by Chicago

Batman scowled at the oversize monitor in the Batcave. Barbara had been right, of course, as she so often was in these matters. The demands on the screen, however... Unacceptable.

What if the Joker should choose that time to break out of Arkham?

Or the Penguin stirred up some mischief? Never mind the issues of what needed to be done at Wayne Enterprises. Lucius was aggravated enough at his boss lately.

He contemplated his options carefully. He could handle this with a little leg work downtown - but no, he wouldn't know what he was looking for or recognize it when he found it. Too time consuming. Perhaps persuade Dick to cover for him? His former partner would NOT welcome another arbitrary summons to Gotham, no matter how good or urgent the cause. He pushed back his cowl and rubbed his eyes wearily. These things had been so much easier when Alfred was still around.

There was no way around it. He settled his fingers on the keys and prepared to type. Five pm, he decided. Late enough to be excused from the office but still before sunset. And they did promise to arrive within a one hour window. With a final slap to the enter key, he submitted his order. Who knew getting groceries would be such a chore?


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