Play, part 1

By Darklady and Chicago

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Hands were cradling him.

At another time, the sensation would have him lashing out in alarm.

At another time, though, it would never happen. Humans were noisy, and only one had thought patterns so in tune with his own that he could ever come so close without disturbing a rare moment of true slumber.

So he stayed curled in a little ball, taking a moment to enjoy Bruce's delight and amusement at successfully catching him sound asleep. Then, taken with a hint of mischief, he expanded his diameter a little.

Bruce's hands gave a little, but not so much that J'onn could not slip a bit beneath their surface, penetrate familiar calluses and dance among the whorls of fingerprints. He took his own moment of delight in the fact that Bruce's hands were bare - a rare occurrence here in the Watchtower - and in the change in the swirl of Bruce's emotions from amusement to something a little more - pressing.

He stretched his mind a little, opening the lines of conscious thought between them.

"Good morning," Bruce greeted softly, foregoing for the moment the telepathic projection of his greeting in favor of more - suggestive - thoughts.

Mmm, J'onn replied drowsily, increasing his mass slightly so he would weigh down into Bruce's hands. He could feel a slight increase in the pulse of blood flowing a cell's breadth beneath him. Then he sensed Bruce shifting his weight, leaning down...

He met Bruce's lips with his own, stretching face and arms out to kiss and tangle fingers in Bruce's hair. So he was without cowl as well. Interesting.

Did you come to seduce me? J'onn asked, letting his body expand to fill Bruce's arms, morphing into his Alana form as he read the thoughts flowing through his lover's mind.

Bruce broke the kiss, prompting J'onn to open his eyes. Bruce was smiling faintly. "I hadn't planned on it, but as I have nothing more urgent to attend to..."

J'onn smiled, letting Alana fingers trail up from Bruce's knee to harder territory. "This seems pretty urgent," he remarked aloud in sultry tones.

A line of bad movie dialogue - but the mental impulse behind it carried a greater weight. Welcome, joy, and pleasure. Such pleasure. Bruce strained to repress the smile then...let it go. He was safe here. Safe, and warm, and... ohhhh...

Something like velvet brushed the back of Bruce's knee's, sending a shiver along the length of his bare spine.

He gasped.

Making love with J'onn was always... magnificent... and.... surprising.

Bruce felt J'onn's hand close as Alana's lips swept over his own. He raised one hand to her hair, feeling it twine around his fingers as curls equally soft brushed over....

***BDEET*** ***BDEET***

J'onn silenced the alarm with a mental acknowledgement.

'Damn.' A mutter from Bruce. Perhaps verbal.

J'onn reformed himself as Bruce reached instinctively for the com-link strapped to his wrist. All else he had left behind, but that particular device was immutable. At least as long as the Bat didn't want to be captured and restrained his own security improvements.


"Batman. All members to command center." Diana, sounding nervous. Batman rolled, automatically reaching for the armor that should be...


Where? A mental question.

"My quarters."

Which, J'onn understood without further words, were in the other wing of the residential section. In the suite farthest from the one they both stood in. Perhaps, J'onn considered, when it might be done discreetly, he should do something about that?

But - to the immediate need.

"Stand up." Words this time. Bruce's mind was already closing, his attention being focused into the Bat.

Batman obeyed - more from training then from intent.

J'onn rolled over his lover, linking through the last open channel to Bruce's mind for the needful details of the most appropriate suit.

"You?" Definitely a question. Not yet hostile, but wary.

J'onn sent a wave of reassurance. "Lift your foot."

Batman did so, this time with dawning comprehension.

J'onn slid under the sole, linking seamlessly.

"Not quite as good in the electronics" , he whispered into one cowl-covered ear. "but flawless to human eyes. And the armor is better."

"I'll keep that in mind." A Bat-growl. Fierce, but not quite covering the pulse of gratitude.

Pleasure and amusement in reply. I'll mention that to Ace.

J'onn sent out an edge of black cape to open the door as the now-yellow zo'ok settled around Batman's waist.

"You can't...." Not a question. Quite.

J'onn smiled, enjoying the flex of muscle as Batman strode into the corridor. If it's a mission, no one will question your returning to your quarters to gather equipment.

Green Lantern and Superman were still settling into their chairs as Batman strode into the gathering.

"Batman." Kyle looked up over his invariable green sketchpad. "Where's J'onn?"

"Do not fret, Kyle." J'onn's voice rolled from a monitor. "While I am delayed physically, I am here mentally."

That brought a corkscrew ear out from Plasticman. "You OK, green guy?"

"Quite healthy, merely delayed. I will be ready for the mission."

"Then," Wonder Woman addressed the table. "If you will attend to the center monitor?"

They did so.

J'onn? A tight focused thought from Batman. It would be easier to concentrate if my boot was not licking my toes.

J'onn grinned and flexed mischievously across Batman's backside before settling his attention on the monitor screen. For a moment he was too entertained by Batman's impressive control of his reaction to pay close attention to the worried looking STAR Labs scientist on the screen, but when the image of the presumed threat appeared on the screen, he sobered.

"-thought it was just a light phenomenon until it consumed our probe and began moving out of the asteroid belt. You can see it destroying asteroids in this footage."

"Plelloch," J'onn breathed through one of the monitors, watching the amorphous light and cloud show drift lazily into a tighter orbit of the sun, brightly illuminated from time to time by the explosion of a small asteroid in its path.

"J'onn?" Superman asked.

"Professor Steinmetz, let the governments of Earth know that the Justice League is on the case and that there should be no reason for alarm," J'onn stated.

"What is it?" Steinmetz pressed.

"It is only a plelloch. They have visited this galaxy before."

"It is some sort of creature, then? Perhaps we should capture it -"

"Negative, Professor," J'onn overruled as his teammates managed to keep puzzlement off their faces for the sake of the monitor. "Plelloch are without malice, but they can still be fantastically dangerous. And we would not want to teach such a powerful being to value retribution."

"J'onn is right," Superman interceded. "If merely diverting this plelloch is enough to spare the Earth, than that is the strategy we will take. We will contact you when everything is under control. Justice League out."

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