The Big Story

by Chicago

Disclaimers: The characters of John Jones (J'onn), Lois Lane, Superman, Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen, Alfred Pennyworth, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, Iris West, Batman, Lex Luthor, and Perry White and the city of Metropolis are all property of DC Comics, borrowed here for fun, without permission, but not for profit. All other characters belong to me.

Debts: Darklady is owed a big one for her beta work on this piece. Any remaining errors or inconsistencies are my fault for not listening well. Also thanks to people who cheered this fic along as it was drafted in my lj.

Notes: This is an AU, an Elseworld type tale. It does not belong to any 'verse. The setting in Metropolis. The time period is sometime between the two World Wars, late 1930s as a general estimate. I have not been as careful historically as I could have been; the objective has been to produce a "noir" piece, incorporating the style and period features one might expect in a Hammett novel. Hence there has been some artistic license. Not every relationship here will be the same as comics canon. The original impetus for this fic was a slash challenge posted on the DCComicSlash list by Darklady. There is a slash subtext, but it is very much subtext, and a reader who wants to pretend it is not there should have no difficulty ignoring it.

Rating: G