure of what he wanted, and he often got in the way of Ry trying to do something.

But, he'd had one taste of Ry's erection tonight, and he was looking forward to more.

Eventually, Ry pushed Sai's shoulders down to the bed, and positioned him as he wanted him. With a devilish smirk, he turned and positioned himself so that his face was at Sai's groin, and vice versa.

It didn't take long for Sai to realize the significance of this.

He wanted desperately to take Ry into his mouth and suck and lick and do all sorts of fun things, but with Ry's mouth distracting the hell out of him, he barely managed to keep his lips around Ry.

Still, he had one hand on the base of Ry's erection, and one hand on his hip, and he was hanging on for dear life.

One crashing sensation after the next rocked Sai's body, until eventually he could feel his orgasm ripping through him. Shuddering, he kept his mouth open around Ry, and heaved air in and out of his lungs, trying to regain the focus that he had had earlier.

He had no idea what his breathing was doing to Ry until Ry grabbed his face and started to direct his mouth into action.

Gently, Ry pumped his cock in Sai's mouth, until awesome pressure spilled out, dribbling on Sai's chin.

Gathering himself together, and coming up to kiss and lick Sai's face, Ry felt deeply pleased with himself. That had been a pretty big step in their sex life. And it had been good. It had been a long time since Ry had been with a partner who had more enthusiasm than experience. While there were drawbacks, the advantages well outweighed them.

He was having a damn fine time being with Sai.

Sai was pleased with himself for several reasons. First, he'd had a wonderful orgasm, thanks to Ry. Second, he'd made Ry come, too, so he wasn't totally incompetent in bed. And three, he didn't even have to repress an ick reaction when he found himself with a mouthful of Ry's semen. Much.

Anyway, he kinda liked the taste. A little. It was growing on him, at any rate...

Cuddling close and drawing the covers over their bodies, they settled down to sleep together.

Pressed together throughout the night, they slept well.

Sai woke up the next morning to the sound of Ry cursing. Repeatedly.





"Ooh, morning, Sai!" Ry leaned down and kissed him.

"What's up? Isn't it too early to be up?"

"Yeah, but I forgot that I have an archery tourney today. I'm so late!" Ry vaulted out of bed without disturbing Sai.

"Oh." Sai started to get up. "I should go, too..."

"Naw..." Ry pushed him back into the bed, leaning down and kissing him again. "It'll be boring. Kourin is the only one who really wants to go to all of them. Hey, why don't you stay and sleep in, and I'll call you when it's done and we can meet you for brunch?"

Sai smiled up at his considerate lover. "Ok. I guess. If you are sure that you don't want me to be there..."

"Nope, this is just a simple college one. It's not even for the Olympics." Ry was rushing around, pulling on boxers and sweats and a tank, grabbing his duffle bag and trying to put together his quiver. "Were you ever in any sports, Sai? You have such an excellent body."

Sai blushed lightly. "Oh, I used to do kendo, but not anymore. I mean, I do sometimes, but no competitions."

"Really? I shouldn't be surprised by that, should I? Well, why did you quit? Most people are so proud to do kendo."

"I quit out of spite." At Ry's curious glance, he elaborated. "Spite for my father. When I was little, and he would drag me to his parties, he would always introduce me as Saihitei, the heir apparent. And then after I came out, and he disinherited me, he introduced me as Saihitei, his son the kendo champion. So, I quit, just to see if he would introduce me as Saihitei, his queer son."

Ry laughed. "That is the dumbest reason to quit... Did it work?"

"Well... he stopped inviting me to his parties, so sort of, yeah..." Sai was smiling.

Ry shook his head. "Do you miss the competitions?"

Sai shook his head, his fingers tracing patterns on the empty bed sheet. "No. I had won two years in a row. It lost... its verve. If you know what I mean."

"Oh, yes! I do! Most of these tourneys are kinda dull. I don't want to disrespect my fellow archers, but there isn't usually any real competition. I wish I had done the Olympics four years ago, but I wasn't ready then. I wasn't as confident, and I let the other competitors psyche me out. I got my focus since then. Now, the archery is fun, and challenging, but it would be without all the spectators and junk too." Ryuen shrugged, finally ready to leave, even though he really wished he had time for a shower. Really, really wished.

Leaning down to kiss his lover goodbye, he smiled. "It would have been really funny if he had introduced you as his queer son though, wouldn't it?!"

Sai laughed as his boyfriend waved goodbye. Snuggling in, he put his nose against the part of the pillow where Ry had slept.

He didn't think he would go back to sleep, but it was still nice to be in bed.

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