title: 5 am
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tachibana/Shinji
rating: G/Teen
warnings: sexual implications
summary: Shinji greets the sunrise with Tachibana.
notes: yay, it's lethy's birthday!!! ...well, it was. ehehhe. anyway. *showers shinjiness on lethy*

It was five am, and he hadn't slept at all the night before, so he was cold, and tired, and sort of numb, in his muscles, like his skin wasn't attached to his body just right, and it might slip off, only that's not really how it was, because he'd never felt that before, so he didn't know if that's how it felt.

It was five am, and neither of them had slept the night before, but they didn't have school today, at all, because it was the beginning of Golden Week, and so they'd stayed up all night, and now they were sitting on the fender of Tachibana's father's car, and it was a nice car, but Tachibana's father had given him the keys without a second thought, and he really should get used to thinking of him as Kippei, but that was hard, because he was Tachibana.

It was five am, and he wasn't so much tired as he knew he should be, and he knew he would be, so it was like tiredness anticipation, and the sun wasn't up, and it was odd to think that the sun would rise when he had seen the sun set and now he would watch the sun rise, and he hadn't slept in between.

It was five am, and Tachibana put something warm between his hands, and at first, he didn't quite know where it came from or what it was doing there, but it was coffee, and coffee was gross, but Tachibana gave it to him, and it was Kippei now, but it was still Tachibana, and this was too much thinking for five am, because neither of them have slept for a really long time, so they shouldn't be thinking.

It was five am, and he leaned his head against Tachibana's shoulder, and Tachibana kissed the top of his head, and it was nice, because it was the two of them, and there was no one else around, and they weren't talking about tennis, but they were still comfortable with each other, and that was good, because he had been afraid that they wouldn't have anything in common off the courts, but they did, sort of, at least, enough, really, because they both had sisters, and Tachibana's family was a lot nicer than his, but it didn't matter.

It was five am, and he had a slight ache in his backside, in a specific part of his backside, but it wasn't like he thought it would be, none of it had, and he'd been glad it had been Tachibana, it had been Kippei, because it was his first time, and that was supposed to be special, because he'd never forget it, no matter how many times he did it, or how many people he did it with, and Kippei was special, he was Kippei, and that was about as special as a person could get, and he didn't know if he was Kippei's first, too, but he didn't want to know, because if he wasn't, he wouldn't want to know that there was someone else who was special to Kippei, because he wanted to be special to Kippei, he wanted to be Kippei's most special person ever, and Kippei called him 'his genius,' and that was nice, because he liked being Kippei's, but he might not be Kippei's forever, after all, next year, Kippei would be someplace else and he'd be alone, so he needed now, and the backseat of Kippei's dad's car was nice, but it wasn't special, so he needed to be special to Kippei any and every way he could be.

It was five am, and he was cold, but he was getting warmer, and he was tired, and he could fall asleep in these arms, maybe, but he'd rather stay awake, because he'd watched the sun set with Kippei, and now they would see the sun rise, and that was kind of like forever, because the whole world had changed, and now they could see it, so he closed his eyes, but he didn't fall asleep, and he felt Kippei kiss his forehead, and he was special, for this forever, at least.