title: 4 am wakeup call
fandom: Princess Princess
characters/pairings: one-sided Yuujirou/Tooru
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Yuujirou doesn't sleep straight through the night.
notes: none

Ever since Tooru moved into the P Room, Yuujirou hasn't slept through the whole night. At four am every morning, he wakes up. He sets the alarm on his watch. It's a digital watch his stepfather got him for his birthday a few years ago. He never wears a watch to class, because it would interfere with his princess outfits, but he keeps it under his pillow.

As soon as the tiny chime starts to ring, he wakes up, and frantically fishes it out from under the pillow to shut it off. For a few breathless moments, he stares up at the underside of Tooru's mattress, listening intently for signs of life, but so far, he's never woken Tooru. Then, he slips out of bed, and picks up his desk chair, setting it down gently on the floor next to the bed.

The ladder creaks, of course. Therefore, this is the best way. He steps up on the chair, putting one foot down at a time, and lifting himself up carefully without touching the bed.

He can never stop himself from smiling. Of course Tooru is beautiful. He's a princess. If he weren't beautiful, he wouldn't be. Yuujirou doesn't think of himself as particularly beautiful, though. His body is lithe and light, so he fits the princess model, but it's really his hair. As soon as he entered school the first day, he was selected as a princess. The student council scrambled to talk to him before first class, even. With his hair cut short, like it used to be, he's fairly attractive, but with the long hair, he's definitely a princess.

Mikoto wasn't selected until some of the seniors saw him blushing from being teased about his looks. Of course, it wasn't easy to 'trick' him into becoming a princess, but since he became one, it's what he must do.

But Tooru is different... Tooru has such a beautiful, fine face. Even if his hair were really short, or really long, he'd be a princess. Tooru is just gorgeous.

When he sleeps, his arms and legs are all akimbo, and he makes small noises from his nose and mouth. He even drools a little bit, depending on whether he's on his back or side. His hair just naturally frames his face, and never looks messy, even when it is. Tooru also wears a loose tank top to bed, which displays his gorgeous skin.

Breathing hard, Yuujirou holds his hair back, and leans over Tooru. He wants to steal a kiss... but he can never make it. Tooru will move, or whimper, or the chair will rock, and Yuujirou will lightly jump down, move his chair back, and slip into bed as fast as he can. Then, he'll stare up at Tooru's bed, waiting once more for a sign that he woke up the other boy.

Eventually, he drifts off to sleep, thinking about the kiss he didn't quite get.

He doesn't set any other alarm than the one that rings at four am. Tooru jumps down loudly when he wakes up, and if Yuujirou is in bed, pretending to be struggling to wake up, he can watch Tooru get dressed before Tooru yells at him to get moving, they'll be late for class.

He also secretly told the pitcher of the baseball team that he would win a kiss on the cheek if they made it to regionals. He really wants to see Tooru in a cheerleading skirt.