Double or Nothing

by Chicago

Disclaimer: Characters belong to DC Comics, borrowed for fun and not for profit.

Note: Darklady's challenge was to write a last page for an implied novel length fic. No, I have no intention of writing the rest of this story.

Pairing: Bruce/Harvey Dent (implied), Bruce/J'onn

Warnings: angst

Rating: PG for offscreen death

cut off - or rather, overwhelmed by a larger roar as creaking concrete and straining steel finally crumbled and buckled. Batman launched himself instinctively, hopelessly forward, but something - someone? - caught his cape. A shout of warning reached him as he struggled, barely processed before darkness suddenly descended...

"...waking up. Batman? Bruce?"

Batman scowled at the use of both names and felt his face protesting the motion. He squinted open his eyes.

Relieved scolding came at him from the blur hovering at his side. "You're safely at the Watchtower, so you can fix that face." A female voice, too street to be Wonder Woman. He blinked, but his vision obstinately refused to clear.


"Got it in one."

He began to try to sit up, but Dinah's hand found his shoulder. "Don't think so, Batguy. You came a little too close to experiencing pancaking first hand. You're lucky J'onn stopped you."

"J'onn." A rush of guilt flooded him, serving counterpoint to his anger and grief as memory returned.

"He and Lantern are helping crews remove the rubble. I think he's looking for Two-Face."

Bruce closed his blurry eyes. Harvey. Yes, J'onn would do that, would want to either find the body or rescue the man - because Bruce would want it. Despite everything. Or maybe because of everything, because J'onn understood where another man would have to swallow jealousy.

"Don't drift off on me again, Batman," Dinah cautioned.

Bruce frowned and forced his eyes open again. "Call Oracle," he ordered. "Tell her to close Dent's file."

"She probably already did," Dinah shrugged, "but okay."

Bruce shook his head slightly. "Tell her to close them both."

Dinah cocked her head in puzzlement.

"She'll understand."

"You say so." Dinah moved toward the computer station of the medbay, and Bruce could feel her keeping her eyes on him, worried for the concussion she suspected.

She was probably right, he probably did crack his skull. But it didn't hurt as much as the break in his heart.