Spoiler Games

by Darklady

Disclaimer: DC owns the Bruce and J'onn. Chicago owns the J'onn-verse. I own a box of choco's and a *really* bad attitude. Who do YOU want to take on?

Location: Chicago's J'onnverse

Warning: As bunnies go - this is more lop-ear dwarf then full Lapin.

Rated: G

"95% " the Oracles voice echoed inside the hood as the purple-cloaked figure paused at the end of the training run."You could get past the bat-scanners."

"But not the Bat." The answering voice was light, clearly feminine, but oddly self assured for the apparent age of the speaker.

Oracle's answer was half a laugh. "Nothing gets past the Bat."

A black clad figure, even more deceptively delicate, slid over and tugged sat one of the black cuffed boots. "Balance wrong," Batgirl said, pushing her companions left ankle back a few inches. "Like this."

"Are you certain?" J'onn allowed himself to morph briefly out of his girlish disguise. "The landing felt correct."

"It was." Oracle answered. "Perfect." The transmitted voice paused a moment before adding. "That's the problem. You don't just need balance - you need the Spoiler's balance. Put more weight on your right foot when you land. She's not Dick - or even me. Stephanie is street-trained. She won't hit in a gymnasts stance."

"Understood." J'onn slid back from green to purple. "Spoiler lands off balance." Shooting off the glove line, he launched 'the Spoiler' into the reverse of this evenings training course.

Batgirl shot after him, frowning under her mask. "Spoiler. Keep eyes on rope." She waited until the purple figure landed - this time right-foot first - before gripping the quickly returning jumpline. "What if line misses?"

J'onn checked the ceiling approach. Nothing there either. He alone might have overlooked some human detail, but Cassandra Cain was literally flawless in matters of perception and they had worked together for over a month on this particular illusion. That, more than anything, was the reason that J'onn had been *certain* that this was the time he would finally trump the Bat. So? Where was the clue?

"It did not." J'onn watched as his 'de-cell' flowed over the Batgirl's gloved fingers, tucking itself back into the glove cuff to wait for the nest shot. "I am sure the line wrapped itself correctly."

"Cassandra is right." Oracles voice came back softly. "You must *watch* your rope. Because sometimes Spoiler's line *will* miss." A brief clack of keys filled the background. "12.7% of the time." The voice took on a harsh edge." Stephanie does not shoot as accurately as Dick or Tim."

"And she *not* fly like you." Batgirl pressed forward. "And her rope not tell her if it miss."

J'onn - or rather the Spoiler - nodded. "Understood." The line shot off again, and this time J'onn followed the path with his eyes until he actually *saw* the hook end sink into the far wall. "Is that better, Cassandra?"

"Batgirl." The black figure swung lightly behind him. "In suit is Batgirl."

"Sorry." J'onn dissolved the black mask of his costume just long enough to give his teacher a smile.

Batgirl shrugged. "Is OK. Sometimes she forgets. But?" The black-covered girl paused, clearly thinking. "She calls me Cassie. Batman *never* miss that. Batman never miss anything." The last words echoed with pure approval.

"Evidently." J'onn again waited for the line to pull itself back. "As my last effort fooled him for all of three seconds."

"Consider it successful." This time Barbara Gordon's laugh was unconcealed. "That is a hell of a long time - considering that this is Batman were talking about."

"She right." Cassandra flipped open a belt pouch, swiftly changing the grappling head on her own flight line. "First try work good."

J'onn cleared away enough mask to show two red-centered eyes under ironically arched blonde eyebrows. "But you think this one will work better."

"Not make same mistake." Batgirl assured him. "Besides. This time you be Spoiler." The young girl pulled on J'onn's currently purple cape. "She easy. Not Bat-smooth." Batgirl pivoted again, sending her de-cell out at a higher ledge. "Harder for Batman to catch *mistaken* mistakes."


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