Play, part 0

By Darklady and Chicago

Disclaimers: Characters and settings owned by DC Comics. They've been borrowed for fun, not for profit. The situation and plot belong to us. The plelloch belongs to Chicago.

Continuity note: A J'onnverse story - the entire 'verse takes JLA #58 as it's leaping off point and incorporates subsequent canon developments if we like them. Aquaman is here because we brought him back during All's Fair . This story is around month 5 of the Bruce/J'onn relationship.

Canon notes:

Part 1 - J'onn's sleeping habits are illustrated in JLA #61.

Part 4 - J'onn's "Martian name" was described in a recent Secret Files as unpronouncible, but that detail quickly slipped out of canon. We decided to keep it.

Part 5 - references Midsummer's Nightmare JLA mini. The current Watchtower was actually appropriated from the White Martians in JLA #1-4. Additional White Martian history appears in JLA #33, JLA #55-58, and MM #13-16.

Part 8 - references MM #33-36.

Rating: R for adult situations/sexual content.

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